This green is massive: a titanic beast eye-catching for size alone, beyond the elegant simplicity of her hide. Pale, mossy green comprises the bulk of her, settles over almost every inch of well-proportioned hide. It covers large, strong-boned legs, smooth-muscled keel set in a barrel chest, moves on down the sweep of her long tail: nary a single variation is visible from afar. There's predatory look to her aquiline face, rounded eyes intent beneath slanting, slightly pronounced eyeridges, a distraction from the variation in tone therein. A smoky haze of sage brushes a faint disc 'round her head and the ridges that start between her eyes and rise in a sharp crest between headknobs, ends in a taper beneath her jaws, a scant shade paler than the rest of her. The rest of her 'ridges are quite normal, and the same misty green as the vast majority of her hide. Delicate sagebrush appears once more along the broad 'sails of long, broad wings, a nearly indistinct change between mossy spars. Even more indistinct, gossamer touches of palest mint brush along the trailing edges of her wings, thin lines invisible save for on the inner aspect of her 'sails.


Egg Name and Description

Favor the Dark Egg
There is a sorrow emanating from this egg, an ovoid dripped in matte black, cut from swaths of silver moonlight that fracture and bleed in tiny, errant spiderweb cracks along every inch of its shell. It's beautiful, but there's something tragic about it, something that makes it feel perversely as though you've witnessed something you shouldn't have seen.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Favor the Dark Egg jerks, scrambles, furiously shaking back and forth for what seems like a long stretch. It settles eventually, but not before it tips sideways, rolling close to another of its rocking siblings.

Crack Message
Favor the Dark Egg isn't done! A deeply unsettling noise seems only to be happening when it is moving: when it twitches back and forth, squirming, there's a sound like thousands of tiny feet skittering on the sands. Maybe that's just the cracks forming all over it. We're going to go with that.

Hatch Message
Favor the Dark Egg is still making unsettling clicking noises right up until the moment that it EXPLODES. With a noise like rending rocks, or an experiment gone terribly awry, the shell splinters off into hundreds of pieces in every direction. Did you expect anything less of this egg? No, no, the green who emerges from the wreckage does so with style. A lady has to make an entrance, after all. Free of even the tiniest piece of shell, the little green takes a beat to eye her surroundings, neck arched delicately. Well.

Sands Pose #1
The Masquerade Never Ends Green Hatchling doesn't waste any time. She's got places to be. With nary a glance back at her dam and sire, the green makes a beeline for the candidates, and — stumbles, long claws caught on eggshell. This seems to flummox the hatchling, who stares in wide-eyed indignation at the offending shell for a full half-minute before she continues, as if it never happened. You saw nothing, candidate in the first row, examined with narrowed eyes and aggressively mantled wings. RIGHT?

Sands Pose #2
The Masquerade Never Ends Green Hatchling thought so. Flicking gooey wings, the pale little dragon continues her march. There's somebody…somebody here, one of these in the blur of faces that crowd around her, or in one case, scuttle rear-over-teakettle out of her way. Not that she deigns to notice them, head swiveling, caught. That! It's here, it's…where. Wings jutting forward, eyes scanning the sweating group of young humans, the green makes a noise like whistling, frustrated. Where!

Impression Messages

Public Impression
The Masquerade Never Ends Green Hatchling is so close. She's crouched, now, red-whirring eyes slowly taking in one face, another. Not you. Not you. Not — ow! A sandaled foot too close to one of her drooping wings sends the little green tumbling, and before she can retaliate against the unfortunate candidate who accidentally tripped her, epiphany. Standing in front of her, auburn hair messy in the humidity of the sands, her own. Just like that. Ignore the strangled, surprised noise that sneaks out before she can help it, as The Masquerade Never Ends Green Hatchling surges forward to try her hardest to look her lifemate in the eyes. If she has to stomp on a foot to manage it, what's that to anybody but him?

Private Impression
First, there is darkness, a stygian plain stretching on for aeons. No sight. No sound. The sand no longer shifts between your feet, the heat no longer presses oppressively upon you, the murmur of the crowd and the lash of the storm outside no longer resound in your ears. For a momentary eternity, you are *between*. Then. « Ru'ien. » Her voice is at once maiden and crone, young and old, hesitant and assured. It creaks with age, and yet is firm and supple with the power that only comes with youthful self-assurance. It whispers through your mind, caressing your thoughts as light blooms before you, illuminating a single mirror. Within that mirror, a face - but not your own. A pale young woman's countenance, eyes alight with delight upon seeing you, gazes adoringly into your face. « Welcome. I am Kihatsuth, and you are in my heart. » The mirror vanishes, the light flourishing to reveal a gallery of empty canvases, just waiting to be filled. « First, we feast on food. Then, we feast on power. Onward, to our glory! » Her delighted laughter echoes through your mind.


From the moment that your Kihatsuth broke shell, Ru'ien, your life was destined never to be the same. There are many words to be used to describe your lady, but normal, sweet, and calm will never be in anyone's lexicon when it comes to her. She may never be the bitch her fae-wrought sister Neifeth can be, but she's got her own brand of insanity that should fit right in to Xanadu. Lucky you.

Hexadecimal: So many moods… so little time…


A lady of many masks and many moods, Kihatsuth doesn't believe one response will do when there are so many delightful ways that she can react to any given situation. Even you, nearest and dearest to her heart, may have trouble keeping up with her mercurial mood shifts and unexpected reactions when she's in full fettle. A snark from Neifeth that might be expected to bring anger instead brings heartfelt laughter, while a chance self-involved remark from Glorioth's direction might send the not-so-dainty green crawling down his throat in fury and disgust. And yet, even while her outward mind shows a Ja Mask - furious anger - and she's railing at her bronze brother, her innermost mind may be quite calm and collected, perhaps even a bit approving of his self-assurance - although, of course, only you will be aware of this.

Usually, her mood shifts have an outside provocation - an insult, a slight, even an off-hand remark she's decided to take the wrong way; but occasionally, there doesn't seem to be any reason for her abrupt change in disposition, and afterwards, once her inexplicable mood swing has passed and she's back to her normal - if that word can ever apply - self, she has no way to explain exactly what set her off. Often, it seems she doesn't even remember the occurrence - or so she says.

“Kiha, not that he probably didn't deserve it, but why exactly did you just pin Tcyralth down and threaten to rip his spine through his tongue?”
« I did what? Surely not. You must have been dreaming. Again. »

Even at her worst, however, you never have to worry about her volatility spilling over into actual physical violence. Although she may threaten murder and mayhem upon those who excite her anger, she would never even dream of laying a talon upon another living creature (food doesn't count). Like all dragons, she has a bred-in-the-bone aversion to causing harm to any human - and that extends to dragonkind, as damage to one generally causes damage to the other. That doesn't stop her from being rather graphic, on occasion, about exactly what she would do if she were so destructively inclined, however. In. Great. Detail. And she has a knack for detail.

"Now that is one strange lady" —Bob, about Hexadecimal


Kihatsuth has Plans. And those Plans include turning all to Chaos and taking over the Weyr. Or, at the very least, upsetting the delicate balance that keeps Xanadu from going up in flames due to the incendiary natures of its Weyrwomen long enough that she can step into the breach and wrest control from Leirith's clutching claws. It doesn't bother her that she might well be taking the reins of a sinking ship - or burning Weyr - by her actions; after all, she'll have what she wants, right? Who cares if a few hundred dragons are homeless? They can curl up on the beach.

It's up to you, Ru'ien, to temper her grand ambitions into something a bit more attainable by a green - perhaps Weyrlingmaster, where the two of you can happily subvert the young dragons of the Weyr to unquestioning obedience? Or Weyrsecond, the mind behind the throne - after all, Leirith is far too busy being bombastic to realize all of that wonderful power she's letting dribble through her talons. Kihatsuth will be right there to help catch it and… keep it safe, of course. You'll have your own hands full figuring out how to modify Kihatsuth's grand schemes to something a little less likely to tear the Weyr down around your ears while maintaining that delicate balance that your lady's emotions continually teeter upon.

"Picture if you will, an artist of great talent, unappreciated by those around her, unnoticed by the critics. What would this artist have to do, what kind of masterpiece would she have to create to get recognition from those around her?" —Mike, describing Hexadecimal

And your Kihatsuth definitely qualifies as an artist. Granted, she's probably more of a cubist/modernist/surrealist than she is a traditional artist - but everything she paints with her brilliant, twisted mind is a true Work of Art. And as she prefers life studies, you can be certain to recognize many of the people and places of Pern within the private art gallery she maintains within her mind for she and thee.

She doesn't just create her caricatures for show, however; no, Kihatsuth has a Vision, and within that Vision, her Works of Art show you the face behind her mask - her true feelings, her true thoughts, her true Self - and what she perceives as the true Selves of those around her. And if that means that any time she pictures Leirith the gold is all mouth and tongue and words upon words layered for infinity - well, can you imagine a better visualization of Xanadu's Senior queen? And if Tsarziath's snout is overly pointed, with tongue forked and tail twisted, it's not exactly a secret that the blue's a sour curmudgeon whose sharp tongue is matched only by his irascible temper.

She doesn't share these internal impressions with many - you, and perhaps one or two others should any breach her outer mask to find her inner heart. They are only for those she trusts to see Her, in all of Her Glory - the ultimate Mask-within-the-Mask. Unfortunately for you, that does mean that occasionally, you might well find yourself hard-pressed to stifle your reaction when she offers up a new Work of Art, neatly characterizing whoever you're talking to with color and shape and icon, all brilliantly arrayed for your edification.

Keruthien, Ru'ien, welcome, welcome, welcome! Surely you knew that we - and Kihatsuth - would never let you go! We hope that you enjoy her and that she is everything that you asked for and wanted in a lifemate - but remember! This is only a suggestion! How you ultimately play her is up to you! We are so THRILLED to have you ride with us here at Xanadu Weyr, and look forward to watching the two of you grow together - and, of course, Take Over The Weyr!



There is something avian in the way that Kihatsuth moves, even in mannerisms. Her head seems like it's on a swivel, never still, turning this way and that back and forth to take in every bit of action around her. She's mindful of her wings, this green, keeps them tucked against her side when still, but in movement? Much of the grace Kiha possesses comes from her handling of her wings, the way they move fluidly with her, accent every move. They flare and gather for balance, each individual spar moving with care and perfect timing. She won't hesitate, either, to use the impressive length and broad aspect of her wings to improve on her already-impressive size — far from it. If the situation calls for it, it's as natural as anything to show off, put on an imposing display of power.

Power, Kihatsuth has in spades. She's no dainty green, doesn't have the small-hunter thing that Neifeth's got going on. No, this green is very well-muscled beneath that smooth hide, and though she may not show it in every angle, she's extremely strong. It doesn't hurt that this green is, if not the largest green Pern has seen, among the uppermost echelons. She's simply massive, enough to give anything a run for its money. Her hind legs are titanic, long and muscled heavily in the haunch, and those claws? Dragons usually keep their claws well worn down naturally, at least in the hind, but Kihatsuth won't. She won't have her claws trimmed, and they grow quickly besides, leaving massive, curving lengths of danger on all six of those hind toes. Her forelimbs are neglected slightly in this department, but even her forepaws bear horrendously lengthy, sharp talons — these, she keeps « Just in case. », for all that she'll always hunt with wings and more-powerful hind feet.

All this might make Weyrlinghood a little bit difficult. Kiha's not an ungraceful dragonet, even in youth, but she will have some trouble with all of those extra-long claws. Before she learns how to carry herself, the careful way to curve each and every toe, she's going to have some problems. Thankfully, she will learn early to mitigate such falls with those long wings of hers, and she'll probably escape grievous injury with some good timing on cushioning her falls. Even as an adult, though, she'll likely be more prone to stubbed toes and injuries — but will she keep them trimmed? Fat chance. Beyond that, however, this green is surprisingly graceful for a beast so big as she. Between the natural way she compensates for flaws with those wings, and the sheer strength of her, she has enough raw power to out-muscle any silly little thing like stubbed toes or the occasional over-extended tendons.

And that's a good thing, because Kihatsuth doesn't seem to know how not to put all that to good use. In flight, she's a beast, strong and moderately agile for a creature with wings as long as hers are. She's got staying power that smaller greens won't, too, but it's up to you whether that's put to good use or not. Left to her own devices, your green prefers a high perch to hunt from: a good vantage point to pick one too-slow member of a herd to pick off. Surprisingly deft, gripping with those hind claws, she'll crush her prey and spirit them away back to her perch before most of the herd know what hit them. You'll have a difficult time with Kiha, too, keeping her from eviscerating her prey and moving on — why, after all, would she eat the bodies, when she can disembowel, get the good parts, and move on?



Hormones make crazy crazier (just ask anyone near a pregnant Risali), and with Kihatsuth, there's no exception. More volatile than ever as her heat comes, she's quick to rise and quick to catch, generally taking flight within a day of coming into her cycle - fortunate, as the brief time between onset and flight is filled with a great deal of erratic behavior: screaming, eviscerating of hapless livestock and presenting their entrails as gifts to the unwary in hopes that they might be interested in the chase, and, of course, mentally painting the Weyr - and everyone in it - every color but natural.

Once she takes to the air, it's winner take all and her only thought is to run, run, run away, so the winner is generally whichever male is wily enough to trap her or fast enough to outfly her. Those long, broad wings of hers and that deep stamina pool ensure that only the strongest or cleverest males are going to snag her from the air. Her natural affinity for aerobatic flying mean that she'll be leading them on a merry - and often treacherous - chase: flying high into the thin air, diving at near supersonic speeds, skimming up the faces of cliffs or along the tops of the trees, often leaving a trail of broken and battered suitors in her wake.

After all is said and done, she's all about the wham, bam, thank you sir and then he's kicked out of her nest and she's off to her next scheme for glory and Weyr dominance. There's never any lingering affection for the winners of her flights unless they've already done something to catch her eye - a bit of fun in the sun does not a life-long bond make. Ultimately, you're the only key to her heart, and anyone else is just transitory.


Public Mindscape: The Mask in the Mirror
Deceptively simple, Kihatsuth's public mind is incredibly plain. Blackness, absolute and solid, stretches on forever, her own little corner of *between* captured for an eternity within her thoughts. Only one object stands out to those unfortunate enough to be brought within her mindscape; a single mirror, aged bronze ornately formed into flowering vines twisting and curvetting around a polished green-tinted glass. Within that glass - a mask. Which is dependant upon her current mood; each one seems to be based off of some ancient Earth culture, taking the form of a man's face, a woman's face, or some fantastical - and foreboding - creature. Each emotion has an attendant mask, and each mask is carefully chosen by Kihatsuth to ascertain that the face she shows to the world is the face she wants them to see.

There is no sound but her voice, no sensation but the weight of her regard and emotions. Everything in her mindscape is centered on the facade she chooses to project - the mask, the emotion, the mirror that reflects her intent. It is a stage carefully crafted and designed to maximize the impact of her regard and minimize the chance that anyone but you might catch so much as a glimpse into the world beyond the mirror, hidden deep within that living darkness.

(For examples of the masks that Kihatsuth uses to represent her emotions, please see here)


Private Mindscape: The Art Gallery
This is where Kihatsuth can be herself - no masks, no guessing, just her and you and her Vision, in all its colorful, shapeful detail. Here is where her canvases hang, each one unique and perfect in its depiction of the way that she sees the Weyr, the world, and its myriad occupants. Here, too, you will find Her - unmasked, unshrouded, achingly vulnerable and open to you and you alone. Here, you see your Kihatsuth's true thoughts and feelings, regardless of what her public mind has to say. This is your Kihatsuth's heart, and it is always open to you.



Name: Kihatsuth (KEE-hat-suuth) is taken from the Japanese word kihatsu-sei, meaning ‘volatile' (liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse). Kihatsu by itself actually means to volatilize, or become volatile, which also suits your mutable green lady to a tee.

Egg: Favor the Dark Egg: Our theme for this clutch was the moon in all her many, mystical splendor! There are many legends, myths, and stories that revolve around the moon, after all, and it gave us a pretty massive field of things we could dabble within! Your egg was written by Risali, and was based on Nightwraiths from The Witcher. We could try to let Risa explain it with her terrible words, but have a blurb instead: Nightwraiths are born of moonlight, wind and the earth cooling after the heat of the day. They rise above the ground and whirl in a mad dance, which should not be seen by any mortal. If caught peeping, the mortal is blinded by moonlight, then taken into the circle and forced to dance until he expires, at times becoming a nightwraith himself.

Physical: Harpy Eagle - you asked, and you recieved. Although she is not one solid color, those hints of sage in her face blend seamlessly into the spanish moss that makes up most of her body, leaving her a silvery-green that is almost - but not quite - grey. The only hints of true green come in those minty brush-strokes along her leading edges, thin lines across the sage that echo the striations found on an eagle's wings. She is very aquilline in looks, with a narrow, raptoral muzzle and a set of ridges that form a short crest along the back of her head. Her talons, too, come from the Harpy Eagle, who has extremely long, sharp talons even for their immense size.


Personality: Hexadecimal from Reboot! You asked, and you recieved! As you know, Pernese dragons are not prone to insanity, nor are they capable of an inherent evil, but they can be selfish, and they can be ambitious, and your lady is both. I tried my best to capture as many facets of Hexadecimal as I could without going too trickster and I think I succeeded.


Name Kihatsuth
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By N'kon (with some Citayla!)
Impressee Ru'ien (Keruthien)
Hatched November 1, 2019
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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