Bringing the News Brown Khriseth

Lean and limber, sparse in girth though hardly in length, the majority of his form is the same even honey brown, both over the long stretch of his narrow back and the smooth curve of his stomach, no distinctive change in coloration present. Muscles are present beneath his hide, though his limbs remain slender, nearly delicate, as they arch downwards to each foot, deeply colored talons set on each. Darker, richer mahogany -slight red-gleam present - colors the perfectly shaped ridges as they are set evenly along his back, neither too much nor too little space in between, gliding effortlessly over the top of his head, just between rounded head knobs, emphasizing the smooth contours of his nearly feminine frame. His face is properly proportioned, unmarred by stray speckles, sleek lines guiding upwards to his eyes, each of which sits beneath a slightly off-hued eye ridge, a stylish bit of contrast against his hide.

Egg Name and Description


Shoot-Me-Now Whites Egg
Pure white has enveloped the majority of of the egg shell, the sense of a soft texture reminiscent of runnerbeast hair not even breaking the coloration. Yet, it is not complete, as a fist sized, cornflower-blue spot sits near the top of the egg, surrounded peacefully by white. A few other stripes of the same blue criss-cross here and there, mimicking the form of a bridle. Tiny silver bell-shaped spots sit on the straps, color hinting to a musical tune.

Hatching Message

Shoot-Me-Now Whites Egg is covered with cracks, and as they weaken the shell, it begins to rock, a little at first, though the time between each movement lessens, and eventually it just gives out, a brown slipping out of the shell to the sands.

Impression Message

A calm sense of security enters your mind - blues vaster the a sea, and darker then sky stretching, expanding, filling every bit of your consciousness and leaving no room for doubt, a soft jingling of bells hidden away beneath it all, pulling you away from the noise and mess around you. « Yes - it is you. I choose /you/, of all in the world, of everyone here, I choose you. I have found you, brother of my heart! You are mine, I am yours - never again will you be lonely. I am your Khriseth, and you are my I'ven. » A pause and the blues stretch, changing hues slowly. « But first, I am hungry - we must eat. »



You asked for a lifemate who would always love Ziven, unconditionally, while pushing him towards what you would like him to be. Hopefully Khriseth will provide that solid anchor you were looking for.

Khriseth is steadfast and loyal - no matter how bad it gets, his faith in you will never waver - he'll stand by you and endure anything he must to ensure that everything turns out and that you are alright. He will do anything and everything he can to help you out, convincing others to pick up where he lets off. He'll defend you to those who may question you.. « Calanth says hers thinks you are too quiet. I told her they would do better to follow your example. » Just because you are quiet, doesn't mean he will think anything is wrong.

Khriseth is, to a particular extent, a scholarly dragon - he's eager to soak up as much knowledge as he can, in as many subjects as possible, though he will particularly be interested in current events. As such, he will often push you to be more social, always in a non-critical manner, if only to find out what is going on where. « Perhaps you should talk to C'ian, Alhenaeth says he has heard interesting things. »

Despite his desire to learn, Khriseth will learn early on from his classmates that a balance is necessary, and he will try, kindly, to push you away from work, when you have been absorbed in it for too long. « You do not need to be like Ysamieth - he practices too much. But Faelynath and hers say they would like to swim. » He gently pushes you to a more appropriate social balance, without ever telling you outright what to do.

Khriseth is not an overly sensual dragon - he will chase in flights, yes, but he will not really actively pursue females at any other time. He is more likely to consider them just friends. However, his smooth talk, his gentle nature, and his tendency to never judge make him a favorite with the ladies - both draconic and otherwise. He'll do his best to gently dissuade them, preferring a lasting attachment only to you.

As for a quirk - Khriseth is a collector - and he prefers those things he collects to be visible to visitors. While interested in current events, he is also interested in history - and that's what he will attempt to do with his collection. Things which have some sort of significance - whether it was an ancients' item, it bears the seal of some Lord Holders or another, or even a tree cut from an area of importance. He is even likely to push you towards reproducing things, like the Honshu murals, in your weyr, though certainly on a smaller scale.


Twinkling Silver Bells
Khriseth's mind is much like it was in the egg- gentle, comforting, and rarely intense. Blues and purples accompany his thoughts, colors mingling easily. They ted to shift in and out as they go - never truly having individual areas. His scents are those of an old library room - a slightly musky scent of old paper, a light hint of burning lamp oil, while a soft whisper is hidden always in his mind. His voice itself generally remains a calm, comforting murmur, almost feminine in range, and never accusing.

Why I'ven?

As for why Ziven? Khriseth realized that you both share the same academic focus, and he is eager to share knowledge with you. At the same time, he felt in you a need for a guiding force, just to give a nudge in the right direction, to help you out, and be a constant friend you'll never have to worry will leave - ever.


Your Khriseth is based off of the character Kris from Mercedes Lackey's world of Velgarth. Kris is, in particular, from the country of Valdemar, where he is a Herald, paired with the Companion Tantris. Companions are much like Pernese dragons in that they chose their other half, however there is no mass choosing. Instead, an unpaired Companion will go out and find its partner, returning with them to Haven and the Collegiums, where they become a trainee, taking lessons of all sorts - History, Geography, Politics, etc - before eventually riding circuit with a trained Herald as an intern, before taking on duties of their own. A Companion, with few exceptions, is loyal to their chosen for life - repudiating them only when the chosen Herald is no longer an honorable, as in the case of one Trainee who attempted to kill the entirety of a rival clan.

As a fully trained Herald, one is expected to traveling circuits, mediating disputes fairly and with an even hand, while keeping one's own emotions, and gifts, in check. Most Heralds have a gift of some sort - empathy, farseeing, farfetching, firestarting, mindspeaking, and mindhearing are among the more common, however some do have mage-ability, and thus are the Herald Mages. This ability is, in general, under complete control as a result of serious training during the initial bonding period. However, in the case of Queen's Own Herald Talia, the training was incomplete, resulting in her suffering due to her unshielded gift of empathy. It was only Herald Kris, with whom Talia was riding circuit that helped avert the crisis. Kris acted both as a mentor and a friend, pushing Talia until she had things under control - Until the desired outcome was reached and she was able to handle society once more.
The egg itself is based on the white uniforms worn by all Heralds to identify them, though some with more military backgrounds say they turn Heralds into 'Shoot-Me-Now', moving targets on a battlefield. The companions themselves are also white, the only coloration being their blue eyes. Little is actually known about what Companions are, though they take the form of horses, they are said to be messengers of the gods. However, despite that connection, they emphasize the fact that they are, indeed, fallible, mortal creatures, merely trying their best to help.

As for Khriseth's name, you asked for something that was relatively short, and easy to pronounce - given the inspiration for your lifemate, I felt that his name would be appropriate, with a bit of tweaking to make it unique, I hope you enjoy it!


Name Bringing the News Brown Khriseth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Impressee Ziven
Created by Niva
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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