Dread the Beast Brown Khoreth

Huge and slightly deformed, this giant brown would be classed as ugly even by the kinder members of the weyr. His neck ridges are crooked, shaded in a tawny brown that gives him the appearance of having a mane like some of the wild felines. Dark patches over his haunches and legs appear as if patches of matted fur reside there, and his talons are a dull, lifeless, grey. His snout is flattened, pushed back to meet his sunken eyes, and host to an eternal scowl from which his front teeth are always visible. His tail appears broken, the tip curving upwards towards his body. The only part of him that seems normal are the great wings that rise from his shoulders — the sails are perfect, shading to a warm golden brown along the edge.

Egg Name and Description


Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg
Aged before its time, a personal darkness shrouds this egg shading it a dull, unadventurous, stony brown. Or at least it appears so from a distance. Up close a jagged pattern of black lines can be seen around the tip creating great tooth-like breaks in the uniformity. Dotted here and there, though only visible when the light hits at just the right angle, thin specks of silver form up into random patterns resembling the spinnerwebs found in the darkest corners of the stores. At the base of the shell, barely visible above the sands, a pale patch reminiscent of bleached bone can just be made out.

Hatching Message

Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg wobbles, its silvery patterns dancing in the light as it moves rhythmically to and fro in its sandy home.

Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg begins to move quicker now, its shaking frantically picking up pace as cracks begin to show on each of the coloured points near the tip.

Stalactites and Spinnerwebs Egg can only take so much. Bleached bone gives way to dull lifeless grey, darkness yields to tawny brown. From the shards of his former home a monstrous brown raises his head and yells his anger at the world.

Impression Message

Dread the Beast Brown Hatchling lowers his head and bellows at the line of candidates before him, tail curving upwards so far that he's almost in danger of toppling over. As he moves he has little regard for anything or anyone before him, stomping at the line, eyes whirling the dark red of fury.

Dread the Beast Brown Hatchling turns sharply, tail thwacking into the side of a young boy from Crom. The boy goes down, crying, but the brown doesn't even blink. He pushes past another candidate, knocking her into the one beside her, and continues to march onwards. Heading for the exit?

Dread the Beast Brown Hatchling turns at the last second, racing back through the line once more and sending a stout boy onto his knees. Slowly he turns, marching back to the boy he knocked over. but it's not that boy that interests him, it's the one helping him up. Melantin is knocked from his feet, the dragon practically climbing him in an effort to look into his eyes. Despite the blood and the pain the ex-harper's voice rings true. "Khoreth! No!" It seems this pair, M'anti and Khoreth, are destined first for the infirmary, not the weyrling barracks.


Bitter Almonds
This mind is an eternal turmoil, caught between pure hatred and a love so overpowering that it may smother. When roused to anger, which is quite often, an overpowering taste of bitter almonds invades every poisonous green-tinged word. It chooses those words carefuly, aiming for maximum hurt and not caring what old memories it brings to the fore in the process. He has no volume control, every thought coming through loud and unmistakable. Even his external voice is like a trumpet, making sure people hear his annoyance from the other side of the weyr. He is ruthless, uncaring, but should someone dare to hurt the one it calls its own it would fight to the death for them.


Khoreth is based on the mythical manticore.


Name Dread the Beast Brown Khoreth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By R'sul
Impressee M'anti
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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