Mists and Mysteries Brown Khaumith

The soft, golden-tinged browns of polished pine are carefully pieced together upon this hatchling's form, the darker grains of the wood visible as the lines run along his body, criss-crossing over his solidly built torso, always slipping in the same direction as they go winding down each limb to ebony talons and his tail to the forked tip. The same woody hues darken as they creep up his shortened neck, aging to the more intense shades of walnut, his features roughly carved from his wide, triangular head, headknobs set crookedly upon it, one noticeably larger than the other as they sit askew. Jacobean gathers upon his ridges as they run down his back, each shaped with a hurried hand, lacking any sort of uniformity as they progress along his form, between his large, oversized wings. Lighter sails, like giant cloaks, float between Jacobean spars, more than large enough to shield his body from view, and cast him into shadows.

Egg Name and Description

Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg
Quite rotund, this egg looks strangely…soft. It almost looks like it has /fur/, but that just can't be right. A warm, dark brown in color, the subtle variations in shade from near-black to honeyed brown do indeed look like fur, but up close it is just as normal as any other egg. Five paler tan-shaded spots seem almost velveteen, while the tan spot nearest the apex of the egg is marked with a large black spot that looks almost like a button; matching a pair of them situated slightly above it. From a distance, the effect is of a large, round animal face of some sort, the body sporting four tan paws…it's not a canine, but what can it be?

Hatching Message

Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg shifts, as if given a little nudge from within, the fuzzy egg moving and resettling, the toy left alone for the time being.

Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg seems as if it is once more the toy of choice, as its given a rougher shake this time, a crack suddenly appearing down one side, the bulging of the shell showing that the filling is threatening to spill forth.

Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg suddenly becomes the casualty of some sort of rough, childhood game as the shell is suddenly destroyed from within. As the fragments fall, a brown is left in its place, already surveying the sands.

Impression Message

A gathering of mists, the fog quickly hides the Sands from view as you're pulled away, and silvered droplets dance around your thoughts. A flare of color, a tingling in your gut, and you suddenly realize that you're anything but alone. « Ashkeia. » A voice echoes throughout your thoughts, the tingling increasing as it spreads, hints of blue illuminating the fog. « We have so much to accomplish, you and I. Many challenges await Khaumith and Ashkeia. » And then, red flares up, casting metallic speckles aglow. « Though first, I think it is best if we eat. »


From the beginning, you will notice Khaumith's tendency to gravitate towards order, towards structure, while avoiding chaos and those that seem to cause it. He appreciates the schedule of weyrlinghood, and the ranks of the Weyr - there is no question where one must be when, what is expected, or who must be listened to. In fact, from the beginning, he will be the one piping up in the Weyrling Barracks, reminding the others that it is well past Light's Out, and that the rules are there to be followed. As he ages, he may begin to occasionally question the motives of others, giving pause before following any orders that may be given outright, turning to you to ask if he should. However, if there is ever the possibility of injury being brought upon you, or that you will be in any danger should he follow orders, he'll be quick to resist until he is convinced that it is in fact for the greater good.

Khaumith is loyal to you first, Ashkeia, and then to those he considers friends. For Khaumith, friends are hard to come by - he prefers to be a loaner, watching from a distance, observing the situation, the person, before he acts or makes any outward gestures of friendship. He'll initially be suspicious of the motives of others - and even should they somehow prove their worth and pass muster, it is unlikely he'll bring them into his inner circle completely. He believes in fighting a good, passionate battle for his cause - whatever it may be - and the causes of his friends, putting his full effort behind them for the betterment of himself and those he holds dear. He does, however, tends to hide his hand, even from you at times, making him difficult to read and his thoughts hard to judge, and adding a certain air of mystery to him. Now and again, he'll offer a teasing tidbit, a hint of something he learned from listening in, watching, waiting, just enough to keep you intrigued, and set you back to wonder what it is that he keeps hidden away in his mind.

It is in third that the Weyr ranks in terms of his loyalties - while he appreciates its order, its structure, even Khaumith will learn to accept that there are certain issues with the institution, with the way things are done, however he will do his best to protect the establishment, even when their goals and plans do not directly align with his own.

Khaumith can be rather persuasive - both with his fellow dragons and with certain humans - and that is where his true power lies. Subtle suggestions are implanted, carefully fostered and tended, until they come to bear fruit, often for the benefit of the brown - and there is nothing stopping him from doing the same to you, particularly when believe it can make you a better, stronger person, while his methods often lead the 'victim' to believe that they themselves were the source of the idea, all on their own.

As a young dragon, Khaumith will find himself very awkward on the ground - often having trouble walking - stumbling here and there, and more often than not experiencing minor scrapes and bruises from his attempts. However, once the young brown is allowed to go airborne, he will quite literally have found his wings - and his freedom. Aloft, he will quickly become a picture of grace and style, as his overlarge sails keep him aloft with ease, giving him a easy flight pattern that should be of great relief to you. When he can, he will take to tricks and stunts, loops and twists, though for Ash's sake, he will quickly learn to withhold those maneuvers for those occasions on which he is unaccompanied.

One of those times is on those occasions when he does choose to partake in a flight - a decision which is easily swayed by your own personal preferences at the time. Always polite, he relies on persuasiveness rather than brute force, hoping to wheedle his way close through words rather than talons, before letting his flying do the rest. Should he manage to catch, he'll linger as long as the lady should wish - no more and no less - before politely slipping away, and showing no signs of lasting attachment.

All in all, Khaumith is a bit of a mystery - his driving force hidden away to be discovered, cloaked in mists and shadows as he seems content with the order of things - at least usually.


Moonstone and Mystery
Khaumith's mind is an almost mysterious place, even to you as his lifemate. Filled with silver mists and thick fogs, there always seems to be something lurking just beyond, something lingering out of reach, a certain feel of power constantly present throughout every inch of his being. When emotions grow strong, various vibrant hues begin to intertwine into his thoughts, flares of color setting the mists aglow. While reds and oranges betray his displeasure or impatience, the cooler hues of blue and green indicate his growing contentment, his joy, his happiness. Like carefully harnessed dust thrown into the silvery moonbeams and settling to the ground, there's a certain tingling to his mind, that tickles the core of your being, a constant reminder of his presence.

His voice itself is deep, strong, and almost ethereal, having a certain echoing quality to it that seems almost otherworldly as it reverberates through your mind, set with the lingering hints of sandalwood - his scent of choice, and his preferred signature smell.


First of all, congratulations! We're so excited to have you join us here at Xanadu as a Weyrling! The theme this cycle for eggs was 'Children's Toys' and Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg was created by Ontali, based everyone's favorite - The Teddy Bear. The Teddy bear is a staple in almost every child's life - whether it's brown or black, grey or white, fuzzy, soft or something else entirely.

While eggs were based on toys, the dragons are designed around 'What I want to be when I grow up' - and Khaumith wants to grow up to be a champion - a wielder of power a bastion of strength, and a keeper of great mysteries. There are hints of Jake Sulley in him, certainly, and of others, but he is truly a character of his own.

After playing with various combinations, considering different words, and keeping in mind your likes and dislikes, his name was built based more on his mind than anything else. Originally from the Japanese word 'kasumi' which means 'mist' - it took a bit of tweaking and twisting to get his name, which certainly fits his thoughts.

As always, everything written here is just ideas and thoughts - You're welcome to play him as you will, and I hope you will enjoy him!


Name Mists and Mysteries Brown Khaumith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Isterreth
Created By Niva
Impressee Ashkeia
Hatched September 26, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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