Storms of Wendwinter Blue Kereth

An illusion of silver is implied at the tips of this hatchling's headknobs, tail and snout. However; soon the color is melting into fanning fingers of periwinkle begun elsewhere at his toes and wingtips until broken noticeably by a thick ring of prussian. Seemingly iridescent flecks of thistle and heliotrope playfully float on a sea of royal blue up his slender limbs, kissed with the barest hint of lavender. Flowing from there the color effortless drifts towards his back and belly, only to be once more interrupted, but this time by thin veins of shimmering amethyst. His wondrous wingsails come into focus with muted strands of sky-blue that streak across them towards his body, like stars falling across the night sky. These barest suggestions quickly intensify becoming more densely packed as they approach his shoulders until severed completely there by wisps of cerulean at the joints. A dream of indigo desperately gasps a single breath if only to be snuffed out quickly by whispers of darkness where limbs join the body. From nose to tailfork the hues that adorn him trick the eyes by eluding to be coated in a thin, powdery film. As if by running your hand down the length of him, you'd come away with a dusting of it. His movements are quick and precise, wiry muscles rippling beneath the surface of his flesh, implying that his true power remains yet to be seen. Overall, he gives the impression of delicateness, as if he had sacrificed strength for beauty.

Egg Name and Description

Egg Name:Solitary Snowfield Egg


Egg Description
Despite where this rather average sized ovoid rests on it's hot and humid bed, it quite stubbornly refuses to melt away and reveal it's precious cargo. The most dominate color is that of ivory, pure as the undriven snow. However, here and there are little shivering slivers of the palest blue, some zig, and others still zag their way in crystalline patterns of nearly geometric proportions. The tiniest smudges of brown and tender young greens can be made out sporadically upon the egg's surface just under a deceptively glass like shimmer. Considering, this perhaps lends a solemn promise for new life beneath the illusion of it's cold and lonely exterior.

Hatching Message

The time has indeed come at last. The Solitary Snowfield Egg starts to shimmy, then shake and pieces of shell crumble away. Another sharp jerk into the air, a rapid descent, and it starts to rock back and forth with renewed fervor. One last desperate push from within and that stubborn membrane finally breaks, releasing it's
precious cargo. Contents hidden till now are displayed in a slimy spill of hatchling, egg goop and splintered shards of calcium carbonate.

Impression Message

With each heartbeat your senses are steadily drowned out til there is nothing. Tha-thump. Your vision blurs, soon replaced by near blinding white, as if you'd just been caught in some sort of turbulent blizzard. Tha-thump. The howling of an unforgiving wind has drowned out the noise of the stands, distracting and lonely. Tha-thump. If you could see at this point, you might realize that the heat of your own breath could be whisked away on the biting chill now whipping through your consciousness. Tha-thump. Nothing, a total lack of feeling, and you can feel just how numb to everything around you you've been. Tha-thump. Then, slowly, something starts to come into focus. Tha-thump. « Laera, » A warm, musical tenor parts the flecks of winter's tears from your thoughts perfumed with the sweet heady scent of the wooded wilds. In a flash everything is brought into absolute clarity; a recognition, a purpose blossoming out from a single seed of perception into an entire lush forest of understanding. « I am Kereth, and you are my chosen. » Peacock crescent sheens of bright blue and green feel to brush against your thoughts in a
seemingly loving caress, wrapping your fears and anxieties in comforting ribbons of limitless acceptance. « Come, let us eat, and you can tell me all about — everything. » The intensity fades and allows you to return to the rest of the world. There before you is your Kereth, insisting staring into your eyes.



You'll quickly find there there is no longer any such thing as 'me' time from the second that you and Kereth step off the hatching sands and into your new life as weyrlings at Igen. Your newly bonded lifemate will demand your every waking breath whether it be for frequent baths, oiling or even the occasional midnight snack. « I know it's late Laera, but, I'm rather hungry. Didn't I see Zerounth's wheel in a new vat before lights out? I'm sure no one will mind if we snuck a few bits and bobs. » He'll be glued to your hip, or so it will seem, not a single thought or memory of yours that he hasn't riffled through thoroughly at least a hundred times. He won't ask many questions, merely mull over anything interesting on his own, and lets the learning of what he's gleaned come to him gradually as the two of you learn what it is to be dragonriders. « Ah! So /THAT'S/ a wherry's ass. I was wondering. »
Hunting, will be a trying time. At first, Kereth will insist that his meals come to him quite dead far after his siblings have started feeding themselves. You'll have to convince him that he has to take a life in order to sustain his own. « Poor thing. How do you explain to a herdbeast that it's nothing personal? » He will never kill more than is absolutely necessary once you manage to convince him that hunting for food is okay, and as a result he will never fatten up. His sleek, slender body will always be just that.
Flying will come as naturally as breathing. When he starts down the road that many of his clutch siblings stumble upon, he will shine as brightly as Rukbat. His first experience with being airborne will delight and excite him, and those watching will swear you two have been out sneaking in practice without permission. « Did you see me Laera?! I was beautiful wasn't I? Wasn't I? Ah! The wind, it felt so good against my snout and wings. » You'll have to retrain him from doing just that, but it won't take much to keep him grounded when he should be. After all, a single word from you, and he'll bend over backwards in his attempts to fulfill your every whim. Though he will dream of the sky, and even revel just a bit in how people compliment his skills. While on the ground he might be fluid in his movements, the embodiment of grace and beauty, but it's in the sky that he feels the most at home and might take it upon himself to late night jaunts across the bowl while you sleep.
When Kereth matures to the age that the rest of his brothers are looking at the pretty females about, this is likely the time you'll notice something peculiar about him. His absolute disinterest. While other males are curling up with accommodating greens and golds, it'll be a tolerant blue, brown or bronze that shall be sought. While this fancy will NOT extend to the actual act of mating, he will still follow his instincts whenever a green takes to the air. If he does manage to catch her, they will mate and part. He won't feel the need to stick around as disgruntled as this might make her. Kereth will instead beckon to you, no matter who's bed you might be taken to. It's he that you should be cuddling with you see, not whoever was just on the receiving end of your flight lust. « I know you're tired Laera, but, I think we should be heading home now. You and I. »
In personality he is rarely if ever angered unless you or another he cares about might somehow be in danger. Though Kereth often will worry himself into an ulcer before pointing a claw at anyone, he'll still leap to conclusions before getting the facts. « What did Yxelth mean by that exactly? Does that mean she fancies me? Oh no, poor Nivaath will be so upset! I should apologize to him immediately! » Rarely will he not be content to just pass the time with you day by day even if it's just to sun himself on a rock, or enjoy a swim. He'll get along well with others of his own kind, shrinking away apologetically if he makes a mistake. « I don't think Ytroth was particularly pleased with me just then. Perhaps I should give him a wide berth for a while. » He will tolerate the twittering conversations with the females of his species, though there are always exceptions, it's you or other males in general he'll feel more at ease with in conversation. He hates being dirty, and will insist on being clean and that his straps have some sort of detailing to them. Whether it be little silver bells, gold accents, or merely embossing to the leather, Kereth wants to always look his best.
Heloves music, and next to you, it's the one thing he loves above all else. Kereth will sit and listen for as long as someone is willing to play, either at gatherings, or perhaps even for him personally. «Might we ask that musician back to our weyr? He played most beautifully, don't you think? It's a shame we didn't arrive earlier.» If possible, Kereth will try and talk you into learning how to play something if you don't already. Likely something in the strings family, and won't wince once as you practice no matter how many notes you miss or cords you foul up. He will be the epitome of patience, and will be the first to fill your mind with pride when you accomplish the smallest of tasks.
Additionally, he will absolutely insist that you are dressed nicely. At all times. Not perhaps to the nines, but certainly to a degree that anything less than sixes can be stored away or thrown in the rubbish bin. He'll want your hair long, he'll want you in make up and looking as gorgeous as he keeps telling you every day you are, even when you feel like hell. If you aren't dressing pretty, wearing a modest amount of jewelry and attracting perspective mates, he'll not be above sulking until you do. And the sulking will be mighty. « I don't think I have the strength to leave this ledge. That color doesn't suit you all — and the fit — like a humpbacked over-fed midget. No. I can't allow you to be seen like that. You should change so everyone can see how wonderful you really are.»
Above all else, Kereth will want you to be happy. He will unscrupulously eyeball anyone you care to share time with, but especially any you start to feel more than just physically attraction to. Only when you have no doubts and have settled upon one, or even afew, he'll be more than happy to extend some small amount of affection to them, if for no other reason than because they make you happy. Though when true love comes knocking, that one single person you settle with comes around, Kereth will in some part be the smallest bit sad, and even slightly jealous, but he'll never let you know it. « Oh no, I'm fine dearest. You enjoy your dinner and that sunset, just let me know when you'd like to leave. I'll be waiting. Always. » If you are truly happy, he will eventually resign to it and be happy for you as well. If for whatever reason you aren't, he will do his best to cheer you up, even if it's to sing softly into your head. Music of any sort throughout his life, he will retain like a thirsty sponge, and in his rich creamy tenor he'll accompany his voice with a display of unobtrusive lights that will caress the back of your mind in muted tones of green and blue. Despite all his faults and oddities, you will never doubt his love for you, or that if he'd been born in another place and time…he would be your one true love, your…lifebonded.


Kereth is always gentle when touching another's mind, taking great care not to impose. His mind-voice is soft and subtle, but decidedly masculine, hovering in the cooler ranges of the color spectrum. Accompanying his tenor is the smell of the forest after a light rain, welcoming and restful, a heady aroma of decay and green growing things. There is also the suggestion that at anytime he might begin to sing his thoughts; as gentle as a lullaby of forest green and jade when he's at peace, demanding as an operatic aria illustrated with icy blues and whites when enraged, or improvisational sexy like jazz, mingled by magentas and violets, when he's in high spirits. For you there are love ballads when he soothes your fears, stroking his words over your mind like one might the strings of a mandolin, accented with flutters of sky blue and sea green to cushion your thoughts with each syllable.


Kereth from beginning to end is based on the character Vanyel Ashkevron from The Last Herald Mage book series by Mercedes Lackey. Vanyel first appears as the delicate and soft firstborn son of a minor noble. His father, Withen, is extremely homophobic and worries about Vanyel's love of music and delight in beautiful clothing. Withen sends his son to the capital city of Haven to be tutored by his aunt, Herald Savil. There Vanyel, after realizing he is attracted to other men, falls in love with an older Heraldic trainee named Tylendel; they form a rare mystical "lifebond", a connection between two souls that makes them practically 'one' on a spiritual level.

Color Inspiration: I honestly have never desced a dragon before and so I randomly typed 'blue' into Google and browsed through the images that it brought up. Immediately I was drawn to a picture of the Blue Karner Butterfly. I attempted to translate what I saw on the photo into a description for Kereth that didn't seem like a color palate threw up all over it. Through trial and error, I believe that I managed to accomplish it. I worked very hard on this for you, and it's my hope that you find him as beautiful as was intended to be. The image I used to worked from can be found here:


Name Inspiration: You asked for a name that wasn't too long in your preferences and I believe I came up with something good for you. Kereth's name is taken directly from the same world in which Vanyel lived and died. Keren was another notable character but from a spin off trilogy called 'Arrows of the Queen' and much less obvious than the Vanyelth/Vanyeth that I was hesitantly working with. Heh

Egg Inspiration:The clutch theme this time around was "Hypothetical Global Reaching Future Disasters". Out of the list provided, I chose 'Ice Age' which tied in beautifully with what eventually became the egg's contents. When Vanyel is first introduced, he is highly misunderstood by his family. This, and the resulting hurt, leads him to repress his emotions, and to deny himself emotional contact. He isolates himself by mentally projecting himself onto an endless field of snow where he can be numbed and alone; unable to feel…anything. I tied this into the egg touches as well. The last of which signifies that as soon as Tylendel and Vanyel lifebonded, Vanyel desperately clung to his lover, becoming completely dependant upon him just as Kereth as a hatchling, will be with you. You Laera, are Kereth's Tylendel.


Name Storms of Wendwinter Blue Kereth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Finbarith
Created By O'ren with input from Jei and Ica
Impressee Laera (Formally Laeraana)
Hatched March 14th, 2008
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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