Drawing Down the Moons Green Kelioth

The green grass of the moors gathers, growing thick over the dainty and delicate body of this little lady, soft variations in color twisting around her slender muzzle, to tickle her chin and headknobs. Faceted eyes are set just so, giving her a very pretty look, a feminine face set on a serpentine neck. Yellow-green is brushed over her eye ridges before it appears again in the gentle curves of her torso and around her svelte hips, dancing here and there along the slim lines of her belly and each long limb before deepening into the sleek ebony of each talon. Kissed by golden moonbeams, wingsails are translucent gold-green each section contrasting with the shadowed sedge of spars that streak across them. Her darkest hues dapple the carefully shaped ridges that roll along her back, hearty foliage sweeping across each peak and valley, where whispers of grey-green fog swirl, an ever-lingering mist lending mystery to the strangely indistinct tip of her tail.

Egg Name and Description


Forgotten Yellow Egg

Large splotches of a pale, washed-out yellow coat the outer surface of this egg, working upwards from the centerline, sweeping around it. Here and there, its as if the yellow is peeling away, revealing a dusty brown underneath, while the top of the egg is wearing a cap of maroon. Overgrown green sprouts up to engulf the bottom portion of the egg - light and dark, patches like a variety of leaves overlapping, and hiding the mysterious yellow hue away, relegating it to memory alone.

Hatching Message

Forgotten Yellow Egg shifts and slides slowly amongst its sandy hollow, the red and white grains refusing to run, refusing to reveal more of the washed out shell. However, despite the hinderance, the movement continues, and slowly the shell is revealed.

Forgotten Yellow Egg continues to shift, determined to reveal itself, determined to show true upon the Sands, and to give an answer to the mystery which lingers amongst it. What is hiding beneath that cap of maroon, behind that overgrown bush? A crack begins to work its way along the curve of the shell, a door slowly edging open.

The shell of the Forgotten Yellow Egg is slowly giving way, as the strands of the mystery begin to sort themselves out, the answer iminent. As the crack's spread, the door opens, before the Forgotten Yellow Egg is forgotten completely as attention is instead on the yellow-green hatchling who is daintily creeping forth from the remains.

Impression Message

The soft rustle of wind through the grass, the cool dampness of a creeping fog, and the glistening golden beams of a waxing moon suddenly surround you, pulling you away from the heat of the Sand and the sound of the crowd, pulling you into a peaceful, calm retreat as past, present and future seem to exist all at once. « Vivian.. » The sparkling tone of a young maiden tickle the edges of your mind, inviting a response before the soft contact is there again, albeit more persistant this time. « Vivian, I am Kelioth. I am yours, and you are mine..» There's a gentle pause, and the youthful tone grows dusty, creaky, as the moon shifts from waxing to waning. « We must eat, though, Vivian. We must feast. We have much to do.. » Droplets of fog cast rainbows over your thoughts before the Sands become dominent once more..


Sweet as apple pie, that's how your Kelioth might seem at first blush, combining smarts with petite good looks, a sparkling overt nature and once she gets old enough, stellar flying skills. However, what lies beneath the surface is likely what brought the two of you together, something far more complex than the wide-eyed innocence and clever banter that is often Kelioth's modus operandi.

From her earliest days, right out of the shell, Kelioth's got an eye for how things work, how her clutchmates operate. Initially she'll be most focused on the dragon side of things, but as she gets a little older, her point of view will open out to include riders. What is it about Keziah and her green that makes them tick? How is theirs different from M'nol and his brown? What if she, or you, pushes at them like /this/ what will that do? In other words, she shares a bit of your manipulative streak, though it's not oriented on fulfilling her own selfish needs, but externally focused and also focused on you. She'll want you to be happy, but also for others around her to be happy, preferring that her home, the barracks, be as neat and tidy from an emotional standpoint as it ought to be physically clean. Pern's moons will be of particular fascination to her from babyhood and for the rest of her life. She'll want to go look at the moons to help her dial down at the end of the day, with you by her side to watch how they rise and change. Sensitive to the phases of the moons, you might find that she's more biddable and quiescent when Belior and Timor's faces are both unseen, while she is at her peak of cunning manipulation and vivacious outgoingness when they are close to full.

Where Kelioth differs from Vivian is in her drive to do better and be better. She's not content to simply try something, manage it and move on, no, she has to keep going until she is /the best/ and you too are /the best/ at everything that you attempt. Where this might translate into more commonalities is in her vain streak, after all being your best also involves /looking/ your best and she'll demand it of you and for you. She must at all times be kept clean and well oiled so that her hide gleams. You too have to keep your appearance top-notch, no matter how tired you might both be. The same though is true about lessons and work. She won't understand how you can try to pawn things off onto others or your disdain for 'lesser' chores. Every chore is worth doing well. Every lesson worth learning and learning to its fullest extent. She'll have no patience for any whining or claims of "but Mom says" from you, which could lead to some friction until a balance is sorted out. This also extends to others beyond you: she'll want her clutchmates and the other weyrlings to put their best foot forward as well and could even wind up flouncing and tantruming in true Vivian-style when this doesn't work out the way she'd like it to.

As she grows older, Kelioth may become a more settled creature, still interested in doing well, but more understanding of her own limitations, yours and those of others. Her crafty understanding of others may find itself bent to helping those who most need it as she's able to get into the heart of a problem and turn it inside out to find a solution. In other words, while still cunning and manipulative, she'll be applying her powers for the greater good, rather than solely to please herself or even you, though of course, she'll always want you to be pleased as well. She'll take to wing duties with pride and the same drive to do well, might even push you to strive for wingleadership, though diplomatic relations are a natural draw for her and could lead, in tandem with certain feelings of yours, to a mutual goal of getting tapped into the Weyrleader's wing.

Flights may be a time of sore trial for you, as Kelioth unfurls an earthy, no-holds-barred sensuality when proddy. Unlike your own more calculated flirtations, Kelioth is more interested in winding every last male in the Weyr around her tiniest talon. She wants them all to perk up, pay attention and put their best paws forward to woo and win her. By turns cuddly and affectionate, by others suddenly demanding and peevish, you could find in her proddiness a reflection of some of your own worst behavior and be thrust into a position of having to manage it for the good of those around you. You may also find that her brazenness at this time affects you deeply making you more daring than you ordinarily would be or by contrast, more likely to retreat until the storm has passed, given how much it can make you /feel/. Once up into the air, Kelioth will lead her suitors on a merry chase, not merely with the flip of wings and tail, but with the challenges issued mentally as well. Flights are psychological as well as physical the push and pull of 'will you won't you' and you along for the ride, taking you with her. At no other time is she more fascinating to watch in the air, sinuous and graceful and powerful all at once, for all she's so small, bewitching and enchanting.

Though it won't always be an easy road, you and Kelioth are more partners-in-crime than antagonists, though her strong sense of purpose and grounding in sense may serve to balance out some of your flaws without obliterating them. Whatever path you choose to take it will certainly be together as you grow into your bond and reach for the stars together.


Kelioth's mindvoice encompasses all of the natural range of the sights, sounds and sensations common on the Scottish moors. Be it the high cry of a bird of prey wheeling overhead when she's lonely or distressed, the soft rustle of wind through grass and sedge when she is pleased, the touch of sun on lichen-touched stones when she is calm, or the cloak of fog when she feels the need to retreat and pull back into herself, each and every aspect is present in her mind. You may also find her reaching for the moons and their phases to express her emotions, a waxing or waning crescent for instance, hanging in the background sky to show her overall mood at the time, the golden moonbeams filtering through her thoughts, setting them gently aglow, shadows stretching and shrinking in turn. Preferring the rather muted hues of a foggy day, gray-greens and blues mingle in her thoughts, yet they always include a certain sparkle, light turning each miniscule droplet amongst the fog into an individual prism, small rainbows sparked here and there. Her actual voice when she uses words, runs the gamut from the sparkling, dulcet tones of a lush, young maiden, to the throaty alto of a mature confident woman, on through the a crone's dusty, creaky rasp, each having its own use and purpose, each having its own time to shine.

Suspended Flecks of Dust touch your mind softly, slowly, barely noticeable at first, simply little sparkles in a ray of yellow-tinged sunlight. A flicker here, a sparkle there, seeming to float effortlessly. Slowly, it settles, slowly it gathers in the recesses of your thoughts, hiding old memories away.

Suspended Flecks of Dust touch your mind softly, slowly, barely noticeable at first, simply little sparkles in a ray of yellow-tinged sunlight. A flicker here, a sparkle there, seeming to float effortlessly. Slowly, it settles, slowly it gathers in the recesses of your thoughts, hiding old memories away.

Suspended Flecks of Dust seem to surround you, blocking out the light, blocking out the past, blocking out everything. Heavy, they gather, they cast you into the shadows of thoughts, the recesses of memories. And then, suddenly, a ray of sunlight bursts through, burning the dust away, burning the shadows away, and opening you up, once more, to the light of the present.


The clutch theme this cycle for Avaeth and Dhonzayth's eggs was 'Children's Mystery Books', and the Forgotten Yellow Egg was based on the Boxcar Children Series, and in particular, 'The Yellow House Mystery'. The Boxcar Children series, by Gertrude Chandler Warner, is a series of books about four orphaned siblings - Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny - and their adventures as they travel and visit friends and relatives far and wide. The name of the series originates from the home they made together in the first book - an abandoned red boxcar - before being found and taken in by their kind hearted grandfather. The Yellow House Mystery is the third book in the series, and focuses around a long forgotten yellow house on an island, and the mystery that it hides.

Aspects of the Boxcar Children have crept into Kelioth's personality as well, their sugary sweetness affecting her surface temperment and her public face. However, she draws on the mystical trio of Maid, Mother, and Crone for the deeper aspects of her nature, a dash of Ceridwen's demanding character rounding her out and forging parallels with Vivian's own traits. She has the innocent inquisitiveness of the Maid, the earthy sensuality and domestic groundedness of the Mother, all wrapped around a core of Crone Wisdom that she grows into as she matures. Her name, Kelioth, is drawn from the idea of the holy three, and the idea of the Celtic triple deity as well, coming in particular from the word Triskelion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triskelion).

She is, however, yours to play as you will, and everything here is just ideas that we came up with while we were writing her. We hope you enjoy her, and congratulations again!

Niva and D'son


Name Drawing Down the Moons Green Kelioth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Niva and D'son
Impressee Vivian
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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