Like metal that has been left to the elements, a deep, ruddy bronze sweeps over the back of this powerful creature. Murky hints of midnight touch upon his neck ridges, washing down over the length of his spine. Thin streaks of polished metal show in contrast, light coming through the darkness, though they fade out along the length of his long, forked tail. Lean muscle shows beneath his metallic hide, accentuating strong limbs and the proud way that he holds his head. Each of those sturdy legs seems to have been coated in a coppery hue, giving the impression of softer undertones there and along the length of his broad chest. Heavy paws show support his athletic frame, each one bearing thick black talons. His nose and eyeridges have also been polished to a lighter tone, shading keen, whirling eyes and standing out against the backdrop of his wings. While each wing-spar seems thick and stable, the webbing stretched between them is mottled, as if some spots had rusted. A pale green starts to streak through, darkening like tarnished bronze at the edges of his wings.

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg

In the darkest of places, there is still light. Shadows play across verdant greenery. Swatches of various shades laid on top of each other like the leaves of a tree or the scales of a dragon. Emerald and black show against a base of chestnut and russet which stick out in pointy lines like thick bramble. Here and there, between the canopy, there are hints of other colors, too. A flash of white here, a pattern of mahogany there, each one stands out like some great beast lurking in the shadows. If that is so, it encircles the entire egg, prowling closer to those who dare approach. Between the leaves at the very edge where it seems like the monster might curl around back onto itself, there are a pair of glowing yellowed eyes that stare from the darkness, narrowed to mere slits.

Rumblings in the Darkness come from all around, the world slowly blacking out as if night has fallen, but only for you. It's a frightening prospect at first, with only the beating of your own heart thundering in your ears. No, it isn't just that. There is a sound of water somewhere nearby, trickling over the rocks in a stream. The smells of fresh, open air come into your nose like distant places, with the lush scents of some forest out of a dream. Even there, though, there lurks something. A sound rumbles a challenge as something large steps towards you. There's no sign of what it is, just the sound of heavy footfalls. The essence of something that will be. It seems to be testing you, are you brave enough to stand your ground against an unknown? Will you run?

Rumblings in the Darkness linger closer now, like some deep basal chuckle. You stayed. You have passed the test. A warmth totally unlike the sands washes over, like sliding into warm furs on a cold night. There is no danger here, not from whatever this force is that curls itself next to you like some oversized feline. There is that strange feeling, like this is a wild thing - a creature like those fierce cats that you hear about sometimes, raiding the farms or having to be hunted when they encroach onto human settlements. It's different though. A warm presents settles itself against you, rumbling affection and approval of your courage. It will not harm you. It could be yours, if… you answer the call. The beast rises, almost as if it were rising within you, urging you to run, drawing you to adventure. Will you come? Will you race the wind?


Rumblings in the Darkness call to you, quickening your heartbeat with the thrill of the hunt. For that briefest of moments, your mind becomes that of the beast. Heavy feet tread over wet ground, the smells of the forest fresh and clean in your nose. Everything is excitement. There is a pure, unbridled joy in just running with this body that is yours, theirs… trying to outrun the wind and catch hold of something more elusive than any prey. Two hearts, two minds, but one great, amazing road to anywhere that is spread out before you. This is what your life could be if you are strong enough to try. The moment ends abruptly, leaving you on the edge of the riverbank. On the other end, there is a wisp of something - a tail vanishing into the underbrush. The Guardian turns back, looking at you from the trees, silently wondering if you will be the one to cross the river and face this adventure. Then, it is gone.

Wobble Message

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg doesn't wiggle or shimmy or make any other such subtle movements. Instead, it rocks forward and backwards with exaggerated movements, as if something within were shoving itself hard against the shell. It narrowly misses knocking into the eggs around it. The shell bulges, making it look as if those yellow 'eyes' are going to leap right out of the shadows of greenery made by those haphazard colors.

Crack Message

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg shifts sideways suddenly, toppling sideways and rolling for a bit before it comes to stop. The active hatchling within is clearly not content with staying shell-bound much longer. Another hard thump can be heard from within, and then the outer surface begins to show signs of strain. A trailing spider web of cracks begins to form, looking like white lines being drawn amongst the trees.

Hatching Message

Guardian of the Ancient Forest Egg makes one final hard shove, but rather than actually destroying the egg itself, it only manages to knock out a big section of the top of the shell. A little head peeks out, nose first, as if it were wearing the shell like a set of armor. It's hard to see color at first, but then the entire head wiggles out, managing to leave most of the remaining egg intact behind it. The little dragon looks confused, turning to sweep a forepaw at the prison, which crumples easily now. Tail swishing, the dragonet puffs it's chest out, looking quite proud to have been so clever to forge such a daring escape.

Impression Message


There is a familiar feeling that starts to creep at the edges of your consciousness. It's almost like being watched, but /of course/ you're being watched. Everyone has their eyes on you and the other candidates. Yet, this is different somehow. It isn't a feeling from the stands, but from a hatchling looking -right-at-you-. « So. » The voice is a growl with a thick undertone like an intense heartbeat. « I hear you're the best. » There is a flash of memories, as if the dragon were reading off a list of qualifications. « That's a good thing. I need the best with me. We've got so many things to do. » The hatchling takes a step forward, reaching his nose out towards your chest. « We're partners now. We'll take on the world together. You and me. » He rumbles a sort of self-assured laugh that comes with a hint of soft music as an overtone to the steady beat of his mind. « I am Kanekith, and you are my Ka'el. » There is a rumble in his stomach that seems to echo in your own. « First, we find food. Then, we've got adventures to begin. »


Tony: What are you trying to get rid of me for? You got plans?
Pepper: As a matter of fact, I do.
Tony: I don't like it when you have plans.
Pepper: I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday.
Tony: It's your birthday?
Pepper: Yes.
Tony: I knew that. Already?
Pepper: Yeah, isn't that strange? It's the same day as last year.
Tony: Well, get yourself something nice for me.
Pepper: I already did.
Tony: Yeah? And?
Pepper: Oh, it's very nice… very tasteful. Thank you, Mr. Stark.
Tony: You're welcome, Ms. Potts.

Proud. Egotistical. Philanthropist. Playboy. Adventurer. Hero. These are all words that could certainly describe your Kanekith. From the moment that he's hatched, he's going to likely keep both your mind and body running at full speed. Clever and inquisitive, there will be a time when he wants to know /everything/ and you (and the Weyrlingmasters) will be struggling to keep up with his questions. Mechanical things fascinate him, although he's likely to make off with parts when you aren't looking, not realizing (at first) that his big feet don't work as well as your agile fingers when it comes to putting things back together.

A natural experimenter, he'll be the sort that needs someone to keep him from making a mess of things, especially when he's young. That pot of numbweed? Yeah, he's going to want to lick it to see what it tastes like. His other fascination is fire. Both the hot ovens that are used to temper metal, and the flickering of campfires, there is something about the light that will always draw him in like a moth to the flames. Alas, this means he's likely to get his share of burns as a weyrling, at least until he learns to look and not touch.

While these antics might seem childish, this is how he'll learn in the beginning. As he grows up, he'll use this knowledge with a keen, analytical mind. Your bronze is powerful and athletic, but he's also a thinker. Alas, sometimes he doesn't think so much about the goings on of the day. Like any good secretary, you might just have to remind him about those important dates and deadlines, because he won't remember.


Pepper: (Walking in on Stark's robots trying to get him out of the Iron Man suit.) What is going on here?
Tony: Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.
Pepper: Are those bullet holes?

Kanekith is trouble with a capital 'T'. He sees himself as a 'big damn hero' and has no qualms at all about seeking out adventure even when it might be against the rules. As a hatchling, it's going to be a constant struggle to reign him in and keep him from wandering into places of the Weyr where he isn't supposed to go. It's hard to resist his spirit, as it tries to sweep you up and get you to be his 'partner in crime'. You can bet there will be awkward moments when things don't go quite according to plan. Getting fish fresh from the fisherman's nets sounds like a great idea, until a bronze hatchling ends up caught in them.

As he gets older, it's going to be easier to manage, since he'll have other things on his mind. Kanekith is a bit of an eccentric when it comes to his plans. He'll be the first to try to stick his big nose into your smithcraft duties. Don't be too surprised if you go to sleep troubling over a problem only to have some draconic solution in the morning. Sometimes they'll work, sometimes not (with comical results). Even so, he prides himself on always being able to figure out the answer, regardless of if it's working towards some goal of yours, or trying to work his way up to higher ranks within the Weyr.

This bronze has ambition, ready and willing to work hard for the things he wants. Of course, once he gets there, Kanekith is likely to feel like he's done enough. He deserves what he has, and that is that. The dragon has a lackadaisical view on leadership, but when push comes to shove, he will always rise to the challenge and take charge when he's really needed.


Pepper: Your flight was scheduled to leave an hour and a half ago.
Tony: It's funny, I though with it being my plane and all that it would just wait for me.
Pepper: Tony, I need to speak to you about a couple of things before I get you out…
Tony: I mean, doesn't it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?

Kanekith marches to the beat of his own drummer, which means sometimes you'll have to be there to rouse him in the morning, or to convince him that something really does need to get done on time. It isn't that he doesn't take things seriously, but that he's got a hundred other things going on in his mind that are more important /to him/. Some might consider him a bit self-centered, but only to an extent. Everything he does is for the greater good of those around him. He wants to see the Weyr be a better place, but sometimes he'll disagree with others on just the right way to go about it.

Of course, this also applies to you. You are his, and that means that sometimes he'll expect you to put him above the other things you're doing. Luckily, he does realize that you're quite important, too. It just may not be as often as he thinks about himself. When you need him, though, he'll be your staunchest defender, ready to stand up against the world (and the Weyrlingmasters) for your sake. He is /your/ hero as much as he is a hero to Xanadu.


Reporter: Have you ever lost an hour of sleep in your life?
Tony: I'll be prepared to lose a few with you.

Ahh, ladies. Kanekith certainly believes himself to be a smooth talker, and certainly a dragon that is worthy of the attention of any gold that wings her way by him. He can be charming, and he'll certainly win his fair share of mates with a sly tongue and daring demeanor. It's those females that are more on the intelligent side that he'll have trouble with - those that aren't swayed just by a flash of the tail or a witty remark. Like any other 'problem' that he faces, Kanekith will actually be more drawn to these ladies, trying to figure out a way to worm his way into their hearts by hook or by crook.

In his younger years, he's bound to be quite the playboy. He'll give chase to gold and green alike, relishing in showing his prowess and his strength. When he gets older, though, he's likely to be the sort to look for someone to settle down with on a more permanent basis. This is where he's going to struggle. A 'one night stand' during a flight is easy, but having to find a dragoness who will actually put up with him on a regular basis? That's going to be a bit harder of a task. Behind everything else, though, he's got a good heart. When he does manage to catch a gold, he'll be a willing enough father, ready to take on sands duties wherever they might take him. He'll take great pride in his offspring, they – after all – are his greatest creation.



Like some beast out of the darkness, everything about his voice is rich, with deep rumblings and a charming tongue that rolls over words with a sort of entrancing purr. An incessant pulse, like a heartbeat, accompanies the feeling of his mind, quickening or slowing at points depending on his mood, sometimes taking on a hard, edge. It's a feeling that is easy to get swept up into, bringing with it a driving sort of excitement, and a need to move. Hints of violin play over those bass undertones, drawing out music from where there is none. It is the soundtrack of the hunt, the call of the wild, and the thrill of something still untamed. He is never truly quiet, but even at those times when his presence is less overwhelming in your mind, it will still carry with it the damp hints of a forest after the rain, and the feeling that you are being watched. For some others, this might feel unnerving, but for you… it is the knowledge that you are never truly alone. You always have a warrior to guard your back and fight at your side.


EGG: The theme for this clutch was Zodiac/Astrology. This particular egg is based off of the Chinese Zodiac creature of the Tiger. Tigers are lively, engaging, and known for their incredible bravery. They are competitive and crave challenge, but can be stubborn at times and willful. Tigers can also be beautiful, charming, and the sort that take charge, which certainly fits your bronze. His initial touches and mind voice are based on the idea of the physical animal, the hunter and his prey: you. Some of the darker elements, the bass and the violins in his mindvoice come from a wonderful musical artist named Lindsey Sterling, who does some beautiful pieces such as: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGCsyshUU-A and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8-8Xu7J_9M

NAME: Kanekith comes from Japanese. 'Kane' has the dual meaning of metal or money, where-as 'ki' can mean 'heart/spirit' or 'motivation'. This seems a good fit for a dragon based off of a man with a metal heart who is quite money motivated. It also seems to work well with your name, too. Ka'el and Kanekith.

DRAGON: After reading your dragon questionnaire, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to make you a dragon based on the witty, sly, and often times quite charming Tony Stark. Having been a fan of the Iron Man series and the Avengers, it was my absolute pleasure to work on this dragon for you. But regardless of what is written here, remember that Kanekith is /yours/ and you are welcome to adjust anything you'd like. Make him your own, and enjoy the ride.

~~ Sorrin/R'owan and the Searchco for Xanadu - Winter 2013



Name Kanekith
Dam Sahazyth
Sire Orionth
Created By Sorrin
Impressee Ka'el
Hatched February 10, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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