Tenacious Tiger Bronze Kajeth

Sinuous grace manifesting in sinister shadows, lithe and wiry build signaling pure predator in every elegant line. Deep bronze hide, so dark a hue it is almost ebony holds a metallic glimmer, a whisper of gold, of emerald swirled restlessly along narrow flanks and spilt onto velveteen wings. Sails shine with a coppery light, fanned with patterns like slicked-down fur while spars echo the burnished look of spiky 'ridges. A closer look might show a subtle pattern to the shifting colors, ripples of darkness separated by barely-lighter bands, like vertical stripes that march across him from neck to haunches. His head is triangular, crowned with oddly pointed headknobs and his sharp eyes are set above a narrow muzzle. Slender legs end in unusually large paws where his curved talons are habitually pulled in close and a lash-like
tail balances his lean proportions.

Egg Name and Description


Black Cats of Luck Egg
Blackened bronze melds with chocolate brown, sliding into restless shadows on a somber ovoid. Shapes twist and turn with the shifting light like an endless array of felinic hunters stalking, pouncing or just sauntering through the darkness. And like winking jewels — or gleaming eyes — small sparks of emerald slit by ebony are scattered amongst the predators. In size, this egg is about medium, not large and not small and quite ordinary in it's smoothly rounded shape.

Hatching Message

With a snap, black shell parts from chocolate and emerald eyes wink out as the Black Cats of Luck Egg explodes into a thousand shards. Bronze is the only color to remain steady in the center of the ferocious whirl, the suddenly freed occupant revealed as he looks upon his new world with a hunter's poise. Captured for a moment in stillness, his newborn form shines with blazing brilliance, his predator's stance obviously instinctive. Tenacious Tiger Bronze Dragonet has arrived on Pern.

Impression Message

Emerald slinks into your mind, a bright touch unlike anything you have experienced before. Delving deep, something — or someone — flashes through your memories. Your very self is explored for a timeless moment before a presence explodes up from the depths to enfold you in a timeless, wordless emotion that is far more profound than can be described by the mere word 'love'. A husky scent of sandlewood and pine drifts through you both before the instant of Impression is done and you are you again. Nevermore to be only Berahn, the mind which you know as well as he knows yours pounces gleefully on the first confused thought you come up with. « B'ran, I'm
Kajeth. » That purring tone is unmistakable and so is the absoluteness of it all. Kajeth is never going to let you say no.


Bright Purring Emerald


Name Tenacious Tiger Bronze Kajeth
Dam Gold Frydath
Sire Bronze Aedhyth
Created By Qyh
Impressee Berahn
Hatched October 19, 2002
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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