Golden cream, flecked with vanilla, pours over the lean, angular body of this dragon. It’s a shade that will show the evidence of every scrape and tumble she finds. Nowhere is that hide quite even in hue; instead, it’s speckled and subtly variegated. Her muzzle is slender and pointed, pale cream with drips of honey over the top that turn to a splash of caramel over her brows, lending them skeptical arches. On her sturdy chest, cayenne-red is sharp against that soft gold, a pair of half-hearted blotches that are domed at the top and come to twin points just past the curve to underside. The ridges of her neck are dusted with cinnamon, heavy on the edges with a light sprinkling between, and that patterning continues along her back, spreading between the wings and then tapering off by just above her graceful tail, leaving it simple vanilla-cream save for a wisp of brighter saffron at the fork. The wings are broad sweeps, the vanilla coming more to the fore further out along the spars, and between is a pale champagne splotched with rich peach, the red-gold patterns of ripened fruit scattered across unfurled sails.

Egg Name and Description

Big Blue Box Egg
Though still rounded, this particular egg has a solid, boxy sort of shape. From its stout, heavy base, its sides rise in something closer to straight lines than the curves that might be expected, tapering abruptly at the top in a blob of white. Flowing down from there, royal blue coats the shell almost entirely, interrupted only by light, square-like splashes that roughly resemble small windows. Perhaps they are meant for the life inside to peer out at potential partners? A dark line runs down between two of these shapes, lending the appearance of doors that might spring open at any time to release whatever's inside. Covered with grain-like striations that run the length of the shell from top-to-bottom, this egg looks nearly wooden as it stands tall and inviting in the sands.

Hatching Message

Big Blue Box Egg sways, rocking back and forth with increasing energy until it topples over entirely with a thump against the sands. After that tumble, it lies still. Perhaps it needs some time to regenerate?

There’s a tapping sound from inside the Big Blue Box Egg, a staccato rhythm. The shell is tough, but not impervious, and eventually a jagged crack appears across it, growing wider with each knock from the occupant.

The crack has gotten wider, and the tapping from Big Blue Box Egg pauses. It’s still for a moment, and then a flex of the hatchling inside breaks the egg apart, new cracks forming as the shell falls into six neat pieces around a fresh new draconic face.

Impression Message

There’s a whooshing sound around you, like air rushing in over the hubbub of the sands. Then nothing - and again, the rush of air, like a gasp for breath. Gone again. It returns a third time, swirling around you with a phantom wind that tugs at your robe and hair. Colors dance around you, violet and blue swirling in tumultuous patterns. The sands around you are gone, and you’re drawn up - or is it down? - with a weightless feeling. There’s a brief sense of consideration, followed by triumph. « Ha. You’re Innes. » The maelstrom brightens, a roar of laughter as the colors sharpen, tossing around a swirl of tiny images - all of them different, and all of them you, tossed around like papers in a whirlwind and then shredded as the vortex tightens around you and enfolds you in swirling energy. « I’m Kairoikyriath. » And then you descend, until your feet touch the sands as the vortex recedes around you, leaving only a translucent haze of violet and cerulean dancing in your vision and a voice inside your head. « Well? What are we waiting for? »


Kairoikyriath is a brash, impetuous bundle of will. There’s no problem she can’t handle, no challenge she can’t face, and nothing that will make her admit otherwise.

Intelligent? At least as intelligent as whoever’s asking, and probably more so.

Arrogant? She’s not arrogant, she’s right.

Duggan: You know what I don't understand?
Romana: I expect so.

She’ll seldom admit there’s anything she doesn’t know, walking into situations with the confidence of having all the answers. When the eyes of her clutch-mates are on her, it’ll be even worse. Once she’s decided something, she may stick to it stubbornly, missing (or even deliberately ignoring) simpler answers along the way.

Romana: If the Doctor's theory's right, we'll need a local image translator to see what's out there.
Adric: Or we could just look out through the door.

When Kairoikyriath bosses others around (and oh, she will!) it’s for their own good. She truly does like people, and it’s because she likes them that she wants to see them become even better. She’s not a greedy dragon or an unkind one, but she is quite certain she knows what’s best for everyone, including her rider.

After all, she hatched out of her shell knowing who she wanted to find. Innes wandered around for how long? Tried how many things? It’s a good thing Kairoikyriath is here.

Romana: I told you you've got the time wrong, Doctor.
The Doctor: Yes, but you're always saying that.
Romana: You're always getting the time wrong.

Kairoikyriath is a proud dragon, and has high standards - downright perfectionist, when it comes to herself and her rider. This tendency of hers may lead to difficulties during the time together as weyrlings, because she knows just how she wants to do things, and when she can’t, it will frustrate her a great deal. She may want to disclaim her failures as mere practice and try again until she gets it right - or sneak back later to practice without other eyes on her.

When pressed about her failings, she may turn defensive and snappish, letting her temper rule her and perhaps even attacking physically. She’ll need help from Innes in moderating that impulse. She may never learn how to bite her tongue, but she can at least learn to keep herself from biting other dragons.

Her growth will come in fits and starts, changing the proportions of feet to tail, or body to legs, in ways that make her unexpectedly clumsy. « I meant to do that » may be a frequent refrain when the time comes for her to train on obstacle courses and practice hunting, but she’ll do so with a determination that will, when she finally does stop growing, leave her graceful to make up for that hatchling awkwardness.

Over time, she’ll learn to admit her failures and when a problem is too big for her alone - at least to Innes, and perhaps to others she trusts. Until then, she may push herself to exhaustion or injury. Her clutch-mates leaping around boulders might prompt her to claim she can leap off the cliff - and once up there, with their eyes on her, she won’t back down unless forced. Innes will have to be the voice of reason for her sometimes - even when, on occasion, her protests are token ones to save face, and she’ll be quietly grateful afterward.

When it comes to Innes, Kairoikyriath expects the best, and won’t settle for less. That doesn’t always mean doing well in classes - in fact, she may be a distraction from those, as she insists that there are more important ways to spend that time than books and studying - whether that’s watching a trading ship unload bales and bundles, or seeing what lies down the other fork in that road.

Kairoikyriath will want to see the world for herself; the knowledge gleaned from her rider’s thoughts and conversations with other dragons is a poor substitute. The things Innes will study in books are an even worse one. They’ve probably missed something important. She wants to look for herself!

Perhaps it’s her desire to know the hidden secrets of the world that leads to her fascination with clothing. Why do humans put it on? Even more importantly, what are they hiding beneath it? The frillier and more complex the outfit, the more intrigued Kairoikyriath will be. The fashionably inclined may find themselves thoroughly investigated, and laundry day might be a fascinating adventure.

When the time comes to explore the Weyr, she’ll be eager to do so, and she may urge you to wander sooner and further than the weyrlingmasters permit. Curfew? That’s for other people; she understands why it’s there, and she knows it shouldn’t apply to her. Later, she’ll love to fly and find new places. Visits to Hold and Hall will be great fun… the first time. After a while, she’ll grow bored with the familiar ones, always wanting new places and unusual encounters.

Along with being critical of herself, she’ll be quick to correct her clutch-mates. She can accept failure from them - if they really, truly can’t help it - but not laziness or apathy, and she’ll bring her formidable presence and sharp tongue to bear until the situation’s turned around the way she wants.

Convincing her she’s wrong will be difficult. Convincing her to admit it will be nearly impossible, though once there’s finally enough evidence to change her mind, she’ll argue for her new belief just as strongly as she argued against it.

She also has a contrary streak, one that’ll have her arguing simply for the sake of being right or an enjoyment of the debate. Innes may find she has a hard time getting the last word - Kairoikyriath can be just as stubborn as she is.

The Doctor: Nice, isn't it?
Romana: Yes, marvellous.
The Doctor: Marvellous. Absolutely.
Romana: Absolutely marvellous.
The Doctor: Well, I think it's marvelous.
Romana: So do I. Though it's not quite as you described it.
The Doctor: Really? How did I describe it?
Romana: Well, you said it was nice.

There’s a sharp sense of humor underlying the endless arguments and teasing, and Kairoikyriath may be surprised to find others don’t always get the joke. She finds it funny, so why don’t they? Her wit can be cutting, but it’s never intentionally cruel. If the joke being made is at her expense, she’ll likely still laugh - though she may be quick with a rejoinder.

Despite her arrogance, her respect, once given, is anything but grudging. She won’t mock people behind their backs - just to their faces - and she’s quite willing to see the best about people, even those with whom she’s in conflict.

Tylos: Senseless creatures!
Romana: I don't think so. They're adapting very fast. That's intelligent behavior.
Tylos: Intelligent? Trying to kill us?
Romana: But they probably don't even know anyone is in here. To them the TARDIS is just a bog boulder.

In a crisis, Kairoikyriath will stay level-headed and quick-witted. When the time comes for her to aid injured dragons, she’ll be effective, if blunt, bullying the pain away and demanding they oblige the healers. What are they - cowards? Not that she herself is entirely fearless, but she’ll never admit it. Instead, she covers her unease with glibness and a show of bravery even to the point of foolishness.

Romana: What is that thing in the pit?
Lady Adrasta: We call it - The Creature.
Romana: Ah, that's original.

Kairoikyriath certainly has a temper, and once it’s roused, diplomacy will be the last thing on her mind. She’s not one to beat around the bush - ever - and her conversations with other dragons will sometimes lead to conflict. Her interactions with the representatives of other Weyrs may be particularly fraught, as disagreements over how best to do things come to the fore and minor misunderstandings escalate.

Romana: Go ahead and kill me. Commit suicide. Listen to that hirsute moron.
Torvin: Here! Who are you calling hirsute?
Romana: You. Do you want to make something of it?
Torvin: No, I just wanna know what it means.

Those who can make it past her arrogance and teasing jokes will find a steadfast friend in Kairoikyriath, one who’s willing to stand beside them against any adversary. She’ll be glad to listen to the woes of her friends, but beware - she’s likely to try fixing things, even when her attempts only make the situation worse.

Innes may find herself interrogated when it comes to her own involvements; asked what she sees in that one, or if this one is really worth having. Kairoikyriath has her own opinions about her rider’s friends and associates, and no compunctions about making them known or adding her own voice to the conversation - whether that’s a running commentary to liven up those boring meetings, or demands for action when she disapproves. « He’s wrong. Tell him. »

Kairoikyriath’s confidence that she knows the right way to do things will, as she grows, expand to take in all of Xanadu, manifesting both as pride in her Weyr and a desire to see it improved. In some cases, she’ll agree with the way things are done and put herself wholeheartedly behind them; in others, she’ll see a better way, and throw herself just as fully into making changes.

There are some things all the determination in the world can’t change. When it comes to flights, Kairoikyriath will challenge her chasers, demand the best of them. She may favor clever flyers over brute strength, and as the flight ends, she’ll be almost surprised to be caught, amazed that one of the males has matched her in the sky.

Her amazement is unlikely to last; it will be a rare bronze or brown who manages to keep her interest past the flight itself. She’ll pick and choose her lovers as she sees fit, but she’s not the sort to settle down.

Eggs will represent a challenge to Kairoikyriath; she’ll be restless on the sands, unwilling to delay her adventures but tied there by a sense of duty and the desire to see things done right. Her children are important, they’re just also - until they hatch - boring. The poor sire may find himself abandoned with the eggs one day, then scolded the next for not tending to them according to her precise specifications.

Once they’ve hatched, she’ll revel in her freedom before throwing herself into the next project. Kairoikyriath is not a dragon to sit idle, though she may be working in so many different directions that some things get left behind, forgotten until she encounters them once more. Given the shortcomings of draconic memory, some things may become familiar arguments, begun and abandoned repeatedly, but through it all, Kairoikyriath will continue in indomitable fashion to do what she thinks is right.

In Innes, Kairoikyriath has found a partner in banter, a companion for her adventures, and a collaborator in changing the world - someone who’s quick on her mental feet and confident enough to stand together on the long road of life.


Kairoikyriath’s mind seems a wild place, defined by a vortex of crackling energy. She’ll reach out to others as a whirlwind, connecting her mind to theirs heedless of the distance and flinging out snippets of sight, sound, even scent to underscore her points.

The colors of that maelstrom will change with her mood and eyes, angry orange and red laced with lightning or vivid blue and green with winds that tug playfully at others, but they’ll always be a chaotic place. In her more neutral moods, she’ll have her choice of shades, and often favor the in-between purple ones, perhaps even intentionally doing so for the sake of ambiguity - is she pleased? Annoyed? Both? Is she serious, or making a joke?

Tucked away past that vortex, deeper in her mind, there are other places, fragments of worlds she’s seen. She’ll steal images and scenes from the minds of other dragons and visit there, but she’s never content with them for long, always moving on and seeking the place where she can truly settle. She may find she has favorites, ones she often returns to in certain moods, but even these are unstable. Her heart is a wandering one, and no matter what world she’s visiting, the vortex is always there in the sky, ready to open and carry her onward.

Whatever the shape of her mind, there’ll always be, hidden somewhere nearby, the refuge she keeps for you. It changes, chameleon-like, with its surroundings - a tumble of boulders on a mountain slope, a cottage in a meadow, a snow-fort in a winter wonderland - but inside is warmth and shelter from the vortex, and nobody except the two of you can come here uninvited. It’s bigger on the inside, this refuge, and though it changes appearance, it’s always, whatever form it takes, tinged with the blue of safety and comfort.



The theme for this clutch was ‘Secret Identities’, and the Big Blue Box Egg was based on the TARDIS. and the Doctor hidden away inside. He’s a man of many secrets, the doctor, and difficult to entirely understand.

The dragon herself is based on a slightly different part of that world, though certainly still one that was found within the TARDIS. The character of Romana was one of the companions of the Fourth Doctor, and a Time Lady in her own right. Her brash, quick-witted style seemed like it would make a fine foil for Innes - much as she did to the Doctor himself, challenging and demanding while still working together and fundamentally respecting each other.

The name Kairoikyriath is derived from the Greek Kyria, meaning “lady”, and Kairoi, meaning “the times” in the sense of the key and crucial moments, the tipping points when the world can be altered. Kairoikyriath is indeed a Time Lady - as defined by those moments when everything changes, so you have to be ready.

The Doctor: …One more thing. Your name.
Romana: What about my name?
The Doctor: It's too long. By the time I've called out, "Look out…" What's your name?
Romana: [slowly] Romanadvoratrelundar.
The Doctor: By the time I've called that out, you could be dead. I'll call you "Romana".
Romana: I don't like "Romana".
The Doctor: It's either "Romana" or "Fred".
Romana: All right, call me "Fred".
The Doctor: Good. Come on, Romana.

Big Blue Box Egg was written by So’l, and Kairoikyriath herself was written by Soriana. We hope you enjoy your adventures together! And remember, these are only suggestions - she’s your dragon, and you may RP her however you’d like. We look forward to seeing it!

Congratulations, and welcome to Xanadu! ~~~ So’l and Soriana


Name Kairoikyriath
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Soriana and So'l
Impressee Innes
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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