Breath of Enchanted Grace Kagenaith

As if through the haze of a misty morning, shades of pale iris spread across his lean body. Fine, nearly perfected features are shown as strong muscle moves beneath taught hide. Patterns play out on his hide as if placed there by some careful artisan. Wisps of haze form the impression of clouds in a violet sky. A slender muzzle alights on his long neck, masked with a flush of powdered periwinkle which only gives way at his rounded headknobs. The same shade seems painted upon his broad chest, flowing down along a flat chiseled belly. Darker ultramarine slicks back along his neckridges, reaching up perilously onto drawn out wing spars before following the smooth curve of his spine all the way to the end of a whipcord tail. Stretched between those tenuous pinions is webbing as ornate as lavender silk, darkening to ceil where it folds gracefully along his back. Even the broad paws that support his balanced frame seem hewn from midnight as the dark tone wraps each digit, giving way to fierce, ebony talons.

Lost in Fathoms Below Egg

Against a backdrop of clear azure that seems to stretch on unclouded until all things are swallowed up by the depths, some things still remain. Darker patterns, etched like rough stone and hints of midnight playing in geometric patterns that seem too perfect to have been crafted by nature alone. Winding staircases built from cobalt and slate lead towards an eerie figure that resembles a human face. A trick of the eye? Imagination twisting light and dark, putting intention behind the shapes and meaning in the play of colors. Could it be simply murky fathoms that envelop this egg, or is there more to the mystery than meets the eye?

Whispers of Springtime whispers in the distance - a voice like some long forgotten song. There is a sound like a breeze rustling through distant trees, cooling your skin from the heat all around you. Faint hints of ginger and fresh fruit linger in the air, making each breath sweet and inviting with their aroma. Even so, it all seems as if it could be just a trick of the imagination, so faint - like an afterthought or memory of some place that felt safe - a place that felt like home. Tentative, like the first touches of green upon winter snow, the feeling grows stronger. Pale colors touch upon your mind, caressing with fingertips like smooth silk. There is curiosity in that touch, a longing to understand who you are and why you have come. There is a feeling as if you were being watched, but from within. The feeling brings with it questions. A pulse of your heartbeat: 'Who are you?' A breath: 'Can you find me?' That tender, almost longing feeling seems to draw back, leaving the faintest impression as if flower petals had fallen onto your bare skin.

Whispers of Springtime murmurs closer now - so softly that you just might make out the hint of words which are carried away before your mind can grasp them. The wind swirls across your vision with a wash of white, drawing out images of distant places. There is something strange about them, but familiar. It almost seems as if each place had been taken from your own dreams and brought to life. The low sound of a flute seems to rise and fall with each breath you take into your lungs, the tempo finding time with your heart. The smells change, too - bringing with it the warmth of cooking oil and the smell of savory meats and mouthwatering sauces. A banquet has been prepared in your honor, but what have you done to earn such regard? There is hesitation. The tantalizing smells of food are drawn away again, leaving only the swirling canvas of your mind. There are faint after-images of people in motion - some that you might even recognize. Among all of these, what sets you apart? Challenge. 'Of all these, what makes you worthy?'

Whispers of Springtime hums softly against your ear - so close you can almost feel the air as it exhales against your skin. It's close now, so very intimately close. The feather-like touch of flower petals settles against your hand, holding it like an old friend. There is comfort in that touch - a feeling of acceptance. The air flows around you in soft eddies, feeling as if it were trying to hold you aloft. Looking down, the landscape draws out beneath you with lush, rolling hills and far snow-capped mountains. 'Are these places we can go, together?' The feeling begs of you, the pleading tugging at your heartstrings. There is such a plaintive yearning to see, to understand - to live! Then, with a rush of that wind, you are brought back down to the sands once more. Gone? No, even still, there is a lingering taste of sweet berries that graces your lips, the velvety touch still wanting. 'Will you be the one?' As the colors slowly dissipate into the heat of the sands around you, the yearning remains - a yearning tinged perhaps with a dawning hope.

Hatching Message

The view from within the Lost in Fathom's Below Egg is simply not enough! There must be more. The first image of a tiny, pale nose appears through the small hole in the egg's shell, followed by a small peeping creel. This hatching stuff is hard! Still trapped in the rut the egg created for itself, the hatchling seems to put forth quite a bit of effort, pushing outward with strong limbs as the crack widens until with a final resounding crack, the shell is split neatly in two, revealing its tiny occupant. With careful movements, the hatchling steps free of his discarded prison, peeking his head up over the mound of built up sand to peer curiously at the candidates. Then, head tilting, he gives a small, inquisitive chirrup towards them.

Impression Message

A familiar feeling seems to drift through your mind, like soft fingertips drawing hair back from your forehead. So quickly, that touch vanishes, leaving the thought that it might just be the heat of the sands, or some false hope. All is still for a moment, and the world continues on as if nothing had happened. Then, the feeling returns, stronger this time. A breeze cools the world around you, swirling with gentle laughter and a joy at finally finding that one person to make life complete. [ansi(hc,« Fl'ynn. »)] The name is spoken with such love that there is no doubt in your mind that this is you - maybe not who you are, but who you will be from now on. [ansi(hc,« Yes. You found me\, didn't you? I knew you would. We are together now. »)] Pride tinges with absolute elation. [ansi(hc,« I am your Kagenaith. Don't let the sand tell you otherwise. It lies. »)] Suddenly, there is a rumbling hum that comes not only from your stomach, but from the little blue dragon before you. [ansi(hc,« I am hungry. »)] The shy voice seems to say with embarrassment, an emotion subtly accented by the impression of cooked meats that begins drift to your nose.


From the first moment that he hatches, Kagenaith will be the epitome of grace. Other hatchlings may flounder or flop about, but he seems to always have an ease about the way that he moves. Unlike others who may be haughty about such things, he simply can't fathom why things come so easy to him and not to others. The mistakes of his clutchmates will be an endless source of curiosity. When he's young, it may be hard to keep him from imitating these actions from the others. When he reaches full size, though, you won't find a dragon more natural in most any environment: earth, sea, or sky. Of course, even the most well built of dragons still may have their doubts. For Kagenaith, the areas of his body that he cannot see will be a source of worry. He may well insist on extra oilings and attention to areas like his eyeridges and neck.

« Fl'ynn. What is this light? Why does it keep moving? » For the most part, your blue is a simple soul. The world is a place of amazing things and he wants to see /all/ of them. There is a child-like quality to him, causing him to easily become entranced by the world around him. He may be fascinated by the reflection of light off of a wind-chime, chasing it like an overgrown cat, or spend long hours watching the way the wind blows through the fields in summer. His interests will change quickly as a hatchling, bouncing from one thing to the next so quickly you may have trouble keeping up, but this will taper off a bit as he gets older. Even as an adult, Kagenaith will always maintain that wonder about the world, and he will look to you to explain it. You'd best come up with some answers.

« Psst. I think that sea gull has been telling the weyrling-masters that you snore. » Alas, Kagenaith is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He'll often see things and form the absolutely wrong assumptions about the way the world works. Fish live in water, right? So, he'll fully expect fish to fall from the sky when it rains and may just stand out in the rain with his mouth open. Sometimes, he'll just come out with the most random of statements, leaving you wondering just where he happened to come up with such things. And just wait until the other dragons figure out that he can be so easily fooled. It won't be long until some other hatchling has him convinced that dirt is tastier than heardbeast, and he won't believe otherwise until he gets a mouthful of the stuff. It's times like those that you'll need a firm hand and a strong will, as the only person Kagenaith will listen to when he gets something stuck in his head, is you.

« What should we do today, Fl'ynn? I think we should… um. Do whatever you want to do. That sounds right. » Regardless of all his faults, Kagenaith really does have your best interests at heart. When something important matters to you, he'll try his hardest to be the best dragon because you are awesome and you deserve the best dragon in the world! He's sure of that. Unfortunately, he sometimes still falls short of the mark. At these times, he may need some reassurance from you to bolster his spirits, but don't worry too much. For the most part, your blue doesn't dwell on things for very long. He has a short memory when it comes to bad things, and an easily distracted nature that will often have him down one moment, and then back to his fluff-brained self the next.

When it comes to flights, though, Kagenaith will be a bit of a late bloomer. While other males seem itching to chase their first green, he simply won't have any interest in females at first. There are far too many other things in the world to see to worry about /girls/. Pffpth. He's also likely to get sidetracked early on, especially when mating flight lessons start coming up. The concept of gender will seem a bit alien, and explaining the differences between boy and girl dragons - as well as humans - could get troublesome. However, nature will eventually take its course and he'll figure things out. Once he does, there will be another side to Kagenaith that will come through. As vapid as he may be about other things, /love/ is where he shines. He is a born romantic, ready to charm the greens not only with his physicality, but also his words. He may also be the type to want to 'settle down' with that special green once he's found her, regardless of who happens to be her rider. His sense of romance even extends to you, and when you show interest in someone, he'll be the first to offer advice. Some of it may even be useful - although some will be as nonsensical as usual.


Soft. This seems to be the word to describe all things within Kagenaith's mind. His voice tends to come as a musical whisper, like a distant song hung on the breeze. He murmurs and hums and sing-songs to himself and often tends to mold these inner tunes to your moods. Even in the most stressful of conditions, he will always be quiet and gentle, almost as if he were afraid to speak up. Of course, like all quiet souls, when he does get loud, you know there is something that needs to be heard.

His mind comes with hints of the changing seasons, the winds airily bringing with them a touch of spring. There is a coolness to his thoughts that might just be the comfort needed on those hot days. Like the sun peeking through the shade of some tall canopy of leaves, there will always be a play of soft light and shadow with his presence, shifting subtlety brighter when interested, or darker when most calm. Sometimes other colors linger there, but they are simply undertones to his moods. Sometimes, those colors seem to bring the impression of gentle fingers or floating flower petals. These feather-light touches bringing a feeling of curiosity.

But perhaps the most distracting and comforting part of Kagenaith's mind is the subtle impressions of food that sometimes linger at the edges of his consciousness. Hints of sweet ginger and fruit are evident of happier times, while the more robust smells of cooking oils and meats make mealtimes obvious.


The 'Lost in Fathoms Below Egg' was is based on the Yonaguni Monument off the cost of Japan. It is a huge underwater complex of stone blocks which seem as if they might be the remains of some ancient civilization. Many associate the monument with the stories of Atlantis - the mythical city that was consumed by some natural disaster and dragged beneath the sea. However, this site is widely debated, with some scientists claiming that it is actually just a natural rock formation. Still, places like these will always captivate our imaginations, drawing us to imagine other cultures and other worlds.

As the Yonaguni Monument is off the coast of Japan, the egg's touch-impressions are based off of certain parts of Japanese culture. The cherry blossoms (sakura) of Japanese springtime are intertwined with the bountiful feasts and entertainment brought by the serving geisha. Some other aspects of the geisha (and their trainee maiko) have been worked into your dragon's features, such as his paler muzzle and the grace in which he moves.

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Name Inspiration:

What's in a name? Sticking with the theme brought through from his egg, Kagenaith's name (pronounced: ka-gen-ai-th) is based on two Japanese words (three kanji). 'Kagen' is interesting as it can be spelled with a number of different kanji, giving it different meanings. It can mean: flowery words, measure, or source of misfortune. 'Ai' on the other hand, means affection, or love. So, brought together, you have a dragon who will be your loving source of misfortune, the measure of your heart, and the lover of flowery words. The last meaning of 'kagen' is wise saying, as even the most hare-brained of people can every now and again surprise you with their insight.

A Final Message:
Congratulations on your impression of a dragon here at Xanadu Weyr! We hope that your Kagenaith is everything you could want in a life-mate. This inspiration is only a guideline for how to play your dragon. You aren't required to follow all, or any of it. Kagenaith is /yours/ and it's up to you to develop him in your own unique way. We welcome you to Xanadu, and hope that you and Kagenaith grow and develop as characters. This is just the beginning and we look forward to seeing the two of you blossom here at Xanadu. - R'owan


Name Kagenaith
Dam Seryth
Sire Inimeth
Created By R'owan
Impressee F'ynn
Hatched June 05, 2011
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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