Fastest Line of Blue Kadrenth

This blue dragon is vibrantly colored, bright as a cut sapphire. He is medium sized and well proportioned, with darker blue lines tracing across his wings. While he is stocky, his longs legs and tail balance him out, and his wings are slightly oversized to carry his larger torso.

Egg Name and Description

Face of Time Egg
This large egg is fairly simple at first glance, just a couple of black marks marring the otherwise pristine white shell. But closer inspection rapidly reveals that the marks are anything but simple themselves. Marching in a row about midway down the shell is a series of lines, some which are parallel, others which intersect at varying angles, in equally spaced grouping. There are twelve groups, all told, wrapped neatly around the shell. The top of the shell sports a not quite straight line, each point angling toward one of the characters that frame the shell. The longer branch of the line points toward a pair of parallel bars, while the shorter hand points at what looks like a 'V' with three parallel bars following right after.

Hatching Message

The Face of Time Egg bides its time, waiting for just the right moment to act.

Face of Time Egg slowly rolls to one side, bringing the odd markings across its surface to face toward the candidates.

Face of Time Egg decides the time is right and, with a sound akin to thunder, shatters into a multitude of fragments, baring Fastest Line of Blue Hatchling for all the world to see.

Impression Message

Fastest Line of Blue Hatchling doesn't hesitate when he emerges from his egg. Without pause the blue charges across the sands, cutting around the eggs and shell fragments between him and his goal. With a squeal of excitement the blue bowls into a pair of candidates, knocking one boy to the side and hovering over the girl. A few moments later the girl raises her hands to touch the blue's face. "Yes, you did find me very quickly, Kadrenth," Caitlin says before standing up. "Here, let's get you fed."


Distant Rumbles of Thunder
Kadrenth's voice is like thunder, rolling in the distance across a dry, dusty plain. Lightning ripples around his words, sparking against the multi-colored clouds that fills his mindscape. The smell of ozone, sharp and hot, is most common, though sometimes his words carry that hint of rain, a faint promise of moisture that tantalizes the senses. The occasional breeze skips through his voice, carrying that taste of rain with it as it delivers his words.


Face of Time egg is based off an image of the clock tower in Back to the Future III.
Fastest Line of Blue Hatchling is based off the light cycles in Tron.


Name Blue Kadrenth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Moria
Impressee Caitlin
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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