Round and Overindulgent Blue Kadaisith

There are no two ways to put it, this dragon is fat. His startlingly psychedelic blue hide seems almost stretched to the point of breaking over a massive stomach and think haunches. Even his face looks chubby, large cheeks giving his faceted eyes the appearance of being overly tiny. While his tail seems a little thinner than the rest of him, it has a tendency to drag along behind him, leaving a trail in his wake. Luckily, his wings seem huge as well, as swirls of darker blue dance upon them, chocolate brown creeping in at the trailing edges.

Egg Name and Description

Mottled Pink Egg
Pink, dark and light, mingle together on this shell, creating an odd mottled pattern from one rounded end to the other. There are spots that are near white, and others that edge towards magenta, each having its own spot on the shell.

Hatching Message

Mottled pink egg bulges suddenly then crumbles, the shell flaking away to reveal… another blue egg inside? It's only as the hatchling stretches that it is revealed as such — a rqather rotund blue hatchling that took up almost the entire shell.

Impression Message

Round and Overindulgent Blue Hatchling finally is on his feet and moving. At a pace which suggests that the hatching may very well finish before he gets to his goal. However, luckily for the lazy hatchling, one of the boys of the group of four had been backing away hurriedly, trying to get away from the other roaming hatchlings, and he practically trips over the blue, the blue just looking down at him lazily.

Nytor, for his part, is too startled to do much else than look up at the blue. And then after a moment, he's carefully getting to his feet, wrapping his arms around the blue. "Of.. Of course Kadaisith.." He says, looking for the Weyrlingmasters.


Kadaisith is lazy, a glutton, and never one to want to move quickly or with any real skill. He'll never have any desire to advance past merely 'passable' and just getting him into the air will be a true feat. He tends to lumbers along, his idleness causing him to be prone to being overweight.


The theme for this hatching was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'. As with every holiday, when families get together, there tends to be a feast - and Kadaisith is based on what happens after that feast is said and done, and everyone has gorged themselves until they are fit to burst.


Name Round and Overindulgent Blue Kadaisith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By R'sul
Impressee Nytor (N'tor)
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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