Courage In Spirit Blue Jysaiozetth

Stormy skies never dreamt a blue so deep and dark, whose noble lines are toned by muscle, the slightest of movements sending ripples along clouded flanks. Echoes of the inky abyss haunt the shadowed realms beneath his wings, enormous membranes of windswept midnight hue, dotted by tiny, barely glimpsed specks of light, like stars blown across his back and shoulders to flash and shimmer and disappear, motes of brightness swallowed in the impenetrable darkness of his hide. Large for his color, and built more solidly than most, this dragon nevertheless carries himself with a sense of grace, a sort of quiet dignity present in every twitch or subtle shift, seeming fluid, as if almost deliberate. Neither clumsy bulk nor clunky angles mar his form, this fellow clearly cut from a somewhat sleeker mould. Like a carefully coiled spring, there's waiting potential in the strength evident from the smallest black-taloned toe to the sweeping length of his tail. The regal curve of his neck is touched below by the faintest tint of charcoal upon the blue, washed down along his chest and belly, and up across the underside of his jaw. There's even a hint of it brushed over pronounced headknobs and eye ridges, the latter set close above faceted orbs.


Your dragon can, perhaps, be summed up in a few words: regal, strong, wise, & brave. Yet he is so much more complex. With wisdom and courage in equal measure, once he is grown, your blue will be both a force to be reckoned with and, well, a force. Hopefully not a dark one, ahem. Though it's clear, right from the beginning, that there is a sort of brooding quality about him. His thoughtful quiet and stern mind may perhaps intimidate some. And he can be quite intimidating when he wants to be. He's a /dragon/. They tend to be anyway. Coupled with big, dark, and dignified, it might dissuade others from looking deeper. And for those who do, with a mind to rival the rise and ebb of the tides, it may be difficult for anyone else to completely comprehend him. This dragon is, indeed, an enigma, a gentle soul given to foreboding rumbles, whose thoughts and motives will be hidden to all but his closest friends, and of course you. But even you may have trouble sometimes understanding why it is he does what he does, though rest assured, his reasons are almost always carefully considered.

Wise and patient, he is not one prone to recklessness, though weyrlinghood will have its fair share of impulsive or ill-considered behavior. He'll soon grow out of it though, becoming less rash, but still finding a balance between reckless and reserved. Between encouraging you to go out and seize life by the herdbeasts's horns, and counseling caution. He's your voice of reason, your ear to listen, your shoulder to lean upon. And even so, he's still your buddy. When life throws you more than you can handle, he's a solid rock at your back, holding you up against the storm. And he'll attempt to inspire you to challenge yourself, to be greater than you are, to cultivate wisdom and patience, but to never let go of that growing streak of daring. He might even encourage it a little. After all, it takes courage to step beyond your comfort zones. Though he'll never ask you to endanger yourself or others, and will always try to talk you out of doing something obviously wrong or unnecessarily dangerous.

"I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble."
- Mufasa

He's only looking out for you, when he does caution you. And he himself will fling thoughtlessly and selflessly into any challenge if it means keeping you or yours safe. Indeed, this is one fiercely protective dragon, and can be frightening to behold when angered. What he considers 'his', he'll go to great lengths to protect. That may include you and any creatures in your care, your friends.. his clutch siblings.. even the weyr itself. You both have to live here, after all. And what hurts the weyr as a whole, hurts everyone in it. You'll likely discover this noble sentiment, this need to protect, is still very gentle. Almost paternal. Once you both take to the air, you may find him feeling connected to everything in sight, everything the light touches. For it was originally the dragons' purpose, after all, to protect Pern. His own reasoning may be nothing so grand, at least not outright. But the feeling will be there nonetheless.

Luckily, as protective as he is, there's also an even and seldom-ruffled temper within that patient mind. He is extremely slow to anger, and even then, he has the wisdom to seek compromise and dialogue. But when he judges that the situation calls for it, he will be quick and unyielding, striking without hesitation. His eternal patience, after all, does not extend to those who are out to harm his own. But he's not a possessive dragon. He'll happily share you with the whole weyr, your friends considered just another part within the circle of belonging. And speaking of belonging, you may find he has a tendency to.. seek out those in need. It may just be a quiet presence beside a dragon with a sick lifemate, or rescuing that bedraggled kitten from the rain. And of course, once he's rescued said kitten, he has a responsibility to see to its well-being. Good thing you trained as a beastcrafter, eh? Don't be surprised if you find the odd pup or stray little feline coming home with him. Cough.

As fierce or gentle as he is, your dragon also possesses a healthy sense of humor, which will help make him more approachable as time goes on. Those who do eventually get to know him will also see a sense of adventure. His bold courage will inspire him to explore, question, discover, wrap his mind around and understand all there is. There's a thirst to know, to be out in the storm, to experience /life/. And when life overwhelms /him/, he'll be fast to close behind an impenetrable barrier, slow to emerge, but always does. You can't hide away on a high ledge or an in closet forever, after all. He'll wish for an understanding for the way things work, and if there's something he cannot quite comprehend, he'll use that ever-patient mind to find the answers, slow and steady in thought, but swift and decisive in action. Flights will be something else, his mind on the goal, though every chase may be different, a new attempt, a new chance. But once it's over, it's over. And while he may be the protective sort, there'll be no pestering the green one way or another. He'll go where his presence is wanted, and be infinitely understanding, though he has a certain charisma what may help offset his initial broody impression.


There are few things as awe-inspiring as a thunderstorm, or the roar of the ocean during a squall. Jysaiozetth's mind manages to capture that sound and energy, the raw power of nature condensed into one background hum that he can roll out at a moment's notice to punctuate his words. That's not to say he's a loud dragon. Quite the contrary. That deep basso voice can be incredibly soft and soothing, especially toward you, his Siobhan. But given the proper motivation, it can rise to epic levels, booming and truly terrifying to those it's directed upon. It may take him some time to learn when and where to use it, but you'll soon discover he's a decent judge of situations. Sometimes a gentle, reasoning tone works better than a fearsome one. Though you may find yourself reminding him, early on, to hold back a little. Or to just let things go. But no matter how loud or soft he may be, it's only the utter silence you'll really have to worry about. For his wrath can be great and terrible, and will strike like lightening. At least it will be tempered, in time, by wisdom. But those early days may very well be somewhat spectacular.

Jysaiozetth is a physically powerful dragon, and this clearly carries over to his voice, deep and strong, with an easy grace to the way he forms his words. He'd make an incredible storyteller or narrator if he put his mind to it, able to convey exactly what he means, his tone alone able to inspire bravery or fear. Put together with the right words, and he may be one of the most persuasive dragons at Fort. His ability to instill courage will carry you through many trials, his mind like a fortress, imposing and impenetrable. But at the same time, there is a gentler side than the tough, rock-hard exterior. Those he allows to see his softer, inner self are few and far between. You, of course, will know when he's being serious and when he's just kidding around. It may not always be so clear to others, however.

There are no gaudy colors or overwhelming scents to accompany your dragon's thoughts - he's far too dignified for that sort of thing, although there'll be playful hints of sun-warmed hues, and the faintest earthy smells that might be reminiscent of rain-dampened grass or the cool whiff of briny tidepools and seaweed. When he's less than composed, you may find all this vanishing, the dragon pulling in everything behind a rock-hard facade. When he's in good spirits, there's little that will discourage him, reaching out discover what he may.

Egg Name and Description

Tropical Treasures Egg
Description A cacophony of colors mingles over the surface of this egg, delicate pinks and creams splayed, fan-like, here and there, hiding clustered tendrils of pale purple and towering streaks of muted yellow and gold. Amongst these softer tones are vivid touches of bright orange, rounded shapes difficult to determine from a distance. Splashes of deep cerulean and violet accompany bits of what might be dark grey and long, thin slivers of green that twist and bunch together like curled fingers. Flecks of silver speckle the shell, enormous patches which seem to shift and shimmer in the light. Floating half-visible near the narrowest part of the egg are blobs of white, trailing strands like tangled tassels. Crimson, too, makes an appearance, tiny dots hidden amongst the forest of hues, the latter rising one upon another so that the wavy smudges of light brown beneath are all but obscured. Overall, the egg's appearance is chaotic, everything seeming to blur ever so slightly, ripples of blue sliding across the curve of the shell, giving it an odd, tinted sheen that changes depending upon the vantage point of the viewer.

Hatching Message

Tropical Treasures Egg is so utterly still, it might be asleep. Or a dud.. But nope! There's a definite tremble as it ventures a little shake. Grains of sand are clearly skittering away. And then it returns to an unmoving state once again. Perhaps it's still not ready. Or perhaps there's just too much else going on. It's obviously not in a terrible hurry, patiently waiting for its own time. You can't rush greatness, after all.

From stillness to sudden shuddering, the Tropical Treasures Egg comes ALIVE! It's so totally shaking, that colorful, chaotic shell riddled with movement as cracks dance out across the curving surface, multiplied tenfold by every quaking, internal impact. It's waited long enough. This egg's occupant wants out, /now/. And nothing's gonna stop it! Well, there is that pesky eggshell, but judging by the shards already flying off, it's one barrier that's not going to last long at /all/

One last, epic shudder and the Tropical Treasures Egg literally falls apart, colorful fragments shattering across the sands. Left standing in its place, amongst the scintillant shards, is a stormy patch of darkness unfurling itself with deliberate slowness. Midnight wings stretch and flex, while an egg-wet muzzle lifts to survey its surroundings, eyes startlingly bright orange to contrast with the deep blueness of the hatchling's hide. There is a rumble, low and throaty, despite his newness, announcing quietly to all: he has arrived.

Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling stands there surveying his surroundings, hide slick with egg-goo, eyes whirling faintly orange from the prior battle to escape his cramped prison. Now that he's free, though, he takes a moment to stretch out fully and get his bearings, stepping carefully over the shards of his egg's shell, new legs a touch wobbly at first. But the hatchling soon stabilizes, wings angling to help him keep his balance. Right. He has arrived. Now there's something he must do. Scanning the sands, those figures in white are stared at briefly before he starts toward them.

Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling makes steady progress across the sands, shaking out his wings as he goes. His eyes continue to whirl a bright orange, in sharp contrast to the slick, dark twilight hue of his hide. There's snort, the hatchling stopping some distance from the nearest group of candidates, just looking them over. It's clear he's seeking /something/, though apparently it's not here, the young dragon turning abruptly to swing his head at the next lot. They, too, get a once-over, his eyes whirling faster and deepening into a redder shade. Not here either! Bah.

Courage In Spirit Blue Hatchling rumbles deep, though despite the angry color of his eyes, he simply continues to scan the various white-robed individuals. He appears willing to stand there all day if he has to. But luckily, the baby dragon spots what he's after. Giving another low rumble, he zeroes in on one of the candidates. /Her/.

Impression Message

There are moments in a person's life that define them. That bring them to the brink and show them who they truly are. Standing here upon the hatching sands, the heat.. the chaos.. it all goes still. It's as if everything were hushed, in one sudden, sweeping wave of silence. And it seems as if the whole world is focused upon you. You.. and the storm-darkened blue standing before you. And in this silence, there is a roar of thunder, growing from the heart of the abyss, from the crash of the ocean, from the very depths of your being. It rolls over your surface thoughts, sending them scattering upon the wind, like so many hapless blades of grass. And THERE is your life, the earliest memories whirling by to leave you breathless- and THERE, your greatest triumphs- THERE, your most crushing failures- THERE are all the moments that have shaped you, that have made you who you are today, all swept together into one great overwhelming mess that has you reeling. The thunder shakes free all of your foundations, till it becomes unbearable, deafening, rising until your ears might pop and your head might ache, and then. Out of the chaos comes a voice. « This is your moment, Siobhan. I am Jysaiozetth. I am yours. » The deep basso wraps about you, commanding stillness in its wake, to quiet the thundering of your heart. « Come, we've much to see. To do. » And there is an ache, pressing against the inside of your skull, and over your heart, a deep and terrible ache, which suddenly is lifted, leaving only calm. And then the hatching sands rush back, startling you into the present once again, all those tangled memories flickering away. But nothing can take from you what you've gained, a presence like none other pressing into your thoughts, taking up residence in the deepest part of your heart, to be with you, always. « Come » the voice is more insistent now, and you become aware of another thing. An urgent nagging hunger in the pit of your stomach. Or is it his?

Clutch Siblings

Gold Vidyazath Impressed to Galina
Bronze Zephryth Impressed to R'oo (Edrosayen)
Brown Macorzath Impressed to J'oan (Joanethen)
Green Zarawith Impressed to Sabrina
Blue Zhieth Impressed to P'rius (Pralius)


As you might have guessed, the theme for this clutch was things in/on/under/above the ocean, and your dragon's egg was based on the coral reefs in all their dazzling splendor. The dragon's mind touches, specifically, were echoes of anemones (yep, you guessed it XD) and their interactions with the various inhabitants of the reef.

The dragon himself was heavily inspired by Mufasa, from the Lion King (*shakesfist at, because I totally had to go buy the DVD the moment I knew I was making your dragon!* ;D), with some influences of anemones and the timesless yet ever-changing wonders of the ocean. He's sort of an.. anemone lion, only y'know, not. And more epic. Ahem. Seriously, though, he was a ton of fun to build, and his coloration takes from the deepest blues in nature - the darkness of the deepsea trenches and twilight sky - while his build mimics Mufasa in a way. Large and muscular, but possessing a sort of grace. No bulky brute is this blue!

As for your dragon's name. Ahahaha.. oh man, you should have seen some of the conversations we had on the SCo knot, trying to come up with names that included as many of the things you liked as possible. Most of them sounded like some kind of epic sneeze, and I wish I had the space to list some of the stranger ones. Suffice to say, we had a blast brainstorming this dragon. And hope you have as much fun playing him as I had making him! As always, he is yours and yours alone, to play however you wish. <3

This dragon was brought to you by the B'ky~


Name Courage In Spirit Blue Jysaiozetth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Taozyuth
Created By B'ky
Impressee Siobhan
Hatched August 1 2010
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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