Holly Jolly Green Jouluth

Glossy mint washes over this rotund hatchling's hide, filling each crack and highlighting every joint. Her massive head is fixed with a pair of large round eyes, a sturdy headknob set above each in a watery cranberry red. Her strong and curved neck leads into her prominent barrel chest, not a single rib peeking through. Her long and sturdy limbs are dappled in mistletoe, her short and thick claws are dipped in a roasted chestnut. Sticking out behind her hindquarters is a thick stubby tail, the tail spade dipped in the same cranberry red of her headknobs. Her wings are rather small for her frame, painted the same mistletoe of her legs but frosted over with snowy white, each capped in chestnut talons.

Egg Name and Description

Little Brown Egg
The little brown egg is exactly that: little and brown. However, there are slight variations in the coloration, while the majority of the shell is a dark khaki, there are speckles of tan and mahogany over the surface, marring the smooth finish.

Hatching Message

Little Brown egg sets to shivering on the sands, the egg's shell disintegrating into a thousand pieces as it falls onto the sand below like a layer of snow. With an audible crack a hatchling bursts forth, all but jumping out to greet the world outside.

Impression Message

Holly Jolly Green Hatchling seems to have found nothing as she pushes her way through the candidates, and she's quickly turning back around, cranberry tipped tail wiping around behind her. Wait, what was that? And suddenly, the excitement has begun again, as there's that polite little girl. The one all the riders seem to like for being obedient. Well, now, we'll just have to corrupt her!

Noel is being her normal polite self, her hands looped patiently infront of her, as she shifts from foot to foot, the movement barely visible. There's no nervous whining, no running away. Instead, there's just a green pushing her head into her stomach, and Noel is looking down at her with surprise, before she's moving to throw her arms around the green's neck with more enthusiasm than she's shown yet. "Jouluth!" She shouts out with happiness.


Jouluth is a very energetic dragon, a bundle of energy, almost right from the start. While some dragons are curious about the why's, Jouluth prefers to more directly satisfy the curiosity of her senses by smelling or tasting anything she can. There's very little that deters her, and she'll be the one causing havoc in the barracks on a fairly regular basis.


The theme for this NPC clutch was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'.


Name Holly Jolly Green Jouluth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By S'ya
Impressee Noel
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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