Caught in Midnight's Fury Green Jhanieth

Darkness falls across this agile little green, a green so dark it seems nearly black over her head, back, and all the way down to the tip of her tail. It seems if she slipped into the shadows that she'd nearly disappear from sight. Her underbelly is a slightly lighter shade of green, a deep olive instead of the near black. This deep olive colouration even touches her face, tiger stripes of the midnight green blending about her muzzle which is held open just enough to reveal razor-sharp teeth, which she tends to bare often. Eyes are constantly awhorl with each shifting mood. Ebon black talons clutch the ground beneath strong midnight green hindlegs and feet. The undersides of her wings are also the olive colouration, with deep midnight tiger stripes as well to match her muzzle. This green promises strength in flight, as muscular as she is, with a certain defiance evident in her stature.

*Image by Samantha

Egg Name and Description


Cloud Shrouded Ice Age Egg
This whitened orb sits nestled amongst its siblings comfortably, as big as it can be. Surface of the round orb gives the illusion of soft fluffy clouds across its shell. If you peek through the puffs of clouds, you can spot the bright reflection of light across ice continents. No plantlife seems to grow upon the icy masses, they're just, well, cold and barren. From equator out a ways looks like some semblance of ocean, icy blue in colour, with no other figures within the cold waters. Upon one tip of egg can be seen small specks of brownish white, like meteors headed towards the icy wastelands below. Is this egg as cold as it looks? Will it melt upon the hot Igen sands? Or is it all just an illusion?

Hatching Message

With a strong shiver of the Cloud Shrouded Ice Age Egg, cracks form across the ice, falling away to leave the Caught in Midnight's Fury Green Hatchling within full view.

Impression Message

Through the draining heat of the sands you sense something wild stalking you. A flash of fire in your mind calms into a cool icy touch. « I see you. » Comes the singsong taunt of a bright voice. As the touch grows closer, you find yourself face to face with a dark green dragonet. « There you are, I found you Taylin! » Comes the mental pounce as eyes meet. « You are the one, Taylin, and we will be together forever. I am Jhanieth, and I am so very hungry. Can we eat now, please? »



Felinesque, this dragon has the instinctual curiousity of a cat, though she is not your typical loving kitten. She is a creature fighting a war of emotions within. Almost feral, she's constantly fighting a battle between her natural instincts and her training. She is a fine combination of courage and fierce loyalty, but she is often fouled by her quick temper. To her, failure is not an option, for herself or you, you two will be successful, if it's the last thing you do. She seems to cause disturbances in animals and can easily let her ferocity get the better of her if you do not learn to control her early on. Though she would never purposely harm humans or other dragons, she can get a bit snappish at times. Her moods shift constantly, she can be sweet and innocent one moment, and wickedly evil the next. For more information on Juhani the Character, point your browser to

Early on in her life you will have to watch Jhanieth closely and learn quickly to control her shifting emotions or you may find yourself in more trouble in the long run. As a weyrling, she will be ever curious about the world around her. Wait in the barracks until cleared to leave? She doesn't think so. Jhanieth will eventually learn how to control her flashes of emotion, even learning to pay closer attention to her lessons and needs. In the dragon equivalent to teenagerdom, beware her silent moments, for that is when she starts to doubt herself and will need the extra care of her rider.

Flights, ah yes, a part of life and something she has to deal with. These are the times, once full grown, when her emotions and natural instincts take control. Fly, she will, with power and grace for only the best suited ahall catch her. So what if she can't lay eggs, she must have the strongest and smartest male. Watch out for her violence during this time, for she may well cause harm to herself or others if you don't keep a strong hold over her.


Sizzling Fire and Ice
Jhanieth's mind is awhorl with varying firey shades most of the time, the scent of musk often comes with the mind. When she is at a relaxed state, which is a rarity, her tone is softly pastel and curious.


Egg was inspired by the Star Wars planet Hoth. Dragon is based on the ancient Jedi Guardian Juhani.


Name Caught in the Midnight's Fury Green Jhanieth
Dam Gold Sabiyath
Sire Bronze Tenirth
Created By Airen
Impressee Taylin
Hatched June 26, 2005
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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