Jazz Dancer Green Jessiath

Deep as the forest foliage, as sleek as a feline is this quiet little dragonet. Pine green coats a dainty head with low eyeridges, the hue deepening into a matte emerald that drapes over the rest of her with hints of gold and bronze upon her chest like sequins. Her wings are her crowning glory, glossy like the finest silk, pale like new leaves but as strong as iron. The rest of her body is that same matte emerald, it flows over trim hips and slender sides, long lean limbs and of course her tail and that flickering spade that caps it.

Egg Name and Description

Lady's Delight Egg
The smooth depths of the darkest night mingle with a silvery-blue undertone as this iridescent pattern caresses the shell of this rather round egg. Faint circles of color rise forth, however, bringing light and warmth to the dark hues of the shell, while pinks and yellows dance with oranges and blues, lavenders and minty greens. Burnished gold speckles seem to radiate their own light upon the shell, enhancing the impression of motion, illuminating the dance in the dark.

Hatching Message

Lady's Delight Egg sways gently as if caught by the strains of music unheard by the others around it. The movement increases, rocking at a faster tempo until with a slight hop it rolls against Beyond the Taboo Egg and becomes still once more.

Lady's Delight Egg returns to the dance floor, its rhythmic back and forth a waltz that becomes a lively quick-step as if prompted by its very own orchestra. Large cracks begin forming in the shell - it can only take so much of this, after all! Claws emerge from inside to curve about the rifts in a cadenza that's perhaps not so unexpected.

Without fanfare, Lady's Delight Egg finally shatters under the pressure of those claws revealing the dainty dancer within to a final encore across the stage of the sands. The egg's finale is left unheeded as the remnants of it are left to be trodden underfoot by others.

Impression Message

After moving up and down the line candidates, Jazz Dancer Green Hatchling gives a lyrical creel, looking to her dame and sire as she stands there unable to decide just which one will be the right one to complete her song and dance. She sets forth again, tail and hips swinging to her own tune as creels and warbles sound out loudly as she calls, calls and calls for her one her only, the one that will accompany her. A group of boys is passed on, as are a few girls until one steps out from between a set of boys. One older candidate tries to hold her back but Analita waves him off. "Jessiath your song is lovely but I think it would be better if we tried it together." There's a glad meeting of tearful candidate and joyful green, with both of them leaning into each other. "Come I can here your stomach growling and I know they've got food right over there." The pair turn and head off to join the others with a song now being sung in their hearts and heads.


Tempting Call of Jazz and Blues
This young mind already has a beat of its own, a thrumming vibration, a pulling sensation. Colors in deep jewel tones are always darker still when the mind seems to be more like Rhythm and Blues music and far brighter when it's like the shrill singing of the Soprano Sax. It's not wild but merely energetic, it wants to share its love for different beats, the sounds of the trumpets and drums, the way that everything seems to jive when the sultry voice sings over it all, dimming out the rest to merely background noise as that sweet, sweet voice leads those who follow on a path of discovery.


Theme was Past vs Future, with eggs being the Past and Hatchlings, the Future.
Egg: Ella Fitzgerald
Hatchling: Elvis


Name Green Jessiath
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Sianne
Impressee Analita
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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