A Little Seeker Green Jelieth

From the darkness comes the green, a hide that is so dark that it appears to be black to hide in the shadows easily. Faint specks bright green flicker along her wingsails and just below her whirling eyes. Large for a green as her figure stands proudly, not slim but well built and stocky.

Egg Name and Description

The Missing Egg

An abyss of pure black is the foundation of the egg, making up most of the coloring on the egg. In fact, there is no color beyond a spot of white towards the middle of the egg. The spot of white is made into the shape of a figure should one stare at it long enough, alone in the darkness with no distinctive indication of man or woman. Trapped in the cage that is the egg, a small one at that and there's no way out from the darkness.

Hatching Message

Wobble, that's what the Missing Egg does in the sands. A gentle rocking that rocks the little dragon inside, but no.. The dragon does not break out.

The Missing Egg cracks! The little dragon trapped within the darkness seems to struggle for there's only a single crack. Then, another joins the first but no dragon is freed.

Struggling and struggling before the cracks grow wider on The Missing Egg, and then finally.. It breaks and the hatchling is left on the sands.

Impression Message

A Little Seeker Green lets out a loud creel, searching this way and that for something! Her creels grow louder as she begins to take into a run towards the nearest group of candidates. And she topped herself into a candidate, and with a faint sigh she rests her head upon him. The boy, Daren now D'ren, under her smile faintly, "Jelieth.. Hi. I'm here. Are you hungry?" The pair lift themselves up and follow the Weyrling Master out.




Small But Curious comes forth with an explosion of excitement and fear! Look, someone took them! A blurr of a figure, feminine, perhaps pretty. Blurrs of pink and lavenders make the figure before it fades from sight. A search! Time for a search. With an explosion of red, it leads you down into the darkness..

Small But Curious reveals a darker room, but you can see, figures sitting together, blurred together. A point in the direction of other figures, fear and anger radiate forth with blurrs of red at the side of your vision. They don't see you, but soon.. You are leaving, fading away. Clues gathered, now, but the truth is not yet there.

Small But Curious brings you forth, another figure with pale pinks and baby blues, beside you. Sadness radiates from the figure with deep blues surrounding it. Soon, you part ways and area heading down another direction. Dark figures are reaching, then, an explosion of pain and darkness fills the vision.

Small But Curious opens, with brightness and a figure of pink and deep purples is near you. Pain, so much pain from both you and the other figures. But, the clues are matching up. And soon.. You are running, towards something. Blurry greys surround you, and soon.. Very soon. You see the figure that was missing, no longer gone. A feeling of shock, someone else is gone! And, it fades away again to search.

Small But Curious hurt comes forth, waffing. But, it's all solved. Punishments are dealt and.. Peace reigns. Figures of pink and purple, pink and blue, come together with happy waves. It's all done now. Everything is better. And with content, eyes close and leave you in darkness.


The theme this cycle was Children's Mysteries, and this egg and dragonet came from “Vanishing Act” by John Feinstein.


Name A Little Seeker Green Jelieth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Zevida
Impressee D'ren (Daren - NPC)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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