Guardian of Past Sins Brown Izzuth

This brown, massive for a hatchling of his color, is rock solid in build, his craggy bone-work covered in lean muscle. He's built for speed and stamina - broad chest deeply set, abdomen taut and tucked. An elegant, soft fallow brown coats his hide in a unique play of shadows and light, patterns mottled with cream and chocolate that ripple over his form. Arrow-spotted bars of cocoa markings over each of his eyeridges give him a distinctive look while jagged neck ridges of strong russet contrast with the buff beige on his small, rugged headknobs, short narrowed muzzle, the underside of his jaw, long neck and back. The lighter hue sweeps all the way down his wide, blunt-ending tail where three chunky bands of chocolate wrap around the end of the snow-touched tip. Quite capable of lifting his bulk to the skies, over-large, cape-like wing sails stretch between darkened spars where hooks stand out a glimmer of pearl, the trailing edges likewise pale. The dry savanna of open-ringed spots inlaid with copper dapple over torso, fading to ecru on underbelly and limbs, darker tans curling over each sturdy leg only to fade yet again to white-cream on the edges of his sizable paws, which are tipped by iridescent ivory talons.


"If you have a lot of what people want and can't get, then you can supply the demand and shovel in the dough." — Lucky Luciano

Oh socks! He'll rub his muzzle into them, play with them, and sniff them - the dirtier the better! Lucky you. Fair warning: anyone that messes with his socks will find out just how 'loud' he can be! They're his gold, his dough, his marks. Expect your fellow weyrling riders to get right upset as they discover their socks are always missing. But hey, Izzuth has plenty to share - for a price of course! Don't assume that you can just yank them back from Izzuth without getting yourself into a fine barrel of pickles. He'll threaten to eat them on his most drastic of days, other times, he'll give them back to you, but in shreds. Of course, if there's a good trade to be had, he could be convinced to part with a few of them. A likely trade? Gems, stones, anything worth a pretty mark. Truthfully, he's out to support your well being and apparently marks have an impact on that in the human world. Besides, you have to learn to dress better, as if you were going out to a gather every day! 

It's likely most people will just think he's a silly dragon that hoards socks, some submitting to trading with him that will secure your ability to get better material wealth! Yes, you better get him the best straps possible, the ones that have bling on them! Socks is where it will start when he's young. He'll eventually move into more useful hoardings that will earn you a bigger buck - or him a bigger meal (literally). Though, do be careful, this could get you in hot water with the Weyr!

Egg Name and Description

Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg
A laundry heap has found its way onto the sands in the form of a deceptively average egg. To the naked eye from a casual distance, this is a multicolored fat and squat egg like all the rest - its potential to produce a dragonet the same. Closer up, the heap becomes more vivid, its potential questioned. The shell is bumpy, heaved with surface bubbles and dimpled - playing host to an irregular shape. This is where the messiness starts. It all seems piled on haphazardly with chunks of color constrained to malformed tubes that appear foot shaped. Cotton whites, wooly grays, flat blacks and of course, the shocking brilliance of rainbows, fuzzy pinks, velvety purples, and satin reds lie stretched, folded, and balled against the grainy fabric-like surface. Interestingly enough, there are sections where a tube of color carries a pattern, such as small symbols like hearts or stars, or numerous strips and bands. This muddled mess of hue covers the entire span of the shell, without a single instance of repeating itself.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg experiences a slight shiver - nothing major, but it has moved if the quick of eye can notice the sand dune around it widening with each subtle motion.

Crack Message
Plethora of Pliable Puttees Eggs is abruptly jolted in such a violent manner that a large chunk of egg shell splits, with flakes of its bumpy shell scattering to the sands upon which it sits.

Hatch Message
Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg is destroyed in seconds in one violent explosion! Egg shells splatter across the span of the sand dune in which it had once sat, giving clear and sudden vindication to the dragonet who was too long locked inside. Now he's out and the diabolical schemes begin…!

Sands Pose #1
Guardian of Past Sins Brown Hatchling steps with bravado from the remains of his prison. A loud booming roar signifies his triumphant appearance, clipping off sharply once he's gotten his point across. Arrogantly he flips his long neck to the side, glaring at those eggs still holding his more unfortunate siblings and then once at the old powers that be his clutch parents. Wet wings then spread aloft, snapping out wide, head turning to face front. The clutch dam and sire a part of his past now, ahead of him, his future. And what a rich future it will be!

Sands Pose #2
Guardian of Past Sins Brown Hatchling carries himself across the sands with a swagger of cool charisma toward those white robes, thick tail swishing out behind him as his head scans this way and that. Walking taller, if that is even possible, he pulls his head high and sticks his deep chest out. Suddenly he charges at the group!! Where is the one that isn't going to leap away from him?! Where is the one that can face him and not flinch? He stops on a dime in front of a candidate who falls to his feet, earning a disdainful growl from the brown hatchling. Out of my way or I will step on you - is what the dragon seems to say as he all but pushes his way by, still searching.

Impression Message

Public Message
Guardian of Past Sins Brown Hatchling head butts anyone that is in his way. Get out of the way! Don't they understand what he's trying to do here! It's important and they're just standing around! He bares his teeth but doesn't use them, it's all a physical demonstration to get them moving and running when he wants them to. Run - *snap* of teeth at heels. Dodge - *hiss* of wing sail over a head. The hatchling stops to watch one candidate flee, chattering teeth as if amused by the sight. Then, there is the one thickly built young man. It's about time his cohort shows himself! With an irritated snort at having been made to go to all the work of finding him, the brown approaches a blond haired, blue eyed man.

Personal Message
« Forget about it! » A whap to your mental thoughts push everything else out and allows a shadow within. There's an instant burning of your body from nose to toe tip and back up again. Hot iron dips into your mind, searing you with a bond that is irreversible. « Stop fighting it. You are good enough for me. Just breathe…» Your body continues to swelter in the heat and not just because you're standing on the sands either. There's a mental *WHOOSH* of air in your mind and the eventual press of something tightening and settling into the deepest crevasses of your soul. « Yes. Now I have it. Now I have you. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. » The voice, it pitches in strength and determination, sending all your sensations spinning - some pleasant some not so. « Focus. I'm the boss. You take orders from me now. » The presence has locked itself in, no turning back now. « Yes, this is true. I, Izzuth, am not going anywhere now If'an. Come boy, you've got some feeding to do. »


"In this thing of ours your love for your mother and father is one thing; your love for 'The Family' is a different kind of love." — Raymond L.S. Patriarca

There are always consequences for your actions and Izzuth is going to be your teacher in that. You knew this while you took the chance to keep visiting his egg and you knew this while watching him hatch, and when he impressed to you, you made a pact of consequence that will be bigger than anything else in your life. But you also know, consequences don't always have to be negative, and having Izzuth's loyalty, even if he demands the same level back, won't be so bad. You just have to realize nothing matters as much as him and once you get there, because it may take you a while, things will be as they should and both of you can then focus on future plans.

"You can get a lot more done with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone." — Al Capone

Until then, you'll have many challenges. You'll immediately discover then that Izzuth has a dominant personality, one that could clash with your own, or pending how you grow together could make both of you very successful in life. Izzuth, comparable to a wise guy, will be seen as a contender, from day one. He's got a rough demeanor, abrasive like your own, with a huge dumping of suave but cocky charm poured all over it. On the outside he'll present a 'swagger' that intimidates by cool charisma, often coupling it with a physical assertion or a loud presentation of his intelligence. He doesn't believe others will follow him unless they are persuaded, meaning that he'll use a combination of manipulative tools to get the outcome desired. Whether he is successful, beaten or called off by you, he's got a never-say-die attitude and conceding defeat is not in his vocabulary. 

What does he really want for a daily outcome? To establish a following that will help him accomplish whatever goal he wants to achieve, whether that is persuading the group into a game or any manner of mischievous affairs. Respected or feared, he wants to surround himself to those who will accept his 'lead'. Those who will come to follow him will be treated with great respect, as if part of the family, and protected as long as they continue to adhere to his rules. 

"Let him go. He cheated me fair & square." — Joseph "Joe Batters" Accardo

Izzuth is an interesting dragon when it comes to the matter of being defeated or thoroughly scolded. Often times if it is a physical contest, backing down is a rare occurrence. He's insanely large for a brown, one of the largest of his generation. This will lend him a confidence and a resistance to losing a wrestling match, let alone a stare down. Yet, when it does happen, such as a witty dragon coming along to distract him by stealing his collection of socks while he's caught wrestling (didn't you know, he has an obsession with them - especially the dirty smelly kind), he'll declare it was by a fair cheat that he lost. Ironic right? Someone else winning always means a cheat. It has to. He can't fathom someone defeating him any other way! 

"All I wanted was to be what I became." — John Gotti

Izzuth will never be left wanting (remember his hoardings are for profit, gain, and glory!). He is what he always wanted to be and you are who he always wanted to be with. He felt your strength as you touched the shell and the determined grit as you faced an opponent that you couldn't possibly fight - because there will be some of those in your days to come, to be sure. There will be some that he -needs- you to fight and not just anyone can win those battles. He challenged you while he was in his shell and you met that challenge. And together you can meet the challenges of the future - boy, be ready for it, there will be more than you can shake a stick at.

He'll be especially concerned with trying to reproduce in the future. He's the size of a bronze and if any of them can do it, he can too. It's highly possible he'll be the first of his color in a long time to ensnare a gold. He'll build a finesse to chasing, because, he'll chase in all the practice' flights that he can. Again, he doesn't admit defeat, and with greens, the reality is he'll lose more than he wins. So yes, they're practice flights in his world. It's all for the best, since he will be saving up to put his effort into chasing the golds. He's got to prove he can be a boss after all! If it happens, you can deal with the consequences. By then, you should be well versed in that. Post flights? Of those females he wins in flights, he will only form attachments to them if they are mentally and physically submissive to him - and of course there will be gloating!! Winning is important to his 'status' - it reaffirms his ability to be boss. He won't put up with mouthy greens or overbearing golds, unless they learn to coax him with what will gain him further leverage over them and the rest of his followings. Tricky right? But who said having a mob-boss for a dragon would be easy? Just like the rest of the dragon population, the females must consider him a boss for him to treat them well. The faster they see that, the faster he'll ensure they are looked after.

Outside of that, he's not really concerned with obtaining you a title. No, you'll have to do that all on your own if you want it - just make sure you wear something stylish and fancy. Wingleader? Ok, yeah, he can see it, but not if you aren't hungry enough to get it. Weyrleader, he's trying to reproduce, what's your deal anyway? Weyrsecond? Wingsecond? Weyrlingmaster, pursuing your craft? Pbbt, as long as it doesn't interfere too much, why not. He'll be satisfied with a few good made-men, er, dragons at his side. Families start small, if he has access to 'guiding' more than just his immediate family, all the better. Essentially if you make him see the potential behind -you- getting a title, he might be a little more game to make it happen, of course, you'd have to be hungry enough to convince him it was worth his while… and yours too.

Overall, your Izzuth is tough as nails. As long as he has the sense that he's in charge, you'll get through weyrlinghood, a little worse for wear, but you'll get there. It'll be rough for you, since Izzuth feels it is up to him to decide when to fly, when to hunt, when to let you on his back, when it's safe to *between*, making you his wingman in all instances. As he's older too, in whatever wing you decide to work for, he'll decide if he's up for that days work and be right stubborn about it. This, If'an, you'll have to figure out how to get around, what promises and manipulations you must give him to get him where you want him. It'll hit suddenly, out of the blue - one day you'll appreciate what a blessing it is to not argue with people, since you'll argue often with Izzuth. You'll need friends for support, be sure of that!

Mindvoice and Touches

By the touch you experienced during his time spent in his shell, it is easy to say that Izzuth tends to use the receptors of one's brain to express how he's feeling. He's quite capable of manipulating his link to inflect what could be consciously conceived as physical impacts. In the shell, he could only take it so far, but connected to you If'an, he can make your pain receptors writhe and your sense of smell heighten to supernatural levels - it's all in your head though, he'll just coax your mind to believe it is happening. 

Don't' fret, he loves you, so it'll only be in times of arguments that he'll resort to such mental blows. You'll have to build some resistance over time or else you could spend the better part of your early days suffering the consequences of the affects his mind has on yours. You could be crouched over, doubled in invisible pain, on the flat of your back as he made your mind believe you were shoved to the ground, discover how smelly your fellow weyrling really are, or how quickly your body can heat up and feel as it is on fire, or you could even be tricked into feeling arousal or feel as if you've just recovered from a hangover. All your experiences in the world that your body has endured, expect to be used against you as he converses with you, from the blissfully pleasant to the unforgettable ache. His mind touch with you will be very invasive and he'll make it quite the bodily experience.

Outside of his personal connect with you, his mind voice is distinctly sharp and abrupt to outsiders. It comes without warning and leaves just as quick. A pulsation or drumming like fists being punched against a bag will most certainly be intertwined with his everyday discussions, each pulse highlighted with a brilliant hot pink flash. Other times he'll cloak his intentions in shadow and mysterious fog that sloth's over the minds of his comrades. In the off chance he can resort to smells to punctuate his communication with others.

Rock'em Sock'em *~THUMPHS~* against your senses as if you just walked around the corner and straight into a chest belonging to an overreaching shadow. This unknown presence is intimidating, frightening your inner child awake, rattling some long forgotten core buried within you - making you remember the fear of the dark, the fear of facing down monsters and ghoulish stories. It pressures against you, giving you the sensation of a shove, some irritation for your foolishness of colliding and remaining with it. Heat starts to build up, your blood begins to boil, you share a moment of anger at some recollection of being bullied like this before. It could have been your mother, your father, your sibling, your relatives, a friend or a teacher. The anger is the same. Injustice. No cause and no reason for this! Fight against it! Stand up for yourself, your friends, for justice! In the brooding boil of thoughts that build, a stinky smell like sweating feet will make your nose curl just before a quick sucker-punch *~POP~* detaches you from the mind within.

Rock'em Sock'em*~WHAPS~* against your mental thoughts - if you weren't paying attention, you are now as you feel some ache in your jaw and some need to shake it off. Knowing you came back for more, maniacal laughter echoes into your ears, driving an instinct to defend. Are you willing to hold on to what you are or will you surrender everything? Suddenly, you are rocked by a flurry of mental blows that come at you in deep rhythmic pulses, spraying splashes of searing hot pink bright in your mind as each figurative punch is thrown and lands against your intrusive connection. Your stomach might churn, your vision might blur, your hearing could fade away - mere repercussions of your choice. Everything has a consequence, you know this… Is it worth it to you, to face these consequences, to stand up and take the risk? A faint hint of heat tickles against the flesh of your cheek… Something pushes over you, draws judgment upon you and breathes against you with a single bead of moisture splattering over your forehead. A sensation of being on your back ripples through every muscle and fiber of your being, with this pressing power standing over you. The match is over and you could very well be on your back in the physical world. Can you make it to round three?

Rock'em Sock'em is on the ropes with a loud *~WHOOSH~* as you return, wrestling against your intrusion immediately! There is confusion that belongs to no one but the presence you have come to reclaim with a sharp *~SMASH~* of mental connections - it allows you, forces you, to share in that. You have become stronger. Ominous swirls of darkness and shadow cloud your senses with a heavy deliberation of directed impact, your head spinning with dazzling sparkles. Does it lie down, do you lie down? Does it keep going? Do you? That unsettling smell of stinky feet returns and for a time that's all there is only to be eventually replaced by a soothing rhythmic pulse that caresses your mind with a blanket of searing hot pink…that itches. Underestimated and underappreciated it, haven't you? Hasn't it? Rising heat yet again swells over your body, the outcome as if you have run a marathon or fought for hours on end to prove some point. Maybe you have. Perceptions are funny like that. For now, this round is yours, but at what price? What will compel you? Will you be as stubborn and strong willed to see it through? Time will tell, it will tell and know. A quiet *BUMP* sends you on your way.


Egg: The theme for this season's clutch was things found in groups/assortments. Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg was based on a collection of socks. Puttees comes from the military use of socks, which were worn outside the boot and clipped to the pants, to keep mud from seeping inside the boots. Socks are continued throughout his persona.

Touches: To write these touches, I basically thought of a mixture between boxing (hence rock'em sock'em) and the last guy that you wouldn't ever want to come across - a badass mafioso. 

Description: You had stated that you wanted your dragon to have some feline markings. At first, I wondered if tiger markings would do, because I have seen them used on other dragons. Instead, I went with Snow Leopard markings, since that'd be a more unique touch. His Hatchname (Guardian of Past Sins) was developed while looking into some of the myths concerning snow leopards. It is believed snow leopards/cats are born full of sin and if you kill them, you inherit their sins. Goes right along with the rest of his theme, since war/crime/greed are essentially sinful.

Name: Izzuth comes from the term Pizzu - which is a mafia codeword for extortion money. For your Izzuth, this will make more sense when you read his persona! I pronounce it Is-zuth. Easy!

Persona: Izzuth was based on the general perception of a mafia boss/tough guy - something that I saw would fit with Iforian, especially since he was losing his edge during candidacy! Must reaffirm it now! We need more manly men on Pern afterall! Ahem! So, mafia bosses do not want to be questioned since they have fought tooth and nail to get to the top. They will eliminate any threat upon their status and generally have the best of everything - the best cars, the best houses, the best wine and women. They want to surround themselves with people who look up to them and help keep their 'family' protected - but they live a life of looking over their shoulder. The mafia started as a way to better the community and be the power within them - rather than the corrupt government/police. What started as a brotherhood to protect their communities eventually turned corrupt, but even so the code of the Costa Nostra still exists. Bottom line: The mafia family ALWAYS comes first before their real family. So for Izzuth's case, think of weyrlinghood as him being the low teamster at the bottom, trying to work his way to the top, trying to gather loyal men around himself. However, for Izzuth, do not feel as if he has to be in a leading position for him to be boss - the mafia works behind the scenes and your Izzuth could happen to be the one pulling the strings one day. 

If you need any inspiration on this theme, there are several fun movies you can watch - Wise Guys, Godfather, Scarface being a few. 

However, this is now your dragon, and as such, please feel free to modify and play him as you desire. This is only a guideline! Congratulations Ifo! - Lan



Name Guardian of Past Sins Brown Izzuth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Romth
Created By Ers'lan
Impressee Iforian/If'an
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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