Face in the Crowd Brown Isyriath


Rich caramel pours across the slender frame of this mid-sized brown, dipping into the hollows left by muscle and bone as it flows from crown to tail-tip. Golden highlights trail along his neck and back, emphasizing the curvature of his spine and ribs and tracing patterns on his hide. His wedge-shaped head is held high atop his long neck, with wide, whirling eyes set deep beneath thick eyeridges. The long snout tapers to a delicate point, coated in a pale cream that slowly deepens to mocha before blending into the overall caramel of his coloration. His legs, fore and aft, are thickly muscled, just a touch short for the length of his body but clearly powerful, muscles clear beneath the silky hide. Strong paws are tipped by talons of pale ecru, much like the ridges that march down his spine from the nape of his neck to the base of his tail. From his shoulders his wings spring boldly, the spars dipped in rich dark chocolate, a brilliant contrast to the cloudy white of the sails that stretch between them. His long tail, shading from caramel at his haunches to cocoa at the tip, maintains a near constant thickness from end to end, thinning only slightly towards the point.

Colorful Field of Flowers Egg


This egg is a kaleidoscope of vibrant color. From a base of verdant green sprouts flowers in hues of scarlet, azure and golden hues and all shades in between. One can almost make out the intricate vine-work beneath the flowers flowing across the surface of the egg, leading you to the next cluster of vivid blossoms. As the vine-work is carefully followed towards the apex of the egg the brightness of the colors seem to intensify. Hidden within the vines and flowers one can almost see little colorful birds flitting about top of the egg, perhaps working their way through the tangle to escape from the surface. Their variegated array of feathers find camouflage in the bountiful array of colors that explode on the surface of this egg.

Lover's delicate touch reaches ever so gently into your mind, seeming to caress you with a feathery touch. That subtle touch seems to explore deep into your consciousness, gentle, and coaxing. "Who has come to pay homage to me? Are you worthy of my attention?" It seems to say into your mind as it oh so delicately explores the memories and thoughts you hold on the surface of your mind.

Lover's delicate touch seems to explore even deeper into your mind. Those surface thoughts disregarded. This one wants to touch into your inner core. It slowly moves through layer upon layer, moving deeper into your memories and who you are. Each layer examines and disregarded. It has not found what it is looking for yet. Not the you that you show the world, but that part of you hide from it. That is who it is looking for as it delicately shifts through each part of your mind. Who do you surround yourself with and why? Why do you do those things? Do you really enjoy doing that or is there something else your heart is truly set on?

Lover's delicate touch finally reaches that inner core it was looking for it seems as the searching suddenly stops. It feels like gentle fingers are ever so softly caressing that secret part of you. Now this is what I was looking for. Do you even know this exists? Such longings and desires that you hide from the world! Do you hide them from yourself as well? Release it and become who you were meant to be! That tender touch continues to stroke this true self, a lover's touch, soft and inviting, trying to coax that self out. It remains for some time, nestled beside you, warm and sensual. Finally though that presence uncoils itself from around your mind and slowly departs, seeming to trail a soft touch through your mind before finally disappearing.

Wobble Message

Colorful Field of Flowers Egg stirs, the kaleidoscope spinning as the petals of the flowers flutter and sway from the rolling surge that strains at the shell of the egg. It stills again, but there remains an impression of waiting.

Crack Message

As Colorful Field of Flowers Egg rocks from side to side, the kaleidoscope spins once more, petals scattering and feathers flying as cracks appear across the surface. Vines writhe, birds vanish, and tiny bits of color sift to the sand.

Hatching Message

With one last surge, flowers and feathers rain down upon the sands in a cascade of color as Colorful Field of Flowers Egg is abruptly reduced to nothing more than a pile of shards, upon which sits the blinking, bemused form of a small dragonet.

Impression Message

« So. It is you. » The soft voice that sounds in your mind carries overtones of relief and joy as it washes through you, accompanied by the subtle sound of silvery chimes. « I have been waiting for you, Marel. » Where once there was sand beneath your feet, now there is nothing - but despite the sudden absence of physical support, you know, suddenly and completely, that you will never be without solid ground again. « I am Isyriath, you are my wonderful, perfect Marel, and we will always be together. » Absolute confidence, absolute love, both pour in torrents into your heart and mind as the bond completes with an almost audible snap. « Will you be mine, my Marel? »



You asked for a dragon to compliment Marel, and that's exactly what Isyriath is. As a hatchling, Isyriath may not be all that confident, and he may not be all that comfortable in his own skin - but like any young creature, he'll grow into himself. At first he may seem shy, with a tendency to hang to the edge of a group rather than mix right in - but he won't scorn the friendship of other dragons, and he's such a personable sort that he'll find a way into a group without forcing his way in. He prefers to leave the limelight to his more flamboyant siblings, but he won't shy away from something just because it may garner him some temporary admiration from his peers. Eventually, as he comes to understand himself, he'll be less likely to stay on the fringes and more likely to join in with the crowd - as long as he feels welcome.

Isyriath is a dragon of honor, and he hates injustice in all its myriad forms. If someone is being bullied, he'll step in to stop it. If someone is telling lies, he'll feel honor-bound to tell the truth. If he makes a mistake, he'll own up to it immediately - no prevarication on his part! Though he'll never be a social butterfly, he'll have no trouble making friends, and those friends he will defend to his last breath. Sympathetic by nature, he'll be the dragon that anyone can come to for a shoulder to cry on - especially you. If you, Marel, are feeling down or out of sorts, you can be sure Isyriath will be right there to comfort and support you. He knows your worth as well as he knows his own, and he'll allow no one to belittle you, not even yourself.

Isyriath is not a flashy dragon, and his simple coloration combined with his self-effacing personality has given him the ability to blend in anywhere, any time. Despite his size, he'll excel at sneaking up on people, dragons, or beasties - a benefit when it comes time for him to hunt his food. They'll never see him coming! While one might think this would make it easy for him to engage in playing tricks and getting into mischief, Isyriath is rarely inclined to such pastimes. This is not to say he scruples at being where he shouldn't be, especially if something interesting is happening or a conversation is occurring that he might just learn from - honor he may have in spades, but that doesn't mean he doesn't understand the value of knowledge, even if it is gathered in a less than honest manner. He'd never stoop to blackmail - but it's amazing how useful it can be to know something about someone they'd rather not have known.

When it comes to love and lust, Isyriath is comfortable enough with the general concept, but he's not the kind to go seeking either just to have them. He may someday find that special green or gold that touches his heart, but it will never be enough of a concern for him to actively search for a mate. And when the greens and golds are taking to the air, he may want to fly if he's in the mood for a bit of fun. But if he's not in the mood or you're not comfortable, he'll leave the flights to his brothers, because there are other ways to entertain oneself, and he's more interested in making you happy than he is in scratching that itch. Of course, if you're interested, he'll be more than happy to oblige. He is, after all, male

As a hatchling, Isyriath will be lean - and he'll almost always appear underfed. No matter how much food you stuff in his gullet, it never seems to stick to his bones. Of course, beware - over-feeding a dragon has consequences, and it may be you'll learn more about cleaning up after an overstuffed dragon than you ever wanted to know. As he ages, however, Isyriath will fill out, eventually achieving a physique which is, in general, proportionate to his middling side. He'll never be overly muscular, and he'll eventually have curves to hide his bones, but for the most part, he'll be pretty average in size and shape.

Nimble on the ground or in the air, Isyriath is a splendid specimen of physical prowess. Maybe he's not the fastest flyer, but never will there be a pattern he won't be able to fly. Unlike many of his peers, even when walking he'll be graceful, and that agility has benefits - you may find him getting into places one would swear a dragon could never get into. When it comes time to fly after some lucky lady, Isyriath will never have trouble keeping up with her, whether an aerobatic green or a strong-flying gold. He may not always win, but it can be assured that he'll always put on a good show. If there's a physical competition to be had - or if there's some new height to be explored - you can be sure Isyriath will be wanting to give it a shot, and dragging you along for the ride of your life.

Isyriath is not a lover, and he's not a fighter - he is, however, a confidant, a consoler, and a friend. He loves Marel with all of his heart, and he wants to show Marel what a truly tremendous person she really is. He knows, absolutely and whole-heartedly, that she is as perfect as he could ever want - and his, after all, is the only opinion that could ever truly matter. It's his mission in life to convince Marel of what he already knows - that she's awesome, and that he's awesome, and together they're all kinds of wonderful.

  • As always, the suggestions in the RP tips are just those: suggestions. We tried hard to build you a dragon like you wanted, and we hope you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed building him for you. I think Marel and Isyriath will have a grand old time - and I look forward to playing with you both!



Isyriath’s mind is a delicate touch of feathery thought that might almost seem shy as he seeks admittance to yours. Not one to push, his contact is the kiss of mist on your cheek, the brush of butterfly wings upon the back of your hand, the dewy touch of flower petals on your skin, the silvery shimmer of an elfin bell almost imagined rather than heard. He’s a peaceful pastoral landscape of green rolling hills, the burble of a brook over rock, the laughter of water falling into a still pool under huge ancient oaks where ferns and moss lay undisturbed waiting for your discovery. He’s the sweet-scented current over a freshly-mown meadow carrying with it fresh grass and the dew of morning kissed by the rising sun. He’s the lace leafed Japanese maple rather than the broad-leafed Flamboyant, a spider’s web rather than the fisher’s rope, the exquisite etching of frost on glass rather than the mighty iceberg. Subtle, almost illusive, he’s more the gentle wooing of one who waits for you to open and admit him rather than the brash, bold proclamation that he is there. Woven in gossamer threads through all of his communion flutters his pulse-beat of profound regard for you…and the waiting for your invitation.


Egg Theme: The Zodiac and Astrology - this egg is based on Xochiquetzal, Goddess from the Aztec Zodiac. Simply put, a goddess of Desires. Fertility goddess, but also goddess of 'confessions', exploring people's inner fears/sins/ etc and getting them out into the open. So not just about 'sex' but recognizing and following ones desires. A goddess very much for females to understand THEIR power.

Egg: Briana

Dragon: N'shen

Mindvoice: Thea

Dragon Theme: Physically, Isyriath is based on a North American Mink. Personality-wise, Isyriath is based on Mags, the main character from Mercedes Lackey's Foundation series (part of the Heralds of Valdemar meta series)

Dragon Name: Isyriath (Eye-seer-ee-ath) - honestly, no meaning. You wanted something fluid and lyrical and this just popped into my head. I hope you like it, because it absolutely demanded to be used!


Name Isyriath
Dam Sahazyth
Sire Orionth
Created By Briana, N'shen, Thea
Image By Cursed-Sight
Impressee Marel
Hatched February 10, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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