Right Place Wrong Time Bronze Isterreth

Boxy corners shape this rust tinged bronze, as the reddish hue is slathered on from blunt, square-shaped, chrome-dipped muzzle to the equally blunt, stunted tail tip. Burnt orange clings to his hunched back, broken only by the thin black-tinged line of ridges that run the length of his body. His wingspars darken, flat ebony sweeping upwards lacking any metallic sheen, casting bronze talons into permanent shadow and hosting leathery beige sails that seem almost out of place amongst the dark framework. Darkness sweeps across his feet, talons dipped in black but seamed with silver along the edge of the brighter rusted feet, as the scattered speckles of gray ashes pool on limbs and belly.

Egg Name and Description

Distant Planet Egg
Though shading may vary across the shell, there is no mistaking that this rotund egg is red. In the most it is a dusty russet, the color swirling as it circles the shell and forming into a large dark spot on one side. Near the top a patch of white breaks up the color, a faint drift of fog that has drifted across to obscure some of the detail, and from which the very end of a more brown ridge can be seen, oddly mountainous and as rough to eye as it is to touch.

Hatching Message

The faint, almost polite, knocking that had been coming from the Distant Planet Egg ends abruptly as it stills and for a second lies dormant. A moment later there is a loud cracking noise as a foot breaks through, forcing its way into the world closely followed by the rest of a small bronze dragon.

Impression Message

Darkness sweeps into your mind, faintly dotted with stars before giving way to a stark black and white image of the sands. But not from your point of view. A nose pressing hard into your stomach returns your vision to normal « Come on. Let it be now. » There before you is the Right Place Wrong Time bronze, looking up at you with whirling angry eyes. « Okay, brief me in full. What do I need to know? » He may not know much about this strange world he's landed in, but your Isterreth knows one thing… hunger.


Prepare yourself for conflict, because now that Isterreth is in your life it will be filled with plenty.

His hatching will bring him confusion, some anger, and a feeling that he was not supposed to be there. This unsettled feeling will continue throughout his life and no matter where your travels may lead you sooner or later he is going to find the urge to go 'home' overwhelming everything. He is not one to settle in other weyrs, and even should he find a reason to stay there he will become increasingly focussed on finding things to do so that he can block that aspect out for a time.

From the beginning duty is a big thing for him, and he will want to learn everything he can about his place as a dragon and the duties expected of him. Weyrlinghood will be a time of practice and learning, and if you have complaints about that it will result in another argument. As a bronze this comes with the additional potential for 'promotion' as it were, for leadership, and he will try to cultivate a respect and a certain amount of following from his clutch siblings and from the others of the weyr as soon as he can. All others will be treated with respect, even those he doesn't feel have earned it, but all will be done within his own set of guidelines as regards what is 'right'.

In the sky he is quick, using his smaller size to good effect, and it will soon emerge that his eyesight and mind are both extremely keen even for a dragon. he has a talent for logic and thinking through problems that will earn him his place in the wings, most likely focussing on search and rescue. Unfortunately for you this brain power will allow him a longer memory so your own indiscretions or arguments will linger, and if he feels you're doing something wrong he will waste no time in telling you that, and offering what he feels would be a better solution.

Flights are exciting to him, a time to study other dragons, to chase, and to capture. For him it is almost as if chasing down a suspect rather than a mating partner. Afterwards, should he win, he will stay with the female for a while, but again this is a time when things will be governed by his itchy feet and the need t get 'home'. Eventually one gold or green will capture his attention, but he is not the best at courting out with of flights and may even miss his chance at a long term relationship simply because he thinks too much, or feels too uncomfortable where he is.

Should he ever sire a clutch then you can expect a time of increasing grouchiness as he does his duty and helps tend the eggs, but despite that he will be likely end up pleading to leave in the middle of the night, begging someone to get him out of there. But come morning he will be back on the job, not letting his own needs trump those of the ones he protects.

Guardian, partner in crime, sparring partner, whatever you wish to call him you can be guaranteed life has changed forever. And though he will always love you, he may not always respect you or your decisions. At least life won't be dull now.


Isterreth has a quiet mind voice, even during the many arguments that will inevitably come. He aims for soothing tones mostly, tinged with oranges and beige. When angry those tones move more towards reds and browns a faint scent of alcohol creeping in. Occasionally during angry or excited times, and even more so during flights, he develops a rumble in his throat vaguely akin to a car engine revving.


There could only be one inspiration to accompany a Gene Hunt based character and that would be Sam Tyler. While his description and certain behaviours come from the cortina, the rest of him is pure Sam, and hopefully it will give you the conflicting relationship you wanted. Enjoy!



Name Right Place Wrong Time Bronze Isterreth
Created By L'nel
Impressee G'ene (Eugene)
Seven Spindles MUSH

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