Daughter of the Sidhe Green Hatchling
Green sea foam crashes in waves across the hide of this slender dragon, creating a pale shimmer with even the slightest movement. The color floods her back, eventually fading into a glowing honeydew that encases her tail. Tendrils of forest green wind their way up her paws, like seaweed dancing beneath the ocean. Each claw is dipped in an amalgam of colors, and like the shells that litter the beach none are quite the same. Gentle ridges fan out along some while spirals cocoon others. Shades of peach and splashes of pearly white fight with hints of red on each dainty talon to draw attention. The dragon’s jaw line is soft and the corners of her maw turn upwards, as if she were always wearing a very small but kind smile. It is her wings however, that truly draw attention. Her sails are wrapped in a gentle coat of iridescent green, lending a hint of transparency to wings that look almost too thin. They billow in the wind and glow beneath the sun like newly polished emeralds. This dragon’s figure may be delicate, but one look at her eyes can tell you that she is anything but. The black spheres dance with dots of color, displaying each twinge of emotion for the world to see.

Egg Name and Description

Lighthouse on the Rocks Egg
A sharp incline of gray stretches upwards from the blue that bathes the bottom of this egg, much like an island rising from the sea. Atop that rocky crag is a single cylinder colored in alternating bands of white and yellow that seems to emit a quiet glow. Splotches of white dance above, like clouds set against clear skies.


Irseth is a gentle dragon and extremely in tune with her rider. Though their early days were rough, it is rare that they ever fight now. She will often sit in on G’in’s counseling sessions, providing her own input and thoughts on the patient to her rider. In the end, she’s proved quite invaluable to his practice. Though she is quite adept in the air, Irseth excels at swimming. She can easily swim long distances and has been known to spend more time in the water than on land at times. During mating flights Irseth is not unkind to her suitors. In her mind it is more of a dance than a chase, and she will take her sweet time to make a decision.


Song of the Sea
There is no land here, only the never-ending waters of a glimmering ocean. The waters are clear, filled with life and color. Coral reefs litter the sand-covered floor and flashes of color flit between them. In the background, a conch horn plays a soft melody, one that can’t quite be placed…something altogether new. However, the peaceful undersea life is disrupted when she becomes upset. The waters turn dark and the life slowly begins to die in this small paradise.


Irseth is based on the character Saoirse from the movie Song of the Sea.


Name Irseth
Created By G'in
Impressee G'in
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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