The Skies of Heaven Bronze Iolanth

Dark bronze flows down the sides of a creature that seems to move with a grace unsuggestive by his large, lithe form. Muscles ripple beneath a hide of antiqued bronze, almost green and rusted in certain lights. His neck ridges rise like molten metal as he stands, stalk still, a work of art, a statue, carved by masters hands. Being young, he appears slightly gangly, but surely he's going to grow into his looks and body, already he shows the potential of a powerful flyer. As his wings spread, a blast of hot desert air seems to pour forth, casting a glow the color of lava towards every object in range so the whole vicinity is lit with moving, shifting red lightning. His eyes dart beneath black eye ridge and he shifts, as if he longed to move, longed to fly and be energetic, but the maintaining of that conservative demeanor holds him back. His nearly black opalescent claws twitch constantly, digging into the ground, the only indication that the energy ready to be unleashed.

Egg Name and Description


Midnight Sky Egg
The egg seems as dark as night, sitting slightly higher than the rest on it's small pile of sand. Although compared to the other eggs it seems pitch black, this egg is actually a deep midnight blue. A flicker of light passes over the smooth dark surface, revealing small dots of white. Looking closer, the dots of white seem vaguely familiar to you. A second look brings a revelation, the night sky is copied all along the surface of this egg.

Hatching Message

Slowly, almost painfully slow, bits of shell flake off this egg as it furiously rocks back and forth on the sand. The bits of shell twinkle like stars in the light as they fall onto the sands. Then, in one sudden burst of activity from the hatchling, the eggshell collapses entirely, slithering to the sands and the hatchling is left standing in the midst of that chaos.


Biancanth's clutch this cycle was based on Jennifer Roberson's 'Sword Dancer' series, telling the story of Tiger and Del.


Name The Skies of Heaven Bronze Iolanth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Gauth
Created By Darianya
Impressee Kristoph
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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