Precession of the Equinox Bronze Inimeth
15641151 Polished bronze, burning with the clarity of a newly forged monument, swirls over the rounded head and slightly pointed headknobs of this leggy bronze before pooling in a patch of darkness at the base of his neck. This purity of colour seeps down over his slim body — muscle, sinew, and flesh melding together into an almost perfect sculpture, though overlong limbs dominate his form. His haunches shade towards brass and his long legs are stained with the taint of verdigris at his feet, a flaw echoed at the very tip of his smouldering copper tail. His wingspars rise like a solar flare, bright against his body, and flecks of fire sparkle across the sails like a meteor shower in a bronzen sky.

Egg Name and Description

Feeling Single Seeing Double Egg
One egg or two? Two eggs or one? Both? This egg is an oddity in many ways. Coloured a plain emerald green it would be wholly unremarkable, were it not for the fact that there's a ripple in the shell that gives the impression it is really made up of two different eggs sitting very close together. Close inspection reveals an odd bulge on one side of the egg, but the shell is solid and definitely in only one piece.

Hatching Message

Where once were two, there now is one. The Feeling Single Seeing Double Egg splits, the almost perfectly halved shell left lying on the sands as a lanky bronze takes his first steps out into the world.

Impression Message

Is there sand on the back of your leg? It itches fiercely though any move to scratch it makes your head swim. Perhaps closing your eyes would help? « Why are you frowning? » As the itch begins to spread, a voice echoes in your head. « Did you not know I was coming to you? » The itch seems to be everywhere now - your head, your feet, your wings… wings? Pause for a moment; find your own thoughts among those of the lanky bronze that sits a short distance away. « I could not be Inimeth without my D'son, don't you agree? » He leaves this thought to settle for a moment then asks apologetically, « I'm sorry, but I am rather uncomfortable. Do you think they would let us go elsewhere? »



Were anyone to describe your Inimeth in two words, those words would be 'always thinking'. From the moment of Impression you'll find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to know everything, which is something of a daunting task for anyone, least of all a teenager. Inimeth has a thirst of knowledge that will lead you on adventures, win you a host of friends and companions, and potentially cause you some heartache along the way.

When he hatched he knew you were the one he wanted, now he wants to know everything about everything. In the early days your lunch or dinner may well be disturbed by a panicked cry of « D'son! » which has you racing back to the barracks in case he's hurt, only to have him complain « I woke up and you weren't here. » He didn't know where you were, and until such times as you both figure out your mental link a little better this will be a common problem. Thankfully a problem that will be solved within the first few months of weyrlinghood.

He will want to be near you as much as possible, just in case he thinks of something that needs answered, and it may take a little encouragement for him to seek out the other dragons in the weyr for his answers. Even from a very young age he will want you to read to him any chance you have. He'll probably try to encourage other dragons to come and listen to you as well, attracting quite the audience for your storytelling hours. He doesn't care about the topic, though some will catch his interest more than others, mostly he wants these sessions in order to be close to you and satisfy his thirst for knowledge at the same time.

Inimeth is a sociable creature - not one to ever chat to other humans, but other dragons are yet another way of him learning more about the world. For all his charm and excitement for learning, you will have to be careful of what information he keeps and passes on. He has a penchant for gossip, blithely repeating what others have told him as if it were the absolute truth. He can be rather gullible, not entirely comprehending that others might give him information that is not wholly correct.

Not many would call flights a learning experience, but for Inimeth they are. Every win will be stored away for future reference, every loss will be analysed to see where he could have done better. Should he ever sire a clutch he will revel in the attention the honour confers upon him, spending as much time as he can with the gold and keeping her entertained with tales of the outside world. He is not one to chase off candidates, instead he welcomes them onto the sands for touchings and at hatching time. While he may not remember every one of his children he will expect you to keep track so that he may drop into their minds now and then with some pearls of wisdom.

Friendly, inquisitive, charming, intelligent, your Inimeth is all this and more. Your life has become full of questions, but never question his love for you. You're the one thing he's always known.


Inimeth's voice seems to have a permanent excited touch to it - no matter what the situation his thoughts come across in enthusiastic tones tinged with lavender. His voice, in general, is a clear baritone, and he never seems to raise the volume of his thoughts no matter his mood. Anger for him is a rare thing, and on those occasions his whole mind darkens, the comforting lavender of his thoughts turning musty and sour.


The theme for this clutch was the Zodiac, and your Inimeth is based on the stereotypical personality traits and looks of someone born under the sign of Gemini. His name simply Gemini backwards with a th in place of the g, but we thought it rather lyrical and hopefully it melds with what you wanted.


Name Precession of the Equinox Bronze Inimeth
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Leslyn
Impressee Delson
Hatched 29th June, 2008
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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