There's something soft about this golden creature,
Something in her ample curves and simple face,
A gentleness carried forth in her every feature -
Even in the strength of her stride, prim despite lacking in grace.
There's little doubt of that spirit which her color shows,
Of a mother's steadfast admiration and easy humor;
It's visible in a sunlit hide that shifts and glows,
gentle brushings of ochre doing little to distill the rumor
That perhaps she's more avian than dragon at all.
Tawny paws are more suited to ground-pounding than launching a flight,
And though wide wings are sure to never let her fall,
To say her feather-print bulk belongs in the skies would be putting it… perhaps not-quite-right.
At least she makes up for the dearth with her shimmering hide,
Sweet cinnamon dapples borne 'round her neck in pride.

Egg Name and Description

Light of the Mother Moon Egg
Midnight blue envelopes this egg in its velvet embrace, stygian depths rich and vibrant against the pale glitter and russet glimmer of the sands. Silver curls and twines, argent ribbons wrapping protectively around the curving edges of the egg, seeming to cradle the dark disk within their loving embrace. No matter from which direction this egg is viewed, the pearlescent lustre is only a flash at the edges of the darkness, a hint, perhaps, of the shining personality which lies beyond the dark side of the egg - always glimpsed, but almost never truly seen.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Light of the Mother Moon Egg comes to life with a great HEAVE and a mightier HOVE. Midnight blue topples sideways, twisting just slightly on heated sands before going still.

Crack Message
Light of the Mother Moon Egg cracks, giant fissures ruining the cradle of whatever dragonette tries to escape from its confines. There's another mighty heave, and one rolling press of whatever's inside that shell sets one side to bulging… then caving inward. SO CLOSE. But so far.

Hatch Message
Light of the Mother Moon Egg doesn't so much burst as fall apart, a crumbling of elegant shell that leaves evidence of its existence on the snout-wings-tail of a newly hatched dragon. A shimmy-shake of that body, and bits of egg are shed. Now it's time for the fun part. Somebody came here to paaaaarty!

Sands Pose #1
Poetry in Motion Gold Hatchling would like to welcome you her Grand Hatchening! So many guests all here to see her, oh my! What a fun time this will be! Come come, you all look so bored, so stiff! That won't do. Where's the wine, where's the bubbly? Point her at it and she'll bring it right to you! Bubbly for you, and bubbly for you, and bubbly for you! What, there isn't any? WHY NOT? Who's throwing this lousy shindig? That golden head tilts newborn eyes up and onto her dam — a sniff, a trill-tweep-cheep, and then she SPURRRRNS YOUUUUUUUUUUU. SPUUUUUUUUUUUURN, ILYSCAETH, SPUUUUR — welp. There she goes. Following her own hubris too close to that rise of sand and rolling right on down the side of it.

Sands Pose #2
Poetry in Motion Gold Hatchling IS JUST KIDDING! She's alright. That golden head peeks back up from beneath a blanket of hot-sticking-to-goop stuff, a shake of her whole self aiming to dislodge some and then she's back onto her feet witch a cheeeetwilltwillchee that sounds suspiciously like what a dragon might sound like if they could laugh. But they can't. So DON'T BE PREPOSTEROUS. That tiny-but-massive footing is regained, wobbly steps taken past Xermiltoth and Ilyscaeth both, each getting a chirrup of hello from their CLEARLY MOST FUN PROGENY as she does a jaunty little paw-cross, paw-cross, paw-cross move that might also be her dancing. You know, if dragons could dance. And if she didn't trip over her own limbs right back into the sand. WOOMPH. Oh, look. A shoe! Wufflechirrblecheep! Did you just scream a little, CANDIDATE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS? Well she loved it! Such a lovely falsetto, such talent!

Impression Message

Public Message
Poetry in Motion Gold Hatchling pops to her feet with infinitely more enthusiasm this time, because this time she has a goal, a purpose. Those unsteady feet are back under her again, carrying her along at a speed that might be a little alarming, and she's beaming confidence down on YOU, and YOU, and YOU! You're all looking goooood! So good. You even brushed your hair for this, didn't you? So shiny. She can tell. That chin tilts up as she moves along the line, a stumbling mess of limbs that never quite seems to steady out, so it's entirely possible that this stumble-trip-fall into a flaxen-haired candidate with seafoam eyes is an accident. Or maybe it was on purpose, because there's a definite nose-to-nose boop that happens on the landing there. YOU'RE FINE, RIGHT? You're probably fine. You've definitely been worse though, RIGHT? Right. Better yet: ALRIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

Private Message
A haze creeps into your field of vision, sets every edge rippling towards something ethereal with dream-like quality, a softness hinting at sweet champagne to chase your mental palate. It shifts and flickers gently at the edges of your vision, swimming as though attempting to suspend reality within the strange fish-eyed lens of a dream. Man, is there something in the air? Are you suddenly drunk? Is this what blacking out feels like? And then a perky voice cuts through the mire, her sheer effervescence beating back concerns, shoving past potential nerves-worry-elation, with a shower of righteous sparks. « Can you BELIEVE that Ilyscaeth tried to KEEP US APART? What a bunch of nonsense, amirite? » A beat, in which she has a thought that you can see forming, its content literally blossoming in your mind on the scent of something crisp and ticklish. « Or was that mom-sense? HA! » A whirlwind of tastes and sounds and smells whisks up on the breath of her laughter, as if she's taking in too much at once, champagne pops turning to visions of yesterday's sweets, turning to the odor of today's lunch, turning to the clink of ice settling at the base of a glass, her mind fixating, suddenly, on the poured twining of alcohol and mixer and — « I'm not a lush, Rhodelia! I hatched all of — uhm, well… Anyway, I don't get drunk. I have fun! » But she's settling, letting that brief excited maelstrom fade away, a hint of sparkles coalescing in this space where your minds meet, where she permeates and co-habits, sharing her mind with you as readily as she slips into yours. « I'm Inasyth, by the way! I love baths and mornings and fresh cut meats and those cute little beasties that swim in their shells. But mostly, I love you! Oooo! Speaking of meat! Let's go eat, and no matter what I say, stop me at sixteen chunks. »



There once was a dragon legendary, whose fears and trepidations were nary. She wore a gold cloak, most loudly she spoke, and a rider named Rhody she'd carry.

« Thank you, thank you, I wrote that myself! And if you enjoyed that, I'll be here all week! What's that? Oh, we're besties for life? Alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!! »

Yes, Rhody. FOR LIFE. Because this is your Inasyth, for good and for bad, for better or for worse! She might be a little over the top, and she won't always know when to quit, but her utter vivacity, her enthusiasm, her sheer joie de vivre, more than makes up for whatever she might lack in the common sense department.

Linda: Tina-bean-a, time to get ready for school.
Tina: More like school needs to get ready for me.
Linda: Love it! Love the confidence.

And that's because life's too short to worry about things like LOGIC and PROPRIETY. She isn't stupid in the slightest, it's not like she CAN'T charm the pants off even the most stalwart and serious of weyrleadership worldwide, but that doesn't mean she WILL or WANTS TO. What's the point, after all? They're entitled to their own thoughts, and clearly they haven't done a whole lot of work to formulate theirs about her, so what does she have to gain by making herself something she's not just to be someone else's perfect?

She's much more the type to cheer people on from the sidelines, to throw her weight behind the people she cares about rather than her own ideas. Leirith wants to have a festival? BRING ON THE CLOWNS. Glorioth wants to embark on a brave quest? J'APPROVED. HANG ON AND SHE'LL GET HER SWORD OF VANQUISHING. Rhody ponders whether it's in her best interests to have a second helping of dessert? YOU GET THAT CAKE GIRLFRIEND. SHE'LL DEFEND YOU AND YOUR BUBBLE BUTT TO THE END!

And that's just how she operates, the kind of dragon to boost someone up rather than tear them down, to support their life choices with her whole entire heart. Wait she has two? ALRIIIIIGHT THAT'S DOUBLE THE LOVE SHE CAN GIIIIIVE!

Linda: That sign says 'No Running,' and you're running your mouth!

That doesn't mean her truthsome tongue doesn't get her in trouble sometimes. It's hard being the dragon-version of a wreckingball - ask Leirith, or Xermiltoth, or even Glori. Everyone has bad days and everyone slips, and she has the added bonus of not always grasping consequences so SOMETIMES SHE'LL OPEN HER BIG FAT MOUTH AND TRUTHS WILL FALL OUT. She can't help that someone's life choices were poor and thus her comment was a little tactless, bordering on tasteless. Maybe they should get a better life. Did they ever think about that? EHHHH?

This particular brand of cluelessness, of oversharing will be common in her youth, and it if it's a behavior you want to curb, it will be necessary to address it as soon as possible. If she wants Inasyth to check herself before she wrecks herself, Rhodelia - or someone else, at her behest - will have to sit down and have an honest conversation with her, will have to repeat (possibly umpteen times) that just because she thinks it doesn't mean it's appropriate to say. Given Rhody's propensity to run from her problems, who knows how this will go REALLY, but. It's the thought that counts?

Similarly, it will be Rhody who will have to impart early lessons on standing up for onesself. One thing that you will have to watch out for is that your Inasyth can be a total pushover - and everybody knows it. See, Ina isn't the only one around the weyr with good ideas (or terrible ones, depending on which dragon or HUMAN is in question), and she will absolutely pick up the mantle of Making The Magic Happen when those who had big plans suddenly ghost because they can't follow through. Throughout weyrlinghood you'll notice she'll volunteer herself (or worse, you!) for assignments or work while still letting her clutchsiblings take credit for it, and she'll do it without batting an eye or stopping to suppose why it's wrong when they start asking her, knowing she'll do it.

Without proper curtailing (or perhaps, even with), this will be something that will pursue you both into adulthood. Nessalyn asked you to file that report she DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE DONE HERSELF? You should just go ahead and do it for her. Risali looked a little tired today? Maybe you should go refill the agenothree tanks! At least you know she's got your back about it, that she'll reciprocate in turn as much as she is able. R'hyn asked you to reach out to someone to answer a question, but you can't stomach the thought of even seeing another human face today? SHE WILL DO IT. SHE'S GOT YOUR BACK.

BUT LISTEN. Do not mistake your Inasyth's kindness for weakness. She is a strong and formidable dragon when she needs to be, and she absolutely does have very strong opinions and very large expectations for anybody that finds their way into her company. This can spark an absolute temper in her that is otherwise dormant, and extremely hard to see beneath all of that dry, sarcastic wit and her effervescent nature. Mostly she's just here to have a good time and wants everybody else's time to be just as good. BUT THERE ARE LINES, RHODELIA. AND WOE BE UNTO THOSE WHO CROSS THEM. Go ahead. Try to see someone throw sass at you, or talk bad on someone she loves, she will 100% be that chick because NOBODY TALKS ISH ON HER PEOPLE EXCEPT HER. SHE WILL ACTUALLY FIGHT YOU, AND HAVE YOU SEEN HER? SHE'LL WIN.

Linda: Oh, Bobby, is this turning into another one of your peeing races with Jimmy?
Bob: It's not called a peeing race, Lin. It's called a pissing contest.

Despite her faults, Inasyth is a fun and fun-loving dragon. Unlike her siblings - who by and large seem to flex their muscles - she likes to flex her wit. She'll probably get along best with Auricyth in this regard - he'll always be the sort to listen to her jokes and join in verbal repartee. And when she drops mad puns?! CHEF MWAH. PERFECTION. That doesn't mean her siblings will be spared, however. Oh ho ho no, far from it. Is there a dragon alive that won't be treated to her bad joke of the day? Guess you'll find out.

« GUYS. Guyyys. Guys. When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes APPARENT AHAHAHAHHAHA. Wait wait no, I've got another one. Why did the greenrider close his sweet shop? Because it was DESSERTED. »

She also has a hilarious propensity to make up lives and stories for inanimate objects, or even people she doesn't know. She will often collect them (the objects, not the people) and display them in Rhody's weyr, whether the goldrider likes it or not. Taxidermy. Knick-knacks. Don't let her into Wilko's travelling emporium - she'll take IT ALL. What's a turn's-worth of marks for all this splendooor? Can you IMAGINE what she can do with all that LACE?

If you guessed ‘costumes,' you'd be right! Inasyth has a completely absurd obsession when it comes to things like harper performances and dramatic traditions. Look, she has to have some kind of inspiration to feed all those jingles she warbles into your mind (and into the public, and into the heads of those important political figures), and she really, really enjoys historical re-enactments - even when the things she's reenacting are from a short time ago. So she doesn't have the memory for it, but you do, and Inasyth is absolutely of the inclination to rifle through your memories until she finds the one — THAT ONE! THAT IS THE ONE. And she won't just drag you into a re-enactment of The Great Swan Incident of 2722, but she will try to drag in EVERY SINGLE BYSTANDER to play a role. YOU BE AN ANGRY SWAN, AND YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU!!!

And that's the thing, Rhodelia. Inasyth has adopted that enthusiastic, over-friendly theme that seems to come with a majority of the dragons housing themselves in Xanadu Weyr. Frankly, she fits right in, able to adapt to any social situation if only because she has no compunction about interjecting herself into situations and conversations and running with it. She loves to talk. She loves to talk, and ramble and maybe she's not everybody's cup of tea, but she is pretty dang funny (if we do say so ourselves). And we don't necessarily mean that she will barge into everybody's heads like her dam and sire, but she will absolutely croon, and warble, and trill to engage anybody - anybody - that will listen. She is extremely animated, using her eyes, her voice, and that big golden body to communicate everything.

Linda: We need adventure or we're going shrivel up and die right in front of the kids!

It should come as little surprise, then, that Inasyth also loves parties. She makes an excellent hostess and, even more importantly, she loves to talk and she loves to gossip, so being in the throes of a social gathering is KIND OF HER JAM. She loves ice cream socials, and turnday parties, and hatchday parties, and surprise hatchday parties, and turnovers, and did she mention hatchdayparties?! Though she looks for any and all reasons/opportunities/make-believe to throw a good bash, she definitely loves receiving a shindig as much as she loves putting one together. And we all know that the moment your minds melded is etched forever into your memory, Rhodelia, because she not only expects you to remember JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS (11/1 in the real world — IT'S JUST THREE ONES, RHODY, GET IT TOGETHER), but WHEN IT IS. And then she wants you to throw a party about it. Or, at the very least, give her a gift.

As she gets older she'll find a love for traveling - not only to see new places, but also to experience new things! Especially if she can experience that new thing THROUGH RHODY. SOMEHOW THAT MAKES THE EXPERIENCE SO MUCH RICHER. CHUG THAT WINE. TRY THAT FRUIT CAKE. SHAG THAT MAN. Or that lady. She doesn't judge. But be careful, because she really, really loves to drink. And since dragons cannot get drunk, all that drinking is going to fall to you. LOOK. YES. WE KNOW. We know that you already love alcohol in a borderline platonic kinda way, but she can only feel the effects of an alcoholic haze when she's feeling it through you, and if ANYBODY ASKS HER, you aren't getting drunk. YOU'RE JUST HAVING FUN. The only thing wrong with any damn party is when you're there WITHOUT A DRINK IN YOUR HAND, right? Riiiiiiiight!

Linda: Two people, together forever. Security in life! And someone to love ya! Instead of being all alone, such a lonely existence.

She's also the kind of dragon that will do anything - literally anything - to try and keep those around her comfortable. Inasyth loves without condition, and even a little crazy won't keep her from extending an olive branch. Does Pern even have olives? Fine, a branch then. TAKE HER DAMN BRANCH.

« You know, Sezoruth confided in me the other day that she's sad she can never have a clutch. YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD MAKE HER FEEL GOOD? LET HER PRETEND THIS CLUTCH IS HERS! »
“What? No, Ina, I don't think that's what-”
« YEAAAAH, NO, IT'S PERFECT! Then she'll be feeling all beautiful and confident and momly and she can get over it and move on! I love it. We're doing it. Nobody will even notice it's not me out there. HEY SEZI— »

Listen. We didn't say that it was a good thing, Rhody. Just that it was a thing.

The most important thing to remember is that your Inasyth supports you and your dreams through thick and thin. Even if you have nobody else in the world who believes in you, Ina will rally behind you. She will encourage every good idea and stay beside you every single time that you fail. She trusts your (terrible) filing system, she believes in your aspirations, and she knows that you… you can do anything, Rhodelia. She wants to travel the world and get lost in it with you and dream up all sorts of ridiculous adventures for you both. She will dream with you and - more than that - push you both to make all of those dreams come true, no matter how insignificant or impossible they seem.

For despite her gregarious love for everyone and everything, at the end of the day, all she needs - all she wants - is you and the family the pair of you will make for yourselves. Your presence, your love, and your happiness forever and ever.



Gene: So how do you predict things mom? How do you do it?!
Linda: I kinda close my eyes and an image appears in my brain.

And that's just how your dragon's mindvoice operates, her mental landscape as many and varied as her dreams, or the themes of the little baby-shaped knick-knacks she's got clustered atop your bureau drawers. She's got one for each season, one for each mood, her own cute little retreats rife with imagery she's only too happy to project onto others.

Sometimes cartoonish, sometimes hyperrealistic, her every thought has a faintly dreamlike quality, soft around the edges, faintly sparkling as though she's imagining her best possible outcome concurrent with reality. And when these two things actually align? ALRIIIIIGHT! Break out the bubbly!!

As a matter of fact, her mindvoice appeals to an array of senses - scented with warm bread and sweets when she's happy, the sparkling taste of champagne for celebrations, the soft brush of puppy fur or an obscenely plush blanket for comfort, and booming with foreboding thunder on the rare occasion she gets mad. There are no constants here, no favorites played - she's just as like to comfort you with soothing violins or notes of your favorite alcoholic beverage as she is to damn someone with forks of lightning, and if she can mix and match to better express herself, all the better.

Because that's what it's all about: expressing herself to the fullest. You'll never need question where you stand in Inasyth's esteem, for if her words don't give her away, well - the rest of her sure will! It's part of her charm, what makes her the hostess with the mostest, and she ain't gonna change for nobody!


Linda: I am the alpha turkey.

Inasyth is a big girl. She is tall, broad, and massive in the most literal sense, all of her appearing firm, heavy, grounded in some bone-deep, unshakeable way. She is not the sort to seek shelter in a storm, but rather the one to swoop wide, barred wings around her charges and weather it out. She has the dense softness to achieve this, less pudgy than she is simply strong, solid muscle content to relax - and allow others to relax against her, in turn. Her hide is supple and smooth to the touch, its sun-dappled depths faintly scented by something warm and rich, like baked earth touched with just a hint of spiced klah to make it sweeter. A featherlike pattern coats her from dark swaths of mahogany about her eyes down to the ochre striping of her wings. Faintly iridescent, and lined with a golden sheen, this pattern seems to shift and move as she walks, strong light often bringing out aspects of her plumage that might not ordinarily be visible upon first glance. This firm barring becomes increasingly more apparent as it runs the length of her tail, until its very tailfeathered tips are cloaked in a warm, heady cinnamon. Matched by the freckling about her neck and shoulders, and offset somewhat by tawny gloves that rise up all four paws, this color does absolutely nothing to detract from her aire of matronly grace. If anything, it enhances it, brings to it a sort of poetic justice that it might otherwise have lacked.

This is a gold who won't hesitate to pick you up in the fold of what seems like miles of wing and keep you there, safe and sound, until you're where you're supposed to be. She's certainly got the size for it. Big doesn't quite do Inasyth justice, because she's huge. Ginormous. She'll give her dam a run for her money, and be rounder and softer around the edges, besides. She's got a slow, meandering gait not quite meant for a dragon — too many things to stop and look at, too many people to nosy in on, checking how they're doing. Personal space? Inasyth doesn't actually grasp that whole thing. Why would you need space all to yourself, when she can butt into it, check out your whole situation? She likes to be near to you, near to others, likes to shadow you and be near, just in case.

Blessedly, she's a far sight more graceful than her dam. Even in youth, Inasyth won't stumble or fumble much. Maybe it's because she tends to move a little slower, a little more carefully, but Ina just won't have too many accidents. Her broad wings aren't long enough to get in the way, even in the more awkward growth stages, her legs will grow proportionally, and her feet will always be more than wide enough to carry her weight steadily. This gold has a gravity to her, a strength, but it's easy to miss the casual competence that she carries with her. After all, she's a very physical creature, constantly moving wings or tail or forepaws to express some facet of her mental state: she's rarely still, except in sleep. Even then, with her head tucked beneath a wing, dead to the world, she twitches and squirms, mumbles melodic chirrups and rumbles.

The steadiness carries over even into less-than-aware states — sleepiness and inebriation don't seem to ruffle any of her proverbial feathers. She just gets bouncier, quicker, lighter on her feet and even more in-your-face, from time to time. Maybe a little more forceful. There's nothing wrong with that! She's building bridges! Shaking hands! Figuring out how to hug small children! Kissing babies! Hiding babies in her wings and stealing them! Hiding them and taking them away home where they'll be hers, forever! …okay, that got away from her a little, but look. It's not like anybody was watching them that closely, if she could get away with them.

But for all that she is outgoing (and yes, considerably flamboyant), she's also an extremely feminine gold, in some ways. She cares about the luster of her hide, she cares about whether or not the color that you're wearing clashes with ALL OF HER. She's not a vain creature; she doesn't need the praise, nor the attention to feel as though she's validated. She just simply finds that her confidence is more when the pair of you look good — and when you look good together. But don't worry. She isn't a fashionista, and for the most part, her expectations in what you look like fall to the wayside. Just, on very important occasions, all that girlish-giddiness comes to a head — not in a cruel way, but certainly with an enthusiasm that'd be real, real hard to say no to.


Louise: Where do babies come from?
Linda: You all came from my vagina.

Faranth help the weyr when it comes time for your Ina's hide to start glowing, Rhodelia. Leirith might be loud, but your dragon is blunt to the extreme when it comes time for suitable mates. The very second she starts to feel that itch under her skin, you - and the entire weyr - are probably going to know it. There is no subject off limits, no content too taboo, no field of biological nonsense that is SAFE from her RAUCOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS, not when it comes to your anatomy, and definitely not when it comes to hers.

There's a certain security in this, really. You won't have to ashamedly explain your behavior to anyone, because Ina will be right there doing it for you, providing the verbal equivalent of a doctor's excuse with every poorly-whispered, « IT'S FINE, SHE'S P-R-O-D-D-Y. »

Will she use this excuse to get you both into even more hijinks than usual, to toe the very line of what will still see her employed at the weyr come morning? YOU BET, and she'll do it without a lick of shame. Okay. Maybe one lick of shame. But only one. Because what better time to cut loose, to feel weightless, happy, alive, full of desires and passion than when your minds are closest together, that space where the differences between you blur until you are practically the same being? That's what she thought. SO GO FORTH. HAVE PARTIES. DO THE HORIZONTAL TANGO. BE THE SHAMELESS LUSH SHE ALWAYS KNEW YOU COULD BE. And the morning after, well… You can deal with it together, then!

Because repercussions there most assuredly will be. Perhaps her influence is not as… bombastic or as widespread as her fellow golds', but she will likely see more than one life ruined in her time, and if she isn't careful it might well be her own. She gets a spot of roadrage about flying, you see, and while the normal comings and goings from the weyr are regimented out of necessity enough that she doesn't struggle, well… Flights are a different matter. She's big, she's powerful, and mayyyyybe when she's flightdrunk on lust (and maybe your liquor), she gets a tadsy teensy bit angry behind the proverbial wheel. It's fine. That bronzerider will probably forgive you for saying his dragon's so old, he could walk into an antique store and they'd keep him.

Linda: You were right, Bob. I needed to let my baby birds fly. My bratty little baby birds fly with their crappy little wings. Sometimes you gotta push 'em out the window.

And as though there were any doubts, once those eggs upon the sands, Inasyth will be an incredibly devoted clutchparent. Maybe even a little too devoted. Maybe you wish she would come off the sands, let you give her a bath, let you sleep somewhere that isn't the stands floor, shed some of this restless feeling by going for a flight. Maybe she doesn't listen and gives you a little lip and curls tighter about them as they harden into perfect little googies. Who's to say.

She'll be excited to show them off once the time comes, though! Watch out, or she'll make each touching into a mini party, complete with refreshments and banners draped on the sands walls. Whaaat? She just wants to make it a happy, comfortable time for her babies' future-mines! What's the harm in that, right? They are all so precious and pure, and she wants each and every one of them to have their best shot at finding their favoritest and most capable rider, so she can't be letting those kiddos go parched, now can she? DRINK UP. REST ON THOSE PILLOWS SHE'S SO KINDLY MADE RHODY DRAG IN. And then get back to petting her babies!!

Unfortunately for all parents, however, there's a time when they must fledge and leave the nest, and that moment for Inasyth directly coincides to the sevenday before the hatching. Some lightbulb will click on in her mind, some deep maternal dragon-sense reminds her that these eggs will soon cease to be hers and will instead belong to theirs and… well… FINE. FINE THEN. No it's really fine. SHE GETS IT. SHE ONLY RAISED AND TURNED AND CLEANED THEM ALL THESE MONTHS. EGGS WHO? HATCHLINGS WHAT? NEVER HEARD OF EM. THEY'RE PROBABLY ALL LITTLE TWERPS ANYWAYS, ALL TOO GOOD TO HANG OUT WITH THEIR MOTHER JUST BECAUSE THEY'LL HAVE LIFEMATES AND STUFF. PFFF. SHE DOESN'T NEED THEM. SHE GOT ALONG FINE BEFORE THEM AND SHE'LL DO JUST GREAT NOW. HRMPH!


RHODAAAAAAAAY! ALRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! First of all, let us congratulate you on NOT DYING and MAKING IT THIS FAR. CONGRATULATIONS!!! From all of us on Search Co, and on behalf of Xanadu Weyr, please allow us to welcome you into weyrlinghood! We are SO VERY EXCITED and SO VERY HAPPY to have you joining our ranks. WE KNOW YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS. WE BELIEVE IN YOU, INASYTH BELIEVES IN YOU, THAT REALLY ANGRY DUCK IS PROBABLY ALSO JUST TRYING TO SHOW THAT SHE BELIEVES IN YOU!!!

The egg theme for this clutch was Legends of the Moon, and for this egg, N'kon delved deep into the lore of the Night Elves of Azeroth to bring their Goddess, the Mother Moon Elune, to light. Elune is one of the few actually acknowledged Gods in Warcraft lore; most of the deities mentioned in lore are actually Titans or demi-gods - powerful but ultimately mortal creatures. She takes the form of The White Lady, Azeroth's larger moon, and is worshiped by both the long-lived Night Elves and the earth-loving Tauren. Her favored animals are the feline nightsabers and the owl, and she has a dual nature as both a goddess of healing and a goddess of vengeance, both of which were echoed in her mind-touches. She is a loving mother, a fierce protector, and the most powerful deity known to Azerothian lore. For more information, visit: https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Elune.

Your dragon is, of course, made after the one and only Linda Belcher! She draws heavily from all of Linda's aspects, both good and bad - her zane, her bad jokes, her upbeat attitude, and most of all, her undying love for those she considers her close friends and family. And also the raccoon in the dumpster. She loves him too.

Her name comes from the Arabic name ‘Inas,' meaning friendly, plus an unusual-letter-qualifying ‘y' to give it that special sort of flow. She is physically based off the image you linked of a great big prairie chicken (https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/02/c8/49/36/world-s-largest-prairie.jpg). WE LOVED IT. WE COULD NOT SHAKE THE IMAGE FROM OUR HEADS. And worse, we couldn't shake the god-awful hilarious idea that her desc should definitely be written in verse. And so she is. We hope you like sonnets~. (And if you don't, well, we maybe made you a spare desc at the beginning of her physicality section that you can slap on her, just in case!)

As always, while we've given you some ideas to work with, Inasyth is perfectly, uniquely, entirely yours to play however you please! We hope you will enjoy her!

<3 — Risali, R'hyn, and Citayla


Name Inasyth
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Risali, R'hyn & Citayla
Impressee Rhodelia
Hatched November 1, 2019
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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