Shadows in the Night Bronze Ilveriath

Darkness withers what might have been a shining bronzen tone, making the hide of this small, thin dragon look almost tarnished and dirty. His frame is lanky, long and extended, as though he has been stretched too much over a long period of time. A faint silvery-gold sheen sweeps across the length of his back and his curiously bat-like wings, creating a caramel overtone where it touches his otherwise blackened copper hue. Slender curving talons of deep brass extend outwards, looking oddly short and stubby in comparison to the rest of the dragon's dark features.

Egg Name and Description

Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg

Dank dark green coils and crawls along the base of this egg, twisting together into a tight tangle of weed-like protrusions that sinuously curve up along every single side of the shell. A monolithic pyramid of ashen grey struggles free of the encroaching greenery, its towering peak silhouetted against a backdrop of peachy orange that diffuses over the entire apex as though a mighty sun is glowing from within. Slashes of charcoal march in line up each side of the structure, coming to a halt near the top like some mockery of ancient stairs leading skywards to the heavens. Winding trails of ivy green cling to the edges of the stone, attempting to gain further hold on it with its deathly strangling grip. A deep black hole in the very heights of the central building peeks out from beneath overhanging streaks of vine green, looking extremely mysterious and foreboding at the same time. Tiny winged black shapes spew forth from it, twisting and writhing as they scatter across the plain of sunset orange, nearly masking the picturesque scene in a cloud of flying bodies.

Hatching Message

Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg begins to twitch and wobble fitfully, as though there were many tiny winged creatures within tryign to batter their way through the outer shell. Bits of sand begin to skitter away from the base, trying in vain to escape the impending arrival of the menace within. Just when it looks as though the egg itself might vibrate itself open, it falls eerily still.

Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg suddenly cracks down the middle with a surprisingly loud noise, causing several bits of shell to fly outwards from the force. It lookas almot as though an earthquake has rocked the stone structure depicted on its surface, causing extreme damage. There is a flurry of movement from within,a couple shivers and then it falls silent once more.

Ancient Forgotten Temple Egg completely shatters into several million pieces, causing multiple bits of shell to rain down onto the sand around it like some odd mimicry of debris from a giant explosion. Sitting within the wreckage of the egg is a flash of color that quickly begins to unfurl to reveal itself as a dark bronze hatchling.

Impression Message




Swirling Eddies of Fog creep into your mind, settling in a fine mist across your consciousness that refuses to lift. There it clings, drifting through your thoughts and memories lazily and with seemingly little care as it flicks past each one in succession. It's touch is fairly warm and humid, as though it were musty air coming directly from a tropical forest being blown right into your head to wreak havoc amongst your brain cells. Faint whispers trickle across your senses, bringing with it a feeling of extreme cunning that will not be swayed by any force on Pern. Before anything else can be discovered about the presence within the egg, the thickening fog slowly leaks out of your mind, seemingly exiting through your ear with a parting snicker.

Swirling Eddies of Fog roils and coils and snakes its way into your head again, twisting sinuously as though it were made of silk rather than a smoke-like substance. It embarks on a long adventure through your mind once more, flitting like some giant winged creature around your various memories, pulling each one forward as it delves deep into your consciousness. There is a hint of intrigue about the touch it leaves behind, as though it were mildly curious about some of the more action-filled happenings of your life. Soon, though, it seems to grow bored and lists back into its slumber, drifting slowly back out of your brain with a slow slithering motion and a parting snort of impatience.

Swirling Eddies of Fog slips quietly into your thoughts again, seemingly tired of the work it requires already after the other forays into your mind. It curls itself into a quiet corner of your consciousness, seemingly content enough to just stay hidden where it is. As it roils about in a sleepy, almost lazy torpor, it gives off the sense of its previous stubbornness and quick cunning. Just try to dare it to move when it wants to stay there, as it would seem it does most greatly. But, as with most other things dealing with the occupent of this particular egg, it begins to lose interest with your random thoughts fairly quickly and soon slides away, draining out of your head with a final laugh.


Silverwing Series - Kenneth Oppel


Name Shadows in the Night Bronze Ilveraith
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Tylia
Impressee A'den (Ashanden - NPC)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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