Fighting the Tide Green Ilianath

Moss green has invaded, taking over from the tip of her delicately pointed muzzle to the end of her overly long tail. The smooth curves of her torso are evenly covered, no variation noticeable as the pale green hue clings to her sides, like moss clinging to a rocky face. Each limb is long and carefully shaped, celadon green sprinkling her hide near each set of dark talons. The same celadon lightens her stomach, spreading outwards from the center line of her belly, launching a resistance against the encroaching moss. The underside of her muzzle is the greatest point of conflict, celadon reaching upwards while moss creeps downwards. Mint sails are crossed by moss-spars, while pear green ridges sit daintily along her length, the darker line contrasting her paler stomach.

Egg Name and Description


Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg
Streaks of red, blue, and yellow criss-cross the entire shell of this rather rotund egg. It looks as though it may have begun as a work of art, but a temper tantrum ruined the canvas. The egg's base color is a creamy, off-white shade, and those streaks of color are tame right near the bottom of the egg. About a third of the way up, however, the colors begin to blend and lines are no longer straight and even. It is as if the artist became irate and threw a fit with the paints

Hatching Message

Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg shifts a bit, this way and that, causing the further blurring of the red, blue, and yellow streaks that criss-cross the surface, each splattered spot seeming to become a streak of its own.

Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg cracks, and it continues to shake back and forth, tiny little cracks spreading outwards from the point of impact, lines crossing and recrossing, like a spider's web overlaid upon the already chaotic surface.

Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg has taken all the abuse it can, and has given up the fight. The splattered colors are shattered apart before the occupant's desire to be out, to be free, to take on the world! And so as pieces of shell fall to the sands, a dragonet emerges.

Impression Message

A sudden burst of metallic hues tumbles into your mind, reds and golds flashing with quick frequency, obscuring a rich pink behind it, and distracting from the light mango scent which floats along with it. « Hey, Achina! Ch'na! » Blues and greens appear, flashing here and there, while a dull roar begins building in intensity in your mind. « We should totally get food. Everyone will notice us - Ilianath and Ch'na. Everyone will want to go party with us. »


Perky, upbeat, and determined to win out - those are the best ways to describe the little green that is your Ilianath.

While on occasion Ilianath's mood falls, she's generally cheerful, urging both you and your classmates on. « Ch'na! Come on! It's not so bad. You enjoy more of the day, this way! » Whether it's rising early to do exercises under V'dim's watchful eye, staying up late cramming for whatever test he's giving next, or simply having to rush around, never getting a moment's rest, she's willing to deal with it, never complaining.

She's got a bright personality, often choosing to inquire about the activities and experiences of others. « How is your wing, Kryptonth? Do you think you can fly again soon? » She's a very social dragon, and enjoys interacting with others around her, and doesn't necessarily know how to act when someone is grumpy. « But, but Jarath Why won't you talk to me? »

Whether it's the source of her social-nature, or the result, she enjoys having a good time, and hates to rush through things that are otherwise fun. Feeding time? Major social event - Time to talk over how it tastes, how the last bath was, and whatever else can be thought of. It's not going to be a quick experience by any means, so you might want to schedule some time.

While she may enjoy passing information on with other dragons now and then, you are always going to be her main friend, and the one she prefers to gossip with. « Ch'na! Did you see who Anstarath let catch her? » Nothing is free of her reign of gossip - weyrmating, rider outfits, and promotions.

She works very hard to maintain a good image - asking for help making sure she has no 'ugly' spots, always doing all her exercises, and even moving slowly on the ground to hide her tendency to get distracted and run into things. Luckily, that tendency disappears once she's off the ground. Also luckily, most of what she runs into, at least as she gets older, and small enough to avoid any real damage to her. Though, not everything in her path is as lucky.

She's always eager to prove that, just because she's a small green, she's able to keep up with the rest of them. At times, this determination can cause problems for both of you. When you're in training, she'll work at taking down an animal far larger than she should, to prove she can do the same as a brown. When its time for gliding across the bowl, she's going to go far further than directed, because others are, which means it is entirely likely you will both face punishment.

To Ilianath, flights are a chance to have a blast, act out, and not truly be responsible for the consequences. She'll taunt and tease her chasers, going up and down, and left and right, but avoiding the loops and twists that some of her clutchmates prefer. The outcome is just that, an outcome, and nothing should be read into it. It's just a fling, after all.

Why Achina? Every girl needs a best friend to laugh with, to cry with, to party with, and to gossip with. Ilianath found her partner in crime in the quick-witted Achina, and looks forward to the observations and knowledge to come.


Sparkly Bits of Foil
Your Ilianath's mind is a bright, shiny, happy place, all in all. She adores flashy hues - metallic reds and blues, silvers and golds, while each and every single one of them sends scattered beams of tinted light here and there. Behind it all is a bright pink, ever present, only changing in intensity to fit her thoughts. Her mind is composed of the dull roar of a crowd at an energizing football game, rising and falling, dissolving into a mottled mix of boos when she gets angry, a whooping yell when she's excited. Her voice itself mid-range, neither too high nor too low, but definitely feminine through and through. However, if she becomes really frustrated, or excited, her voice is likely to rise up to a barely audible squeak, as she tries to say what she wants to. A light mango scent accompanies her words, tinged with the scent of a fruit drink that's not entirely innocent.


The egg theme this cycle was 'Elementary school projects' and Chaotic Splatters of Paint Egg is no different. It is based on the painting projects that took place as a kid, starting off neat and orderly, but finishing with splatters of paint everywhere, as interest faded. Chaotic Splatters of Paint was created by Kirilla.

Your Ilianath is based off of Elliot Reid, the female doctor in 'Scrubs', who is played by Sarah Chalke. Elliot faced a great deal of pressure from her father, Chief of Medicine at a hospital in Greenwich, in choosing her career, as well as pressure from her mother about looks and love life. She also has 4 brothers, who helped shape her personality.

Personality wise, she's quite hyper and competitive, however her bedside manner is mechanical at times. She's rather easily embarrassed, and is afraid to swear, often using 'kiddie swears'. However, she can put up a fair fight, and can protect what she'd like to.

Ilianath's name is from the Greek name Iliana, meaning bright. She is a very bright, perky personality, and generally cheerful.


Name Fighting the Tide Green Ilianath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Kirilla (Egg), Niva
Impressee Ch'na
Hatched November 18, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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