Sprigs of Holly Green Ilexanth

Hunter green is layed like thick foliage over this green's hide, each jagged leaf-shaped piece a slightly different tone, creating a mottled quilt over her body. Limbs, long and limber, are the color of fresh pine needles, as talons are a darker brown, the same bits of mahagony peeking through on her wing joints as each sail is a large shiny leaf strung between the branches that are her wingspars. Vein-like lines of lighter, yellow-hued green tickle her throat, before her face flattens out, and sharp ridges jagged down her back.

Egg Name and Description

Vibrant purple splotches are intermingled with splotches of ebony, the dark hues mingling together. Streaks of violet cut through the darker sections, while in spots black begins to overpower tinges of indigo, each battling for dominance.

Hatching Message

As black and purple mingle on this shell, they seem to be spreading slowly apart. Cracks are running this way and that, before they're shattering the shell, dropping pieces to the ground, and revealing the hatchling within.

Impression Message

Springs of Holly Green Hatchling is peering at the candidates, looking at this Thea, looking at Neferennu, though she's never still for more than a moment, and even as she's doing her examining, her tail is twitching away, or she's resettling her wings to her back. She's continuing down the row, never finding what she's looking for. That is until she finds a short young woman, whose auburn hair is cropped short, and it's this woman who finally causes the hatchling to take pause, before there is a happy nudge into her stomach.

Rysiea was busy talking to the candidate next to her, looking over her shoulder towards the tiers of seats behind her, anything but paying attention, and thus it's with shock that she's looking down at the green infront of her, moving to wrap her arms around her. "Of course, Ilexanth.." The nineteen year old now known as Rya says. "We'll find you some food."


Ilexanth is a busy body. While, at times this means she's getting into things she shouldn't be, this also means that she's constantly needing to be doing something. When her clutchmates are content to lounge around, she'll want to be practicing her latest lessons, or going for a flight 'just to look around'.


The theme for this NPC clutch was 'Winter and Winter Holidays' and Ilexanth was based off of the Holly bush. Her name comes from the botanical name for Holly, the latin word Ilex.


Name Sprigs of Holly Green Ilexanth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Niva
Impressee Rysiea (Rya)
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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