Over the Horizon Brown Ilaydith

Sleek and slender, the rich brown hues of the finest blood bay gather in force upon the lean lines of this hatchling, the fiery red undertones showing through along the curves of his stomach, flaring up at the narrowing of his waist and the curve of his tail. Each well-formed limb is distinctly muscled, the red-brown hues darkening as they near his talons, nearly black socks cladding each of his limbs, the same dark coloring brushing over his flattened muzzle, the darkness tickling his chin, curving around his jaw. Large, faceted eyes are set beneath well formed eye-ridges, the vibrant hues gathering over headknobs and neck, while ridges of darkest umber flow freely down his neck in sharp contrast to the brighter hues of his hide. Sails of translucent auburn stretch between the spars, muscles defined clearly there as well, each and every inch of him built for power, built for speed, and built for beauty.

Egg Name and Description

Whimsical Practitioner Egg
From a dragon's-eye-view, this egg would seem quite bland, mundane. Sterile white marks it as rather uninteresting from that angle, little to make for any in-depth conversation with only faint stains of who-know-what here and there; pinkish, brownish, even yellow, they're faded and somewhat uninteresting. However, from a lower viewpoint, shapes begin to rise from the bland white background along the bottom hemisphere. Caught in some half-imagined shadow, they're hard to distinguish, but get close enough and they become somewhat more familiar. Is that a sphygmomanometer? It's circular and bright red with a white face and seems to be set in some sort of a cuff, and that next to it could be a pump. But why would that stethoscope next to it be bright yellow? The shapes are all so bright and cheerful, so rounded and bubbly, it's hard to take it seriously. And yet, short and oddly flattened as it might be, the egg still somehow manages to be somewhat whimsical.

Hatching Message

There's a single knock on the shell of the Whimsical Practitioner Egg, the egg giving a quick shake, before falling still once more - its reflexes pass!

A bit of movement, a shake, and the Whimsical Practitioner Egg is once more on the move, shifting upon its sandy mound, ushered this way and that way for its check up, a crack beginning to form in the process.

Whimsical Practitioner Egg has been checked over from top to bottom now, cracks beginning to radiate outwards from multiple points, as the creature inside is more than ready to get on with that thing called life - and to see what new horizons await it. With a final push, a black-tipped muzzle forces its way through the shell, and the rest of the hatchling soon follows.

Impression Message

A sudden movement, and bright golds and maroons sweep through your mind, encircling your thoughts, cushioning your very consciousness as it touches, thinks, considers. And then, the silence is gone, there's the smell of a crisp apple lingering between you, and very very quickly, a voice is suddenly talking away, in touch with your very being. « Amelia! I'm here, I told you I would be here! » Blue then appears as well, rippling through the thoughts. « I'm Ilaydith, of course. I know you won't be afraid - we have so much to see… Anywhere we can imagine! » And then, suddenly the brightness is gone, and there's a rumbling sensation in your gut. « But first.. food! New mouth, new food! »


Almost from the moment Ilaydath steps out of the shell and into your life, he will be nothing if not a handful of trouble. Always curious, he will be the one investigating everything - whether it's a bug on a flower, a shell in the sand, or a piece of food fallen from someone's plate - and with each new sight, sound, or experience, there will be a slew of questions directed to you, as he will be eager to find out everything you may know about the particular matter. To him, each day is another chance to experience something new, to see some new place. While he's small, you'll have a heck of a time keeping him from following you places he doesn't belong - the caverns, the baths beyond it, or the store rooms. Thankfully, he'll quickly outgrow the ability to go many of these places, and you will at least have one less thing to worry about.

Ilaydath is quite ADHD when it comes right down to it. In an attempt to take in everything, to see everything there is to offer, he tends to get distracted from one thing in order to look at something else - and then something else after that. Even his mind tends to jump from subject to subject, and you'll often finding yourself having to somehow get him back on track - particularly when you are working together in lessons, or practicing drills. Once you are graduated and out doing actual wing work, he'll enjoy going new places, visiting other Weyrs and Holds, and often time you'll have a hard time convincing him to stay on task long enough to finish the assignment before you go to have fun.

As he does tend to take note of everything in his surroundings, Ilaydath notes the smaller things in life - and tends to notice small signs, signals, and the like which others might miss. This makes him quite good at reading others, particularly humans who tend to wear their emotions and feelings on their sleeves, giving you (and him) an advantage when it comes to knowing what you're dealing with. He is easy to like - a 'people dragon' as it were - and will spend much of his time chatting with anyone and everyone who'll listen And at those who don't care to respond. He has a certain charm to him that attracts attention when he arrives on the scene, and do his friendship with many, he feels justified in meddling, even when specifically asked not to do so.

He does have a few odd quirks to him, however, as he tends to be perpetually late - and in doing so, will often lead to your lateness as well. Driven to distraction as he is, time and duties tend to get away from him, lost in the bigger picture of all there is to see and do - after all, what is a few minutes here or there when it means that something else can be seen? Of course, his lateness is hardly helped by his propensity to act first, and think later, often getting himself involved in things that he really shouldn't, and having to clean up the mess before he can escape - or have you clean up the mess, as it were.

As a young dragon, Ilaydath will be rather clumsy, as if he's still getting use to this strange contraption that is his body - but as he grows up and eventually reaches his full size, he'll soon get the hang of it, and be competent enough both on the land and in the air as to not particularly favor one or the other.

Ilaydath will not always chase, but on those occasions that he does, it will be as a result of him viewing it as a 'new' experience - something different to try even if he has chased and caught that particular green time and time again, for no flight is exactly the same. However, he does rely on a short flight - something which his perpetual lateness tends to help with - as while he may be built for speed, his slender form is hardly an endless reserve of endurance.


Courageous Voyager
Ilaydith's mind is full of bright, vibrant colors, and a rapidly evolving mental environment. He loves the bright colors, the interaction of warm with cool, and of dark with light, and to introduce his newest experiences into his thoughts and projections. His mind tends to rapidly change from moment to moment, as he tends towards stream of consciousness - a consciousness that he is all too willing to share with you at each and every moment - no matter the hour or the situation, even his mental tone revealing his rather short attention span.

His voice is light, pleasant and quick, often going at a pace so quick you'll need to encourage him to slow down, augmented by the scents of the newest things to intrigue him - be it the salty scent of the ocean, fresh fruit from the orchards, or the scent of wildflowers as he settles in the meadow. In combination, his mind can be almost overwhelming at times, particularly when he's younger, until he begins to understand how to control himself, and keep things to an appropriate level.


The egg theme for this cycle was 'Children's Toys' and the Whimsical Practitioner Egg is based off of the Doctor's Kit that it certainly seems every child had sitting around. With a pretend stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and reflex finder, all you needed was some sort of white coat, and you had an entire game of make believe all ready to go. The egg was created by Ontali.

The theme for the dragons, meanwhile while 'What I want to be when I grow up' - and in this case, Ilaydath wants to grow up to be an Adventurer - and an Adventurer he will be. There is a fair amount of the Doctor in him as well, as he is an Adventurer of his own sort.

His name, as you asked, does involve a bit of water, at least indirectly. Ilaydath comes from the Turkish word 'Ilayda', which means water fairy.

As always, everything here is merely guidelines and ideas, rather than anything set in stone - He's yours to play as you will… We're so happy that you chose to stay with us - Congratulations again!!


Name Over the Horizon Brown Ilaydith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Isterreth
Created By Niva
Impressee Amelia
Hatched September 26, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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