So Cool, He's Hot Brown Ikasuth

Hide the color of sunbleached sand and the texture of good suede leather stretches tight over a wedge-shaped head, conforming to the long, slightly pointed muzzle, defining the slight headknobs that protrude from the back of the narrow head. Skin slides down long, agile throat, swirling down across shoulders and ribs in a spill of white and gold. From shoulders spring free billowing wings, sails the color of chocolate clasped firmly within jet spars, cloaking the sunbrushed alabaster of his hide in leathery night. Shadows cast their long fingers across narrow hips and stout legs, darkening aged ivory to living ash, grasping for the ghostly tail that seems ever free of their dark embrace.

Egg Name and Description


A Maze of Stairs Egg
Stairs and steps and treads abound, going will-they, nil-they every direction but up. Despite the senseless conglomeration of stairways, however, there's an easily discernable pattern within the maze, an illusion of order amidst the chaos. Fortunately, the retread is all there is to see, for this egg is monochromatic to an extreme. Light and shadows may abound, but color is leeched until there's nothing but a million shades of black, white, and the ever present gray.

Hatching Message

A Maze of Stairs Egg shatters abruptly, monochromatic shards exploding in a cloud of dust, briefly obscuring the hatchling within before settling to the Sands, revealing the rather stunned occupant.

Impression Message

« J'di. » The voice whispers quietly through your mind, the soft brush of sand against sand, a hint of a summer breeze. « J'di. » Ice frosts across your mind as crystals form and melt away in quick succession. « J'di. » Starbursts explode in your mind, an array of rainbow colors, joy and sorrow intermingled, freedom lost and gained in an instant as the final bonding takes place. « Oh J'di. I have waited for you for so long. I am Ikasuth, and we will be together now. » Laughter spins dizzily as he settles firmly in place. « Come, let us feed, and have some fun! »


In public, in company, Ikasuth is the epitome of 'cool'. Stylish, glamorous, silver-tongued - he'll have the girls all over him and the boys hanging on his every word. Humans won't be immune to his charm - weyrbrats will gather where he is, and in his rather open and personable way, he won't be opposed to chatting them up. He'll play tricks and have fun, though never at someone else's expense. Firelizards, too, will gather in large numbers to surround him, and your lifemate will never want for help when he's ready to bathe.

"He was the most constantly mischievous person I think I've ever met. Full of tricks, full of magic, full of outrageousness." - Stewart Stern

Speaking of bathing, you can be assured he'll be doing this every day for the rest of his life. Doesn't do to look dirty, now does it? And those subtle shadings of gold and ivory must be kept well oiled in order to stand out against the sandy tan of his hide. Fortunately, between the firelizards that flock around him and the humans that gather wherever he goes, you should have no end of volunteers to help bathe and oil your boy.

Ikasuth will be eternally youthful. James Dean never had a chance to grow up - Ikasuth will, but he'll never outgrow his flamboyant fly-boy image. And we do mean fly-boy. Once he's learned how to leave the ground, you'll have a hard time convincing him to return to it. Maturity will make him appreciate what he has, but it will never steal his reckless nature nor his appreciation for the finer things in life. He'll be apt to collect fine things - and you can be sure you'll be making great use of your family connections within the Smith and Glasscrafts.

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." - James Dean

You know computers like you know your own hand. Ikasuth, unfortunately, lives in a world where computers are something that only old fuddies and nerds use. He doesn't understand the concept of computing as cool. As a result, he won't understand your obsession with this endless list of ones and zeros, nor why you have so much fun tapping away on a keyboard. You'll have to learn to juggle your love of computers with your love for him.

Unlike most 'cool' people, however, Ikasuth doesn't have a contempt for those less stylish than he. No, he pities them, and takes them under wing - literally. For those dragons lacking in basic chill, he'll be more than happy to teach them how they should look, move, talk, and act in order to be somewhere in the same hemosphere as he. Even humans will find him willing to tutor them in the fine art of acting cool.

"Gratification comes in the doing, not in the results." - James Dean

An act it is - something you know well, but few people will ever see through. Your boy is skilled in the art of deception, though he'd never tell a deliberately hurtful lie or use his powers for evil. Oh no, he's all about the entertainment. He'll be a powerful mimic, able to actually fool his fellow dragons into believing he's someone he's not. Any description of an event will naturally be accompanied by motion and sound effect, and his imitation skills will extend to his vocal speech as well.

"To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication. Being an actor is the loneliest thing in the world. You are all alone with your concentration and imagination, and that's all you have. Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done." - James Dean

Like all acts, this one only extends for the audience. Behind his bluff and bold exterior beats a heart of pure emotion. He's prone to bouts of depression, and is quite sensitive, especially about remarks made to or about him. He's a romantic in every sense of the word, but though he may flirt with the best of them, he's plagued with self-doubts, and when he falls for that one special gold or green, he'll fall hard and fast. He'll court her endlessly and assiduously, even to the point of making a fool of himself, just to be near her. Obsession is the word that comes to mind.

"I … love you. You're all I bloody think about. Dream about. You're in my gut … my throat … I'm drowning in you, Summers, I'm drowning in you." - Spike to Buffy

He'll be gruff with you, and sometimes you may be surprised by his callousness that he shows to those he doesn't like - and towards those he does. He may be unflattering to someone you thought he had a preference towards, but more often than not, those jibes and jabs are a symptom of a deeper emotion, one he's reluctant to act upon. For a long time, you're the only person he'll have nice things to say about - well, you and himself.

"I don't like to brag. Who am I kidding? I love to brag!" - Spike on himself

Though he's outgoing and cheerful to any but you, he won't be willing to let many close to him, and then only after turns of acquaintanceship. Even your friends will be met with dubious examination and plenty of sharp comments. Your family won't be exempt either - don't expect him to love your siblings as you do. It will take time before he can trust them enough to let his guard down around even his sire's rider. Though he will, from the start, idolize both sire and dam - those who made him have already proven themselves to him.


Starbursts of Sunlight
Such a confusing array of brilliance has never been seen in the natural world. Light of a million shades, most of which would never find thier way onto a rainbow, dazzles the mind and assaults the senses. Moreover - there's confusion in more than just shading, for this mind never seems to take a single track when there's so many paths available to follow. While it may always get where it's going in the end, the journey from start to finish takes the beaten path - any and all that appear. Favorite topics of conversation include philosophy, politics, and law.


All Descriptions and Inspirations are courtesy of J'ymi. Inspirations include:
Egg Inspiration: M. C. Escher's Stairs II
Hatchling Inspiration: James Dean and Spike
Name Inspiration: Ikasu is Japanese for 'Cool' (IE Stylish)


Name So Cool, He's Hot Brown Ikasuth
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Created By J'ymi
Impressee Jeordi
Hatched March 16, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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