Majestic "I'm So Beautiful it Hurts" Brown Hotohorith

Richly golden, tawny brown hide is stretched taught over a thickly muscled form, stocky, yet graceful and limber with seemingly heavy wings that can easily hold his mass aloft. A much darker burnt color interrupts the tawny shade, beginning as a peak between his eye ridges then tumbling backward to completely engulf his solid neck before draping down between his forelegs to taper off at mid belly. The rest of his belly is a lighter yellowed tan, fading to the deeper golden brown on his inner thighs. A patch of burnt brown swallows the end of his tail, finishing off his unique coloring.
Flawless dark green spirals unimpeded over the smooth leather of the straps, black-green moss interweaving in the soft waters of the straps. The crisp, cool waterfall dusts the soft hide with sweet silver to offset Hotohorith's hide, the water droplets hitting here and there on the carefully crafted straps, spreading out, lightening the color, Rukbat's rays spreading through it, simple golden flecks appearing here and there. A velvety layer of soft black /llama/ wool padding resides beneath the watery surface, molding to the demands of the tawny lion. Golden rings are carefully forged, working perfectly with the leather to form a continuous chain of criss-crossing motion.

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