Prancing Petite Pony Green Gwynaleth

Green, the color of shimmering emeralds, coats the back of this petite, slender green, feathering out to lighter colors as it coats her side. Stretching out to her long, agile wings, the green gently verigates lighter and lighter, until a glittering jade sweeps along the very outside tips of her wings. Her wingspars are tipped in the same emerald green of her body, and the trailing edges of her dainty wings echo this same color. As the emerald feathers down her belly and to her extremities, it seems to pull color from her wings, perfectly echoing them as they shade lighter and lighter, until along her belly and the inside of her legs runs a stripe the same fierce, sparkling jade color as her wingedges, the stripe seeming to grow larger and larger until it envelopes the tips of her tail, muzzle and toes. Lithe, strong limbs end in talons so deep of an ebony they seem to reflect the area about her, the tips sharp enough to rend hide with no power expended at all. Her somewhat blunt ridges seem to favor her emerald hide, but they are of so deep a green that, unless one is in quite dim light, they seem black. Her muzzle is often tilted slightly upwards, sharply defined features seeming to take in the world around her with a tinge of arrogance. Her eyes are large and shimmering, reflecting her moods with a rapidity that gives her absolutely no time to hide them. All in all, she is a petite dragon, of somewhat meduim size for her color.

Egg Name and Description


Winged Runner Egg

Over all of its surface, inky darkness pours like it has been spilled from an ink well over this egg. Closer inspection, however, reaveals that the colors varigate quite subtly, from the darkest void of black to light whisps of smokey grey and dark blue. A smattering of dots, from white to slightly yellow in tinge, break up the darkness. At first they seem to be nothing, but after looking for awhile, a picture may seem to form - a leggy runner, with long, spreading wings emerging from it's back may make itself clear.

Hatching Message

The Winged Runner Egg rocks from one side to the other, bounces twice, then shivers lazily and seems to split lazily into several large pieces, which fall away and reveal a Prancing Petite Pony Green Hatchling.

Impression Message

Swirling chaos envelopes your mind, tickling it daintily with feathers of blue, purple, gray and white. «B'relle? About time.» She snorts softly in your mind, the color and chaos intensifying almost to the point of complete confusion and tension. Then, suddenly, it is soothed away, brushed softly into oblivion by the tickling feathers. «B'relle, this has all taken too long. I tire of this excitement and all these people. And the ache in my belly, B'relle. You /must/ relieve this ache.» The voice, sounding like softly tinkling windchimes, seems so together, so incredibly self-assured. «I am here, B'relle. You do not have to worry about being alone again.»


Life will prove to be interesting with this little lady. She’s no stranger to being opinionated, not really aware of the outcome that could come of it. Or, perhaps, she simply doesn’t care. Her outspoken nature won’t dull incredibly with time, but she might be able to hold her tongue in public a bit more often and perhaps quell the many unflattering questions she has for later.

She’s keen to point out any flaws she sees among the other hatchlings and as she grows it’ll be hard to keep her voice in her head when among others. « Have you heard that Emoryith??? She’s an absolute headache of course; obnoxious and soooo immature. She likes to think she knows everything, but between you and me she’s no better off then that blue mess, Xhonovith. To think that anyone with –that- coloration could have intelligence. » Oh, she’s no gossip. She’s merely very assertive of her opinion.

Though a bit lazy, she’ll learn with a good deal of effort from yourself, how to haul herself into the sky. This prima donna will make very sure she’s got all the dragons’ attentions whether for a mating flight or simply when she’s first learning. All eyes are on… her. Why? Well, why not? Can you think of anything better to look at?

She’ll often use her loud tendencies to push you in a direction that you otherwise not care to go. No matter your view on firelizards, she’ll constantly push for one, encouraging you to talk to those who she knows from gossip have eggs to give away. She’ll never chase those belonging to others away, no matter how much mischief they may be getting into. And, Faranth help you if/when you attach one yourself. She’ll constantly be taking care of it, begging (loudly, I might add) that it remain with her whenever possible.

Mating flights put her in the spotlight, which is exactly where she wants to be. All eyes on her, afterall, but this time for something more then simply her own ego. She’ll soar high after all that training you put her through, weaving her large winged body high in the clouds. Normally competition is a waste of time, but in the air, she’s all for a race against those sorry males. Oh, she’ll let one catch her, but not until after she’s put on a great show.

Though she may embarrass you silly, B’relle, she’d be mortified if she thought she’d ever hurt you by it. Once of the many boundaries of her commentary are set (and you’ll find more and more needing to be set up as she ages) she’ll never test them again. Her affection for you is a lot deeper then her desire to be heard.

Why Bryndarelle? Why not Bryndarelle? Gwynaleth chose you, B'relle, because you are her perfect opposite. Her polar twin. Gwynaleth is everything you are not - outgoing, shallow, and quite full of herself. In you, she sees a shy companion, a voice of reason, and a fast, loyal friend. In you, she seeks her balance, her sense of truth and justness, and someone who will support everything she does, unconditionally. In you, she seeks grounding, two feet to keep her firmly on the ground, while her head and wings soar through the sky. And in you, she has found the recipient of the love she has to give, your love in return, the companion she needs, and the supporter she demands. No other Candidate on the Sands could ever have been good enough for your Gywnaleth.


Whirlwinds of Green Feathery Chaos

Swirling flurries of blues, whites and purples envelope the mind of whomever this green speaks to, taking on overtones of a rainbow of different colors, depending on her moods. With fervency comes an intensity of colors; each distinct, yet mixed, but inarguably present. Her voice is feminine, soprano in tone, and distinguished, with tinges of her arrogance and self-assurance. She seems omnipotent, and she is prone to randomly raffling through memories as she speaks to you, picking out particular events to back up her point. She will have a tendency to do this whether she speaks to you or to others. Usually, however, her voice is overtoned with deep purples, making obvious her deep love and affection for you, no matter what side she shows to others.


Name Prancing Petite Pony Green Gwynaleth
Dam Gold Branwynth
Sire Brown Zoith
Created By T'eo, Daniella
Impressee B'relle
Hatched December 5, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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