Old Grumpy Wise Soul Bronze Granaeth

There is a feeling of great age to the dragon, a fragile wisdom belied by the sleek, supple form. His is not a very metallic bronze, rather sporting the dark patina of time and weather. He runs to clean, sharp lines and wiry strength. His head is a narrow wedge held as though supporting a great weight and touched by a frosting of ice blue on muzzle and jowls, as if he were already turning gray. The sinuous neck is mimicked by equally sinuous limbs and tail and they meet at the trim, springy chest and flanks. A delicate pattern runs from throatlatch to tail tip, randomly crossing every meter of hide. Curves and crescents of darkest bronze mark a leathery wrinkling across the entire hide, creating that illusion of age. The wings especially take on an aged leather look and they seem as if they should drag along the ground. Yet he moves with quick, energetic motions that emphasize his most striking feature: nearly pitch-black claws, long and curled, almost disproportionate to his wiry limbs.

Egg Name and Description

H'kar The Bells Egg

Tinkling tiny bells chime softly, swinging back and forth on an automaton, set to strike a quick chord set, rising rapidly and faster and faster. Notes start to toll out, stronger, brighter as the larger brighter gold bells join in, chiming below the lighter ones while the sound carries away, wrapping you up in the chimes and song, to float you away in joy.

Cling to the Green is outstretching arms of welcome. A world flourishes up around you, a sea of green in the form of trees, shrubs, and grass. The sounds of children's laughter can be made out and everything feels so.. at ease. It's that perfect time before the green starts to lose its battle. There will be none of that colorful autumn stuff here! Green! Green! Green shall reign supreme! After a few moments pass, and perhaps you grow bored of the verdant surroundings, you try to pull away but suddenly feel pressure on you. A feeling consumes your mind, a stubbornness, the kind where someone has dug their feet in and refused to budge. No! You can't leave the green! You can almost hear its upsetting cries and you try to withdraw again. It clings, and tugs, and tries so very hard to keep you here. But finally you are able to escape, leaving with only one thought: The green shall survive!

Hatching Message

The H'kar the Bells Egg stirs, showing the first little signs of movement as it wiggles in the sand.

The H'kar the Bells Egg is moving much more energetically now, a loud crack echoing in the cavern as the shell begins to splinter.

The H'kar the Bells Egg bursts into fragments with one final explosive motion, little shards of shell flying about as the hatchling within emerges.

Impression Message

The Old Grumpy Wise Soul Hatchling lumbers over to you, sticking his snout directly into you. « You! » The voice barks inside your mind, as you are suddenly aware of the intense, remarkable bond forming. « Legan, right? Right. 'Course. Look. The name's Granaeth. » The dragon gives you a gentle nudge. « Listen, it's been a long day, and it's food time. Let's get some. Now! Time's a wastin'! »


Granaeth is like an old man inhabiting a young body. Because of this he sometimes seems to show some characteristics that don't seem very morally upright. He is grouchy, in the way of tired old men. « You kids get off my ledge! » And he can be a bit selfish and greedy. « No, I will not share my meat with Noelleth. She can just hunt her own. » He tends to be curiously inattentive at times, missing things that others can't understand. "What do you mean what happened to Bleargth? She tripped and skinned her nose right in front of you!" But he has his good qualities. He can be courageous and true, and he dearly loves you even if he has odd ways of showing it.

In some ways, he's surprisingly curmudgeonly for such a young dragon. He can be haughty and dismissive when it comes to many things that his clutch siblings enjoy, dismissing them as 'fads' while instead showing great interest in subjects and activities which are oddly old fashioned. He can be a little slower to accept new ideas, which might cause some difficulties during lessons.

Despite these sensibilities, he is a very energetic and brave dragon, diving into challenges with an almost confrontational sort of attitude. Not the most social of dragons, his curmudgeonly energy can sometimes lead him to be a little rude to others. Still, when he finds others that he really likes and trusts, he forms close and lasting bonds with them. When it comes to flights, he puts the fierce energy to good use. He's a powerhouse in the air, and every single movement is strategized. He's more inclined to chase golds then green. « Not going to waste good blood on /her/ foolishness. » and unfortunately for you, your inclinations have less effect on if he chases or not than many other males, but he will at least listen to your requests even if he just goes on to ignore them from there. He tends to develop favorites, attending all their flights while branching out as his curious mind wills.


MIND-NAME: Memories Long Gone
MIND-DESC: A presence with a strong feeling of nostalgia about it, bringing thoughts of the past to the surface seemingly without any other trigger. How long has it been since you remembered those places, or those people? But why dwell on it at all? There's plenty to dive into right now.


Hey there! As requested, Granaeth is heavily inspired by the grandfather from Courage the Cowardly Dog.



Credit for running the Secret Santa dragon exchange goes to Bey and the rest of staff.


Name Old Grumpy Wise Soul Bronze Granaeth
Dam Gold Quirinth
Sire Brown Quirinth
Created By Z'deh
Impressee L'gan
Hatched December 20, 2015
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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