Dragon Description


Bronzen gilt tipped ridges are the first thing that draws the eye to this dragon, they're sharp, polished and as reasonable to use as a weapon as his ebon cloaked claws. This dragon is equal parts whorls of purest bronze mixed with inky blacks that seek to obscure this beasts form in darkness and from a distance he could easily be mistaken for a large brown. The patterning of his hide is that of damascus steel, loops and fingerprint like whorls of purest bronze embossed upon an inky black backdrop.

While not the largest of his color, it's all in the way he carries himself that makes him appear grander than he is. His headknobs are flared outwards before returning inwards, his head is angular and well shaped even if his maw appears as though he's always got a faint snarl to him. Sinuous lengths of his neck are angled and contoured to be eye-catching with shimmers of bronze in any given light. It's his wings that are unique, rather than even edges at the ends of them, they're faintly tattered and edged in coal black almost as though they've been burned. Proportioned perfectly, this bronze's tail is long and lean, giving him the appearance of a dragon larger than he is.

Egg Name and Description

Betwixt the Trees Egg
This egg sits right in the upper mid-size, a perfect ovoid shape that crests just faintly shorter than the largest eggs and a fair bit larger than the smallest. Enrobed in inky blacks that start with thick lines at the bottom and shoot into thin tendrils towards the apex, they're set upon a background of pristine snowy white. There's a bronzen lining along the edge of the trees that's barely noticeable from a distance, but from up close appears raised to the touch and offers a glimmer of brightness to keep it from falling entirely into a nightmarish landscape. Within the sketchy looking forest of lines, there's a single splash of color on one side: red, which if one were imaginative, might look like a small figure running towards the horizon. On the opposite side: a splotch of grey, dark and slinking amongst the black barked trees.

Hatching Message

Betwixt the Trees Egg lurks amongst the shadows on the sands, waiting for that opportune moment, waiting for its chance. A slight shift to check on the situation, barely noticeable in the dim light, and once more, it goes still.

Betwixt the Trees Egg shifts then, another little wobble in the darkness, settling deeper into the sands, making itself comfortable. But then, a crack appears on the shell, as if the egg is yawning deeply.

Betwixt the Trees Egg has waited, waited and watched, waited and watched and yawned.. And now, the cracks have grown too wide, and there is no more time for waiting. WIth a giant pounce, the occupant is loosed upon the sands, a shadowy form.

Hatchling Name and Description

Roses are Red Hatchling

Shadow eclipses this young dragon's large frame, though the spikes and ridges are prominently dark against the dusky background. If one was looking for softness, there's none to be found here, and the illumination of jeweled eyes that capture even the faintest hint of light seem ominous. Glints of light reflect off of what look like knives digging into the sands, and the baleful appearance of a dragon that begins its advance. There's no brightness in this young dragon's demeanor, no innocence of a newborn being. Wicked, threatening, and downright sinister this dragonet appears when wreathed in darkness.

Impression Message

There's the feeling of something sharp being dug into your thigh a moment before all feeling seems to vanish. Your knees begin to give out, and the darkness that surrounds the hatching grounds envelops you. The scent of decomposing leaves fills your mind, and something hot and metallic on top of that. « D'lei. » A deep baritone that resonates within your soul etches your newfound name into it. « I am your Garouth. Together, we will be great. They can't see it yet, but they will. » The darkness starts to fade, and a hunger begins to rumble though you can't tell if it's yours, or your newfound lifemate's. « There's something over there. Something that smells delicious. » He trails off, and if you don't hurry and get your wits about you, he'll be heading to the weyrling barracks without you.

Mindvoice Name and Description


Untamed Predator

Garouth is certainly Fuerioth's son, and it is most evident in the tones and touch of his mind - cold, unwelcoming, and borderline inhospitable. In time, certainly, you will become used to it, but in your first months together it is likely to be particularly jarring. Undoubtedly, his voice has a chill to it, its baritone lacking the warmth and emotion of some of his clutchmates.

An autumnal forest is captured within his consciousness - the smell of fallen leaves long since piled on the ground, the crisp coolness that bespeaks of snow yet to come, the long rays of sunlight that filter sideways through the now-bare branches, casting long shadows that may have introduced a bit of brightness to the mind that was so dark while in the shell, but certainly not making it warm and welcoming. Often, his words will be accented with the colors of a late autumn sunset - rose golds and lavenders, the occasional burst of orange indicating particular interest in a topic or situation, the brightness betraying him, but only to you.

Although alone here, it is not hard for you to become lost staring up into the sky, searching for signs of him. Head tilted back you could forever await the sound of footsteps in the leaves. If you are lucky, and unblinking, prepared to remain stranded for an eternity, Garouth will make his presence known by the brightening of the sky - a return to daylight that bares him fully to you. For in truth, he is not a dark and brooding creature, it's just that he keeps his confidences and secrets behind his enshrouding veil.


Once you’re lost in the twilight’s blue,
You don’t find your way…
…the way finds you.

D’lei! We are so excited to welcome you into the fold here at Monaco Bay. You impressed us with your dedication and willingness to RP, and all of us that were lucky enough to RP had a great time with you. The theme for the clutch was Bedtime Stories, and your Garouth is based on the wolf in Red Riding Hood, and his name is based on ‘loup garou’ which is the french word for werewolf. We hope that we’ve given you a dragon that will continue to push your limits as a character, and continue to foster the growth we’ve seen during your candidacy. The inspiration is by no means the end all and be all of your bronze, but a guide to help and inspire you along your journey with your ferocious companion. I hope you love him as much as I enjoyed creating him. Welcome to riderhood!

~ R’en with mind desc by S’u.

Personality (RP Tips)


Little girls, this seems to say,
Never stop upon your way,
Never trust a stranger-friend;
No one knows how it will end.

Straight out of the shell, Garouth’s interest in blood might be concerning. He will immediately want to get off the sands where the remnants of his former prison lies and go into the barracks where the scent of blood has filled his nostrils. He will shove his face into the bucket, heedless of your desire to help him and there may very well be a few times where he gets so eager to stuff his maw full that you might be reaching down his throat in an attempt to pull out obstructively sized chunks of meat. This might be a short-lived phase for some dragonets, but your Garouth - well, he’s just so -eager- that unfortunately this may be a common problem for the first week or two and you will have to keep an eagle eye on your lifemate to make sure he makes it through it. He will also go digging his maw into other weyrling’s buckets to see if there’s any blood left behind. It’s a weird thing, but.. He’s your weird thing now.

He’s one that enjoys being lacquered with oil, his wings of particular interest to dragonhealers from the tattered edges at the bottoms of them. He will often need extra oil on those smaller flaps that seem frayed from an invisible fire. You will find that he will insist you get up in the middle of the night to oil him, especially his wings and his joints. He’s not a vain creature, as such, but there is a practicality to him that insists that he must have his hide in the best condition it can be, so that he can be ready at a moment’s notice should he need to be. As such, you also will need to be ready at a moment’s notice, and will be requested to keep a full set of clothing within easy reach. Don’t be surprised if he tests you randomly, calling an alert to your mind that something is wrong when you’re deep in sleep and he’s not in the barracks.


It’s only because of your newfound strength that Garouth has found a lifemate in you, the fact that you didn’t back down from the challenges of having an overbearing bronze telling you that you need to work harder, that you’re too soft, and now - you have your own to force you to strive for the same things. Like father, like son, Sindrieth’s spawn has a desire to see you become as strong as you can be if you’re to be with him, and hunt with him. He will endeavor to walk the farthest, stay up the longest, and prove that he is indeed the strongest of all the weyrling dragons. Stalwart and devout in his dedication to responsibility, expect him to be the first to urge you from your shared couch to begin the weyrling regiment at the crack of dawn. He will want to be first in all things, from oilings to straps, to lessons in order to set a precedence of excellence. It’s not that he is arrogant, but he’s so sincere to his cause and so emboldened by courage that he rarely fails. Perhaps, in time, after you have mastered all of your misgivings and come to admire him for his ingenuity, D’lei, you will allow Garouth to be your mentor, to shape you into all that you can be. You are both hunters, the two of you. He’s no drill sergeant but he does endeavor to keep you on your toes as much as he hopes you will keep him on his.

Fun, in Garouth’s mind, is the hunt - oh, he will be out looking at the feeding pens and watching the grown dragons during their kills. However, he will find that despite how much he wants to join them in the act of killing he doesn’t find sport in game that’s penned. It will do while he’s growing, but as soon as he’s able to fly well and hunt - he will be insisting on hunting prey that isn’t penned. Does that mean you might be conned into pulling one of those herdbeasts off into the wilderness for him to truly -hunt-? Well…. Most likely. « They taste so much more delicious after they’ve run for a while and got that blood pumping through them! » Don’t think he’s going to do it alone, either. Often Obarath will be encouraged to join, and no - he doesn’t want more than one herdbeast between the pair of them. The best hunter will take the spoils and the loser will go to the pens to get their dinner.

He is not all work and no play, he does enjoy the hunt as a form -of- play, but he also enjoys lounging on the beach and splashing in the water. He enjoys seeing reactions, either of things that he says or things that he does. Not all of these reactions will be ones that are good, for you or for him, but even ones that end in anger are fun in their own ways - something to laugh about in the future when the anger it might rouse has passed.

As you’re pretty, so be wise;
Wolves may lurk in every guise.
Handsome they may be, and kind,
Gay and charming - never mind.


Your Garouth is cunning, he has a wolf’s keen intelligence as well as its pack orientation. For as much as he desires to be the best, it doesn’t mean he wishes to see others fail. If Nyath is falling behind in something, don’t be surprised to see your bronze attempting to help him catch up. The wing is only as strong as the weakest link, and your bronze wishes to be part of the strongest wing in the weyr. This dedication to not only his own betterment, but the continued encouragement of others in the wing will make him, and by proxy, you, a formidable choice for leadership of a wing.

Never, will Garouth be a dragon for displays of physical prowess or a need to engage in aerial acrobatics to prove his brawn. He is secure enough in his own fortitude to exercise self-control and an economy of motion. Oh, he will be eager to demonstrate punctuality and skill, but his physical bravery is to be taken for granted. His valiance must reveal itself more through his magnanimity and sense of fairplay; his respect for others, and his adherence to what is right. When not angered or vengeful, he is all about self-control, especially in the face of adversity. He demonstrates the utmost discipline for whatever challenges or obstacles you may tackle, D’lei. Most important to him is the maintenance of his self-respect and dignity and the respect he fosters with others in the Weyr. For him, there is a practical side to being imperturbable, because being anything but is useless.

Now, as then, ‘tis simple truth:
Sweetest tongue has
Sharpest tooth.

Of course, at the end of the day, when all matters of the state have been attended to, relationships fostered, secrets told, worth been proven, Garouth is not a shallow being. He cares about you, so much that he invests in not his future, but yours too. All his qualities he hones for good, he also reserves to be your truest companion. Ultimately, he will languish on the ledge beside you, watching the sunset. He will listen to you, without an alternate agenda. He is earnest, remember. He wants to hear your passions, your fears, your opinions. He wants to be able to encourage and advise you in moments of doubt, to assume an active role in bringing what you desire to fruition as well, where he may only play the passive listener to his other acquaintances. All his sense of duty and accomplishment is for you, D’lei, and that spark of potentiality he first witnessed in you that fateful day he sprung from his shell, one world ended and a new one beginning: one with you. His oath, and his responsibility, is ultimately to you. If there is anything his qualities vouch for, it is his selflessness. Ambitious, yes, but in devotion to bringing about what is good.

The wolf thought to himself,
What a tender young creature.
What a nice plump mouthful…

He loves you, in the end, your Garouth. You are his closest ally and his dearest friend. He harbors so much optimism for your future, D’lei, so have patience with him. Together you and he will solve many problems, and piece together many puzzles. He will see to you that you both lead an active lifestyle as well as an active mind. This is Interval, a time of building and progress. Perhaps you will find an interest in helping the Weyr’s efforts to become more self-sustaining with your techcrafting skills. Whatever you may be, it will be a Renaissance man of enlightenment and many talents, for you are Garouth’s closest advisor and he will look to you to fill in the gaps in his practical knowledge.


In flights, he succumbs to his animalistic instincts, here the wolf surfaces a malicious, brutal beast with a mind only for carnal impulses. Don’t expect him to offer flowery words of enticement to the green, for his instincts will kick in as soon as he sees that glowing hide heading towards the feeding pens. It’s as though he regresses back into an entirely beastial nature, full of lust, passion and desire. D’lei, the first time those hormones kick in and he wants to go in pursuit of a green or gold - there is no stopping him for he may very well cripple you with a welling of primal need that will take your breath away and leave you on your knees.

Even as he hungers for power, and gold flights have the opportunity to provide him with such, it will be the green flights that he enjoys the most. For although he isn’t as swift as some of the smaller dragons, he will enjoy the challenge of chasing those nimble greens throughout the skies. The more elusive the more he throws himself into the chase, the canine after the bone, caring not for injury or decorum. In the first few flights, you may find he claws up the competition in his chase and you will have to work hard if you have any hope to control him.

Should Garouth sire a clutch, he will prove to be an absent father. The gold is a prize that he’s already won, the chase long over before the eggs hit the sand. However, his interest will pique when yours does, and he’ll check on the eggs and the dam so long as you remind him that he should. The same will go with greens, as soon as the flight is over, he isn’t one to linger and cuddle. Instead, he has done what instinct has dictated and will likely go look for food to replenish his strength should another opportunity to chase arises. This bronze is not one that seems to ever be able to have the flames of his desire quenched, so be prepared that your bronze will be chasing nearly every green and gold that flies within range of his incredibly sensitive nose.


Name Beyond the Shadowed Veil Bronze Garouth
Dam Gold Fuerioth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By R'en (with mind desc by S'u)
Impress To D'iel (Dashiel)
Hatched 18 February 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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