Tender and Loving Gold Frydath

A long, elegant neck is arched gracefully so as to allow this golden hatchling's nose to sniff daintilly at the sand which now rests beneath her ebony talons. She wiggles her long toes a little before slowly standing and stretching out her sinewous form, wet wings drying quickly over the hot sand, and flakes of pale dried ichor fall off the irridescent sails. Spreading evenly from the tip of her narrow nose to the end of her long, flowing tail, is the rich, dark golden color of the precious ore. An even darker maize tickles at her underbelly and the insides of her legs and arms, spreading up to the base of her throat, making her appear as though she were really two colors, but is not. When her wings are finished drying, she unfurls them, shaking the rest of the flakey dried goo off, displaying intricate designs, akin to constellations found in the sky.

Egg Name and Description


Double Helix Egg
Swirling around a shell of royal splendor are golden helix here and there, practically covering the entirity of the orb in a gossamer curtain of sunshine. The twisted lines spread from the top of the shell to the bottom of the egg, and between the parallel bars of ocher are tiny rungs of white gold, almost platinum, like a ladder, which no one could possibly ever climb. But it's obvious by the sheer size and primarilly saffron color of this egg, not to mention how Everenth seems to be constantly hovering over it, that it holds one not unlike herself.

Hatching Message

Cracks begin to form over the shell of the Double Helix egg as the dna seems to be decomposing, the various components falling to the sands from their previous fixed state. Left behind appears to be utter perfection embodied in the form of a small, golden dragon.

Impression Message

Soft swirls of silver warmth spin wildly about your senses, filling you with a warmth so loving, so tender, it almost makes you cry. In the background, the gentle tinkles of bells can be heard and a soft, melodic voice whispers to you, « I have missed you so, though I know not what it means to miss someone… I am your Frydath, though, and we are together. »



As a weyrling dragon, Frydath will perhaps be one of the most obsessive creatures you'll ever run into. How do we mean? Frydath is a perfectionist. One moment, everything will be perfect. The next moment, she'll think it's horrible and all must be done again. This has its good points and bad. One good point about it is by the time you finally get it to where she'll accept it, you'll look smarter than any other weyrling pair and a lot of rider pairs at that. One bad point about it is by the time you finally get it to where she'll accept it, they'll have been long done with their lessons and won't care how smart you look. But you'll love her none the less. She will make you a better person. In flight, Frydath is a totally different dragon. She is ruthless and will not take any prisoners. She will do her best to put down every male dragon in the weyr, trying to persuade them not to chase her, but don't worry. Their physical make-up doesn't let them really choose, so her suiters will always be in great numbers.

Frydath is an extremely strong dragon in her mind. Once she comes up with a thought on how things should be done or how they happened, you have no chance in persuading her differently. When she hears Eunith say that she's a brown, Frydath will first analyze the facts, look at Eunith, and then come to the conclusion, « She is a brown. » For the rest of Eunith's life, Frydath will not be persuaded otherwise, even if Eunith says she's green. You will never have to worry about Frydath's opinion. She will always have one and you will never have to wait to hear it. In fact, even when you don't want to hear it, she'll be all too happy to share it anyway, as she's sure you want to, you just don't know you want to. She is an extremely strong spirit, and very decisive. « Today, we will eat, bathe, oil, take a fly around the bowl and then sleep. » I have chores to do… « No. That is how it will be because I said so. » UGH! She will be your biggest defender. You are her hero, and if she even -thinks- someone's saying something bad about you, watch out. She'll be sure as shootin' about to start some trouble.

Why did I choose you? Why not? You were strong, solid, dependable. You stood without fear. You were defiant. I could feel you, even though I could not see you. I knew you were there, waiting for me, and wanting me. And it wasn't your strength or confidence I felt… it was that scared little person inside of you that didn't want to be left standing alone anymore. The one that refused to let anyone see her fear because she was scared of so much. I reached out to touch you, and you were there. I will never hurt you, and I won't let anyone hurt you ever again.

Mind Voice

No matter what this dragon says, there always seems to be something, someone else speaking in the background, causing you to strain to hear what this mind is saying. Tinkles of bells and swirls of warmth wrap each word lovingly in a tender embrace as they are delivered into your thoughts.


This hatchling is based off the novel Friday, by Robert Heinlein.


Name Tender and Loving Gold Frydath
Dam Gold Everenth
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By Tristjen
Impressee Qyh
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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