Patchwork of Horrors Green Franmonth

A giant among others greens, her size is the first physical feature that stands out. Her broad shoulders pack enough bulk to actually power her flight longer than most others of her color. Although large with thick limbs all around, the next thing noticeable about her is the variety of colors spreading across her hide as if pulled from multiple greens to make this one. Her head is pale green, cut off just at the top of her neck, only to sweep into a dark jungle pattern that covers most of her bulk, only to be split again at her broad legs. Each of the four take a different color: teal, jade, ivy, and sea green. Her tail is a brighter lime, stubby to match the rest of her physique. Though she does not fit among the dainty greens, bright emerald spreads out along her large sails to help her fly like the larger dragons.

Egg Name and Description


Electric Experiment Egg
Snuggly settled into the sands, this egg is a tangle of steel and sinister sharp points laying about its surface in a semblance of order. A long silvery-gray slab extends around the center of the egg, laying horizontal along half of its circumference. Thick black cables coil around the centerpiece, covered on occasion by colored sections of irregular shapes, ranging in a variety of bubbling green to a putrid yellow among other metallic beams rising from the bottom of the egg. Dark clouds of black and blue coalesce on the top, covering every inch as it creeps towards the center, only to be pierced through by bright streaks of yellows bolting down towards the metallic surface.

Hatching Message

Electric Experiment Egg does not noticeably rock in its little dug out spot, though if one looks closely it would notice some of the sands shifting around this egg as the occupant prepares itself.

Electric Experiment Egg gives one ominous shudder before laying still. There's a spiderweb of cracks starting to emerge at the very top of the shell, but otherwise it is taking its time.

With one thundrous CRACK, the Electric Experiment Egg splits right down the center, as if struck from above by a mighty force. As the hatchling shifts, it pushes against the two pieces away, allowing them to fall to each side. In its center is a goo-covered Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling, stretching her wings out wide before creeling out to the crowds.

Impression Message

Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling lets out a soft whimper to her tomb, nudging one of the pieces further away with her snout before deciding that it was no use. It was gone. She slips down the little mound, sand sticking to her gooey hide as she creels out again, this time towards those white objects up ahead. Her eyes blink, and she stumbles forward, miscalculating the distance between herself and a girl, only to have her nose sink into the sands. She gives a loud roar of frustration as she swings back up, shaking her head viciously of the hot sands, and then she's off, tumbling in her stampede towards the candidates instead.

Patchwork of Horrors Green Hatchling does not care for the candidates that leap out of her way. She's seeing red, and she's hungry. But eventually her momentum is slowed as her energy weakens, and she cries out again as she collapses in a spot, her head swiveling around to regard those closest to her. It's one tall bespeckled man that gets a head tilt, and he takes a cowering step back. That movement only makes the giantess leap forward, catching the man's arm on one of her claws, raking it down. "I know you're hungry, Franmonth! But stop that!" V'tor, now, shouts at the green, quickly grabbing onto the long scratch on his arm. It wasn't as deep, but blood was still starting to spill. "Come on, there's food over thereā€¦ /slowly/," he instructs the green in a stern voice, trying to nudge her in the right direction.



Stormy Cold Sorrows
This mind is all about a stormy day, depressive and yet curious as it trails over the mind. It only wants to see if it can fit in somehow into the mind it touches, almost as if hoping it can make a friend among the candidates, though its usually clumsy in its observations. Its smoky hazy is usually tendrils, cool to the touch, and not overly colorful. When it is overly excited or angry, bolts will pierce through, crackling and bright along with loud rolling thunder, which happens more common than not with such a short temper.


Franmonth is based off of Frankenstein's Monster.


Name Patchwork of Horrors Green Franmonth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Ysa
Impressee V'tor
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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