Windborne Secrets Green Fauikith

Dark shadows, thick with foliage, steal across serpentine head and neck to slide down thick, strong shoulders. Tones of somber gayety relinquish to that of mischievous emerald along haunches and tail. Hide thick over her small yet muscular frame ending in gleaming claws, sharp as thorns, at toe tips. A hint of buttercup seeps though the smooth coloration of this young girl's hide, making its mark primarily across her toes. Following over her head and down her back comes a slight speckling of other shades of green-greys giving a slight mottled effect of sunlight through branches.

Egg Name and Description

Mountain Citadel Egg
Perched upon almost inaccessible peaks, tightly fitted stones of rain-dampened gray enclose this egg, marching steeply up a windswept peak to the shell's apex in a terraced fashion of living green between dead rock. The bones of a city lost to time is caressed by clouds' wistful fingers, ghostly wisps that cling to boulders fashioned in mystery by hands long-departed.

Hatching Message

Mountain Citadel Egg trembles, an agitated rocking motion begins shaking the stones thereof as if the earth beneath them as it awakens from the deep sleep of winter to displace the snowbound heights with the kiss of spring. This last but a few moments before all movement abruptly stops as the egg freezes and becomes still once more. Perhaps it was only a spring thaw?

As if pushed by a capricious breeze, Mountain Citadel Egg stirs . It's an uneasy movement as within a battle to free itself from the constraints of the shell begins. Cracks branch out across the shell to engulf the egg. Bare of leaves, they form stark patterns against the snow-touched stones and sky. Spring is coming!

Mountain Citadel Egg thaws at last as pieces of the shell melt from around the dragon within to rain down upon the sands in a puddle of shards. Bound by winter no longer, the hatchling sallies forth to conquer the unknown.

Impression Message

It breathes on you, the cool breath of a pristine forest in winter, dispelling the heat of the sands and bringing with it the fresh scent of snow-laden cedar. Sweet notes as haunting echoes of a long-ago dream play through your mind, muting the noise around you, « Phylicia, you are not nearly as strong as you lead others to think. Come. You need me. I will be your forever friend now and lend you my strength. » The contact fades, brushing your skin with velvet-soft redfruit petals of pastel pink as it retreats, only to return scented of new grass, sun-warmed by spring, « I am Fauikith and I need you. Please I need something else now. For my belly? »



You, Phylicia, might well learn a lesson from her on watching your own mouth as she's libel to call you on it from the time she hatches. « Oooohhh.. That's not very nice. » Fauikith likes to talk, and talk she will. About anything and everything. So all those secrets you might keep to yourself? You might find some shared with the weyr, or at least your fellow weyrlings. Really she's only trying to help.

She'll learn however, not only what to say and not, but when. As she grows some might well think otherwise of her desire to converse. That's not to say that she'll stop speaking with others of her kind, just that when she does (as with you) there's often a pause before her reply is made giving her time to think out the right words to say.

This green girl was born to fly, well all dragons are, but while they're still young and bound to the ground Fauikith is sure to voice her want to get out there and catch the breeze. She likes the way it feels on her skin - wind, rain, mud … there's sure to be at least once that she'll require a bath after getting into something.

As a young dragon you might find yourself chasing her around the weyrling yard, and once she's able to fly… Well just watch out - her wanderlust will never fade. A trip to the skies with you will always be a pleasure be it for regularly scheduled sweeps or a leisurely glide above the treetops. She enjoys solitude as much as the company of others. As long as you are by her side she'll be content anywhere. Her favorite place is likely to be some clearing in the woods just big enough for her to land that the two of you find together, just be sure to bring a flashlight as the dark is never something she'll become completely accustomed to. This might well prove a challenge in weyrlinghood as well - after all while she might want a light on everyone else in the barracks might not be so happy with the idea.

For you she's libel to give and keep right on giving. She'll be there through it all with a shoulder to cry on and plenty of encouraging words, but like every -true- friend she's not afraid to call your bluff or point out when you're just plain being a belligerent fool. You are not only her lifemate but her best friend.

She's a lover, not a fighter, and you'll likely notice this most as the time comes for your girl to go proddy. While she might normally be all for doing her own thing, getting out there in nature with you as her companion, its times such as this where you'll find her willing to curl up with any blue, brown or bronze who's willing to give her the attention (and flirtation) she craves.

  • Sketch of Fauikith in flight by Khiitan


The breath of the forest that you love so well lives in Fauikith and you can hear it in the whisper of leaves that heralds a change in her moods. While at times her peace is profound stillness, she'll speak in the near-silence, muted night insects providing a far-off cadence to her thoughts. There are times when, tender and sweet, she'll dance with the haunting of piping flute notes that warble, airy as birdsong through your consciousness imparting both joy and love for you and life. Her ire is a storm that churns the limbs, bending trees to her will. In those times the roar of her voicemind is punctuated by the crackle of lightning and the rumble of thunder from afar off peaks that is answered by the gunshot snapping of branches. Steady dripping, rain on leaves is her sorrow, eddying slowly with the damp scent of wet rock and sodden leaves.


The theme for this clutch was 'Past vs Future' and with this in mind, the Mountain Citadel Egg is based upon the ruins of Cair Paravel from C.S. Lewis' first book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The mindtouches are evocative of Narnia itself, while Fauikith draws her inspiration from one of the creatures in C.S. Lewis' second book in the Chronicles of Narnia and the Disney movie, Prince Caspian -a Dryad. The name Fauikith is from Fauiki - Polynesian, meaning: little trees.

~Fauikith was created for you by Thea and D'had~

Thea - egg and mind touches, mind desc, egg messages, Impression message
D'had - hatchling description, hatchling name, dragon name, hatchling poses


Name Green Fauikith
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Thea and D'had
Impressee Phylicia
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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