The Hills Are Alive Brown Faraeth

Large and roughly shaped, this brown's appearance is rugged not unlike a small mountain. Starting at his feet, which resemble the hulking shape of big boulders, the cool shades of stone brushed with dusty brown lead to coarse-cut limbs where that pale dusting of tan gets thicker as it rises along his sides. The bulk of his body takes on the color of freshly-turned soil, dark when wet, much paler after the sun has leeched away the moisture. A certain craggy quality to his physique can be found in the uneven line of ridges that march down his back, crumbling out into the tip of his tail. A spotty green pattern, decorates those high crags and the upper sweeps of his wings, like so much moss across the surface of old stones.

Egg Name and Description


Quite a Large Mess Egg

At first glance, the shell of this egg just seems to be a haphazard pile of wood and stone in a field. A closer look reveals glimpses of furniture shapes tucked in under the rubble, as though it was a building that collapsed for some reason. Taking a higher angle to peer at the egg, the field surrounding the ruin has a sort of pattern to it, a flattened footprint in the grass, with the wreckage at the center of it.

Hatching Message

A tremor wobbles the Quite a Large Mess Egg, shaking loose a thin coating of sand. A distant pounding sound begins, the sound of drums far in the distance, or heavy footsteps, but muted, barely audible.

The Quite a Large Mess Egg is shuddering now, the distant drumbeat becoming louder. Tap tap tap tap. Slow, rhythmic, methodical. Tap tap tap crack! A spider fracture appears on the side of the shell, in the center of the wreckage. Something wants to break free!

A large quake in the shell splits the Quite a Large Mess Egg in two, bringing an end to that repetitive tapping, and revealing at first what looks like a second pile of mossy rubble within the rubble-like shell. Slowly the inner rubble unfurls, stretching large wings first, then stretching out and sitting up, raising a craggy head to survey the sands.

Impression Message

Comforting velvet and soothing silk slips into your mind, curious, wary, but warm with affection. « Are you my rider? » comes the query, followed by a pause, and the rich fabrics withdraw for a brief huddle, before surging back. « You are! Oh, M'nol, we will never be alone again! » the voice croons with obvious joy and relief. The mind relaxes its hold on you, and the sands return, revealing a large craggy brown hatchling staring into your eyes with utter devotion. « Faraeth. My name is Faraeth, and yours is M'nol. » he states, matter-of-factly. Though the colourful fabrics have slipped away, a powerful feeling of belonging remains. Belonging and hunger.


On hatching day, Faraeth suddenly found himself without a home, having torn his cosy egg asunder, and set out into the big wide world. The world was not as he expected, and he needed someone to help him make a little sense of things, but also someone to watch over. Because if he had someone to watch over, then perhaps people wouldn't see how lost he was. It was really a combination of factors that brought him to young Morlanol, M'nol. It may take some time to earn his trust, however.

Faraeth as a weyrling will be an interesting experience. The brown doesn't do too well with authority, believing he knows best, and with a stubborn streak a mile long. You may very well be the only person he'll always listen to, though that doesn't mean he won't try to talk you into more outgoing pursuits. « Come on, if we sneak out now, we can get away from these stuffy weyrlingmasters! Wouldn't that be fun? » If you were to suggest outgoing activities, Faraeth would certainly support you. It doesn't really matter what it is, so long as it's good clean fun. Well, figuratively clean. Faraeth will be a rough and tumble sort, and, though he has no problems with bathing, he's just as happy to go without.

But life will not be all fun and games. There comes a time when Faraeth must stand strong. He simply can not abide wanton destruction and disregard for life and property. « Those renegades must be stopped! …but how? » Young Faraeth may not be prepared to do much at first, but, after the next major disaster, you may find he has an interest in learning what he can do to help. Things that can not be prevented will be mourned for as long as his dragon mind can remember them, typically only a couple of days.

Food will be an interesting area. As a weyrling, you may find that Faraeth declines food, or tries to, after a disagreement. He can never hold out for very long, but it may be a worry at first. As soon as he can hunt for himself, life will be eased for the both of you. He will see it as a step towards independence, though he does not actually /want/ to be alone, and you will be freed of the worry that something you do or say might cause him to not eat. In the lead up to learning how to hunt, you may find Faraeth more interested in the feeding grounds, and in watching other dragons hunt. He might even try to imitate their actions, though not on any living beasts, not yet.

When it comes time to find yourselves a weyr, it will become clear that Faraeth's tastes lean towards the practical, rather than the aesthetically pleasing or comfortable. « Bah, that one is too large, what do you need with all those rooms? » « A barn? But why? Outdoors is a perfectly fine place to sleep! » This may mean you wind up with a small weyr that later turns out to be /too/ small, and has to be added on to over time.

Flights are an interesting area. At first, at least until M'nol is a little older, Faraeth will only show a passing interest in them. He might chase in a couple here and there, but he'll not try his best until he's sure M'nol can handle it. Once he feels that he's free to let loose, nothing will hold him back. Straight flight will be his best area, his bulk makes maneouvering tricky, but he'll have a sort of grace in the air that he lacks on the ground. He'll never be a match for the slenderer dragons in that area, but he'll have stamina. He may well chase a gold or two here and there, size and stamina making that a more logical choice than greens. It may be very rare for a brown to catch a gold, but he won't pay any attention to that. He's large enough, he can try! It's quite unlikely that he'll become attached to a particular gold or green, he has M'nol, and that is all he needs.

As always, this is only a guideline, and you are free to change whatever you wish.


*Artwork created by Shaihulud5


Faraeth's mind is at a sharp contrast to his rough exterior, the sumptuous silk and rich velvet imagery remaining strong. He has a bold touch, confident on the exterior, always so, fast-paced and busy and brave. To those that delve deeper however, there's a certain softness to it. The wistful longing has long since faded, he has his rider now, his marvelous rider. In its place, contentment. Calm. He's not busy, he's dutiful; he's not brave, he just cares. And even deeper, there's a sense of curiousity and longing for adventure that he tries to hide from even himself. It doesn't make any sense, to rush about like a fool! …but it is fun, though. The quality of the textures will vary with his mood: contentment will be marked by the lushest velvet, the smoothest silk; stress will be shown with threadbare fabrics, faded and worn.

Sumptuous Silk and Rich Velvet know how to make an entrance, boldly going forth, entering your mind with confidence. It is marvelous, and it can do no wrong! Rich purple velvet slides across your field of vision, an illusion, but somehow very very real. Over all is a sense of smug self-assuredness, it is perfect, it is right, it can do no wrong. A distant layer of something else lingers beneath this smugness though, a hint of longing.

Sumptuous Silk and Rich Velvet slow down just a little, though the world is fast-paced and full of action, and one simply /must/ keep up. The velvet seems a little threadbare on closer inspection, and the silk a little tattered around the edges. A magnificent structure is formed of stone, towering above the land, but the touch of the mind seems to be more wistful than anything. Oh, isn't this a fantastic structure? An image of the egg itself is thrown up, in sharp relief. Another fantastic castle is quickly built over the wreckage, then torn down.

Sumptuous Silk and Rich Velvet share the image of the egg again, with a pang of regret and concern. There's a desperate need underpinning all, the mind needs you to know that it it is appalled by this, but it mustn't let its calm slip, even for a moment. The burden clearly weighs heavily on the mind. It is marvelous, and it can do no wrong.

Sumptuous Silk and Rich Velvet have fallen silent, you feel little more than an echo of smugness and longing.


The theme for this clutch was children's mystery novels, and I chose the first book in the Sisters Grimm series. ( ) Basically, to copy and paste from that page:

The series centers on Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, descendants of the Brothers Grimm. The story revolves around the idea that many famous authors (including L. Frank Baum, Hans Christian Andersen, William Shakespeare, and the Brothers Grimm) were not merely writing fiction: they were actually recording a history of magical phenomenons. The characters in these authors "stories" were actually real creatures called "Everafters", and powerful magic worked by Wilhelm Grimm and the witch Baba Yaga keep them prisoners in the small town of Ferryport Landing, as long as all of the Grimm family are left alive and at least one of them live in Ferryport Landing.

In the first book, someone has let a giant loose, and the egg is based on the first clue as to the loose giant, the house that the giant stepped on.

Also seen at the scene of the crime is Mayor Charming, formerly Prince Charming of several tales. He is rude and arrogant, but deep down he just wants to rebuild the kingdom he once had. The mind-touches were based on him.

I chose Sabrina Grimm to base your dragon on:

The protagonist of the series, Sabrina Grimm is a twelve-year-old girl, eleven at the start of the series, who lived with her parents, Henry and Veronica Grimm, and little sister in New York City, until her parents mysteriously disappeared. She is described as stubborn, impetuous, sneaky, strong, tough, and mature for her age, not to mention very skeptical. She also later becomes good at tracking and self-defense, making her an excellent detective. The sisters were taken to live at an orphanage and later sent to various foster homes until they were adopted by their grandmother, Relda Grimm, whom Sabrina had presumed to be dead. At first Sabrina didnt trust her grandmother, labeling her as crazy, especially after she claims that the town of Ferryport Landing is filled with fairy-tale characters and that the siblings are direct descendants of the Brothers Grimm. But after Granny Relda and Mr. Canis (Reldas body-guard) are kidnapped by a giant, Sabrina finally begins to believe. After rescuing their grandmother, Sabrina reluctantly continues to solve cases with her family, but is more focused on rescuing her parents and returning to a normal life in New York City.

Physically, I drew inspiration from a number of sources: The giant, your application, and a hillside. I just liked the symmetry that, when still, the dragon looks as much like a pile of rubble as his egg did.





Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze Nyunath Impressed to R'owan (Rogawani)
From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Mikalath Impressed to R'zel (Ruzel)
A Little Spark of Magic Blue Cidheoth Impressed to Ontali (Riyontali)
Drawing Down the Moons Green Kelioth Impressed to Vivian
Stormy Sea's Destiny Green Alosynth Impressed to Keziah

And NPC Pairs:
Shadows in the Night Bronze Ilveriath Impressed to A'den (Ashaden)
Champion of Casserole and Cupcakes Brown Nachtelaith Impressed to V'den (Vandoren)
Misunderstood Hero Blue Tandth Impressed to M'ont (Monte)
Depths of the Loch Wave-Washed Blue Nesyth Impressed to Nyela
Trouble Finder Green Adanaith Impressed to Lerta
A little Seeker Green Jelieth Impressed to D'ren (Daren)



Flight Records


Name The Hills are Alive Brown Faraeth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By X'hil
Impressee Morlanol (M'nol)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Length 36.53
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

dragon lineart by R'owan

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