Diamond in the Rough Green Faith

Such a pale green, this one, to nearly be called a frosted mint. Her color is uneven in places, casting off shades of an arctic blue, or a turquoise-green in dull, ghostly shades. In the right light, she could almost be mistaken for a slightly lackluster blue, until that one twist of her body or turn of her head sends a sparkle of lush, leafy green to dance across the smooth hide. Large for her color, she is slightly stocky of build, but not so much as to be called out of proportion. Her face is a bit broad, her legs slightly thick, her tail a bit short, her wings a shade stumpy, even her headknobs are a bit too knobby. Its not enough to be called unpleasant, but defiantly makes her distinctive. For all her unusual qualities, though, it is in her eyes where her features really shine through. Like a perfectly cut diamond, they are full of facets, reflecting light with such brilliance it nearly masked her imperfections with their shifting spectrum of colors and hues.

Egg Name and Description


Hard as a Rock Egg
This rock is very round, lacking the ovular shape of its brothers and sisters. The surface of it dull, a matte creamy white with specklings of greys, though in places the promise of other colors, like pink and green and blue, add their flecks into the shell. Theres a distinct pittedness to the surface of the shell, like a gold ball or a stone, a discernable texture that defiantly marks it as anything but smooth. Its a surface that is a great deal harder than the other eggs must be a thick shell.

Hatching Message

The Hard as a Rock Egg begins a jerky series of wobblings. What begins as methodical soon progresses into something more furious and desperate, as after several minutes, there is still no progress showing in the unyielding, stony surface of the pale, mottled egg. It eventually falls still and silent, hopefully just building up the strength for the next try.

The Hard as a Rock Egg jerks roughly to the side again. An insistent tapping from inside causes a bit of the shell to give way, and with a loud CRACK! a fissure begins to split the shell, running in a jagged line around the ovoid. And then, just as soon as the action began, it falls still, once more.

The Hard as a Rock Egg, after many nervous minutes of silence and inactivity, finally shows signs of life. The hatchling inside seems to be fighting furiously against the thick shell for freedom, claws grinding away at the inside in a steady, speedy scrabble. Bit by bit, the hatchling works, chipping its way through the rocky, strong shell until it finally snaps through the topmost layer and sets in a single beam of fresh and and sunlight. Inspired, the hatchling gives a mighty heave, and finally the rocky egg gives a loud, coarse *snap* and splinters free, sending shards flying in a sudden spray of glimmering color that shows off the amazingly bright rainbowy interior of the seemingly dull egg. Left in the wake is a weary, pale Diamond in the Rough Green Hatchling, slowly stretching for the first time as she is freed from her prison.

Impression Message

« I assure you, I'm more tired than you are, Imallee. You're just standing and I had to fight my way out of that shell! » Comes a sudden whip-snap of a voice as the green hatchling makes Impression. It's a unique voice, a bit raspy, a bit coarse, full of sauciness and wit that leaves no inch of your mind free of her nosing curiosity. « Next time, you hatch and I'll stand. Well, let's go, hurry up, I'm starving after all of that and my claws are killing me. By the way, my name is Faith. Don't laugh. I didn't pick it. »



Faith seems, at first glance, a misleading name for this dragon. But, like the Jawbreaker that was her inspiration, Faith is a creature of seeming infinite layers. The best vision of her would be the black sheep elderly aunt of a family. The one who comes to the party to drink and give her relatives a good-natured harassment because they know they can never one-up her or get rid of her. Shes the one who speaks with a rasp born of too much smoking and too much yelling when she was younger. Shes the type who will speak truthfully even when she shouldnt, who will plays tricks just to teach someone what she considers a valuable lesson. She can be cantankerous, hilarious, sassy, and sweet; anything that is needed to make her point well known and she /always/ has one to make.

While at times she will prove just downright difficult to live with (just because youre her chosen doesnt mean youre immune, youre the best project there is!), she will most often than not make her fickleness worth your troubles. Shell gladly take you wherever you need to go, sees what needs done gets done, and even get you into the positions you aspire to even if that requires harassing the Weyrleaders dragon or the Senior Queen until they relent just to shut her up. Surprise enough, she would make a fine Weyrling teacher the young are always so gullible and good for a laugh and it would be in times that like her deeper natures would come to the surface. For all she can be irascible and churlish, she means the best for any she meets, and all her cantankerous nagging is just meant to strengthen her chosen targe— er student. It is then her name shows its meaning, for all her sarcasm, she is a optimist at heart. She will always be there to stand beside those in trouble, even if theyd rather she were the last dragon on Pern to do so! And you? She will always have faith in you, in all that you do. Afterall, shed have never impressed to a slacker! « Now get going and make me proud! »


Saucy Raspy Trickster
The voice of Faith is slightly rough for what one would imagine in a female dragon, a slight gravel, a bit of a tightness that doesnt come with any one mood, just nature. Most of the time, she is prone to a fond, chiding aunt-like tone, but when she gets angry, all jokes are aside.


The theme of this clutch was candy, and I chose the Jawbreaker for Faith. Purposefully, I selected this treat for the wide variety of opportunities it presented in crafting a dragons personality and the general ambiguity that provided a lot of room for change. Like her egg, the outer layer of a jawbreaker is hard, dull, and confining, but once broken into you get the first hints of the bright colors inside. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, they change just as fast as you can whittle away at them, leaving the doors open for a multi-faceted dragon full of potential and personality. Only once youve worn yourself to the bone are you rewarded with the delicious center, the brightest spot of all, and it is this that forms the name of Faith for at the very center, as in all things, is the heart of the matter, that one golden kernel of truth, that singular Hope. Feel free to make of Faith what you will. Explore her layers, let yourself go and have fun, craft of her your own image and use it to fulfill whatever dreams you may have!


Name Diamond in the Rough Green Faith
Dam Gold Daeslynth
Sire Bronze Irilanth
Created By Saisri
Impressee Imallee
Hatched June 26, 2006
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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