A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Faelynath

This little lady is as brilliant as the stars. A deep grass green spreads up her limbs, tail, and along her short snout. This reaches up into a dazzling lime which seems to fade with a hidden glow along her back till it is near white from headknobs to haunches. Over these paler hues layer dapples and freckles of varying other greens - just about every shade of green you can imagine. As she moves they shift in ways that shimmer, making her, as a pudgy baby-girl, a roly poly ball of sparkles. But despite her round cherubic appearance, she's generally well proportioned. The only flaws, if you can call them that, lie in her short neck which appears to compensate for her long tail which acts as her main source of balance. Her wings are rather small, but by the general size you can tell she'll grow into them. The color in her wings resembles that of her body. The wing limbs and joints are that same pale greens, freckled in the various shades. The darker greens seem to concentrate at her finger-joints and then spray out like a starburst over limey sails, dispersing in such a way as stars might on the edge of a galaxy.

Egg Name and Description


Second to the Right Egg
A shimmering blast of gold and silver sprays across this egg, almost giving the illusion of a star caught in an orb. In it one can see almost every color, yet none at all. Rays, as if of light, glow brightly along, sectioning the egg and yet bringing it whole as they lace about one another, dancing like lightbugs over the surface. In the very center of the brilliant glow, which can, oddly enough, be viewed from all sides of this rotund egg, there seems to be a little figure. The hatchling? Perhaps. It's hard to tell, but it gleams brightest of all.

Hatching Message

The Second To The Right Egg is still vibrating as if it might shake apart. But rather than that it stills again. There's a long pause, some scratching, then it explodes! Yes. Explodes. Like a star gone nova, the pieces spray out in a shimmering mess. The hatchling within is upside down, body flopping down from it's place balanced over its head.

Impression Message

The entire world has gone silent. You can plainly see that the others are shouting at you, but you don't hear a thing. The only sound that invades your mind is the sweet tinkling of golden bells, a perfectly joyous noise that makes your very heart swell with happiness, until your very chest feels tight. And suddenly your realize it's not the bells that have evoked this feeling in you, but the tiny green hatchling who stands before you, her eyes locked onto yours so adoringly. « It's you! I've found you F'ai! You are my boy! » The bells tinkle all about you merrily, resounding with warmth and love. « We will go on all sorts of adventures.»



Coming from the word "Fae" which means "Fairy-folk", your little Faelynath is every bit the pixie for which she was named. She's a very loving one, provided it's you she loves, Fyenai. And she will follow you wherever you want to go, though she might complain loudly if she gets dirty while doing it. Weyrlinghood will give a curb to her explorations. She will want to see anything and everything. Particularly pretty things. She will initiate games with the other hatchlings and their new riders, but she's the sort that if she isn't winning she might make a new rule, as a child might.

The older she gets the less she'll enjoy restrictions but the more she'll love to be pretty. She'd be the sort to demand jeweled straps when it comes time to make them. They don't have to be real jewels, so long as they sparkle. Less is -never- more with this little lady. She's incredibly vain. Thinks she's the most beautiful thing on four legs. More, in fact. As you take on any sort of companion she will put them to scrutiny. Usually of the visual kind. « So-and-so always where's such DARK colors. Ick. How can you be attracted to -that-? » or « So-and-so has such skinny legs. You could do -way- better. » But no matter what she says about them, she thinks you're flawless… Well… almost… « Oh F'ai! You look wonderful in that shirt! Almost as wonderful as me! »

Unfortunately, though a generally happy little girl, she has her moments. Like any fairy, even dragon-pixies, she seems to have room for only one emotion at a time. She can get terribly jealous of a companion of yours or depressively sad if she ever hurt you in anyway. She'll be a wild one when flights come around. As she gets proddy she'll be very scared the first time. She'll wonder why she said such horrible things to Ysamieth and if he'll forgive her. (She'd never -ask- his forgiveness though!) When she takes to the sky it's all a game! She'll be a swift little girl, her baby fat leaving by then, and go high and fast rather than trying anything fancy.

Which brings us to flying habits. Faelynath will love to do tricks for you. A little showoff at heart she mostly loves to do it to show just how brilliant she glitters at every angle. When freed from the constraints of weyrlinghood she'll want to travel and see the many beautiful sights of this world. In fact she'll probably demand you bring things back that she likes like certain flowers or rocks or even animals.

Likewise, her weyr will be teaming with pretty things and -many- reflective surfaces. She'll have you redecorate every few months because with a quick moving mind like hers she gets bored after a while. You might find yourself walking into the caverns with glitter on your shoulder from a decoration you had to move 10 times before she decided it was in the right place.


Tinklings of Tiny Golden Bells
Faelynath's mind is a bright smattering of golden bells, the sound of which will hover over her thoughts constantly. And not the deep bronzen boom of church bells, we're talking the tinkling of the highest sleigh bells. To go along with that, the colors and images she will often display will be bright and air, splashes and blots of gold and silver, overcast warmly with soft light. Her voice itself is a sweet soprano, lilting and musical like so few dragons have, with a curious childlike quality, like she's going to bubble over into laughter at any moment. A feeling of 'scent' accompanies her bright thoughts, a mixture of grassy reeds and salt water, with just a tinge of pink bubblegum, a scent that is definitely unique and very Faelynath.

Why F'ai?

Why Fyenai? Why you? You big silly! You're her Peter Pan! Her boy! She chose you because that was the only natural thing to do, of course! You will take her on adventures and love her and show her everything that glitters! She will tell you her deepest darkest secrets when to the rest of the world she'll be a haughty ball of sparkles. That is, of course, unless her Fyenai doesn't like it. You are the only one who has complete control over this lady.



Faelynath's egg and desc were based on Tinkerbell, from the play and novel 'Peter Pan' by J.M. Barrie. Tinkerbell, as you know, was Peter's fairy, who could be quite ill-behaved and temperamental at times, though also quite loyal. Faelynath's name, as mentioned before, comes from the word "Fae", which means "Fairy-folk", which fits pretty well for your pixie-dragon! Her desc and info were done by T'eo, with a few additions by Elia.


Name A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Green Faelynath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Impressee Fyenai
Created by T'eo, Elia
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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