Gold Everenth
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Before you stands a tall and mighty queen dragon, her beauty magnificent thus making her a handsome sturdy creature. The bulk of this distinguished queen's frame - and she certainly is a large individual massive even - is hued in shades of a burning ember tenebrous towards her tail but burning hotter and deeper hues of burnished bronze the closer you get to her muzzle. And what a muzzle! Perhaps a bit larger in size than usual it gives her a certain amount of character and together with the deliberate, slow whirling of her eyes instills a sense of uncommon intelligence in her bearing. Hindquarters - adrift in a rich velvet coverlet of starless autumn night include a tail of extraordinary length and girth firmly rooting this young gold to the ground beneath her and granting her great physical stability. Wings are folded tightly to her sides as if she's making an unconscious effort to minimize the intimidating size of her bulk hint at both an expanse compatible with raising such a form aloft and at shading of a priceless mellifluous honey scored with amber highlights.


Name Everenth
Dam Gold Daralath
Sire Bronze Leorinth
Created By SearchCo
Impressee Tristjen
Hatched October 2, 1999
Honshu Weyr
Invocations MUSH

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