Watching the Rain Green Evelyth

Dreary forest green, darkened with tinges of grey, drips down the sides of this chubby green, like dull raindrops, sliding over her shoulders and down her tail. Along her stomach, the hues are brighter, forest green still free from the clouds, the brighter hue stretching up along her throat, and brushing over her muzzle. While wings are hardly brighter than the rest of her, fern green spars cross over myrtle-hued sails, ridges holding the pent up fury of storm clouds as they race down her back.

Egg Name and Description


Swax On, Swax Off Egg
A mishmash of golds and khakis, and olives and browns mingle upon this shell, darker hues acting like shadows, while lighter hues are touched here and there, framed by a soft blue. Amidst the shifting colors and the varies pieces of gold and olive, it almost seems as if there is a something actually there - a pair of eyes, perhaps, peering over the top of a scarf.

Hatching Message

There's a slow beat evident in the movement of the Swax On, Swax Off Egg as it begins to wobble. Left, Right, Left, Right. The shadows shift this way and that, betraying its rhythmic movement.

The heat of the Sands has begun to have an effect on the Swax On, Swax Off Egg. Slowly, cracks are appearing, as if the scarf is slowly being peeled away from the gold and khaki shell, looking for some relief from the heat.

The scarf is off the Swax On, Swax Off Egg, even as the illusion of the eyes is disappearing as well, the shell dissolving away, leaving a pair of very real eyes in their place - as well as the rest of a dainty green hatchling.

Impression Message

Watching the Rain Green Hatchling stretches herself out, making her already slightly chubby form seem larger, before she's actually on her feet and moving. Pausing here and there, she's investigating the candidates in turn. No, not this one. Not that one either. But then she's turning to towards one of the largest men on the Sands, looking up at him, before nudging him gently in his stomach. "E-Evelyth. My E-evelyth. Of course…." He says, a large smile crossing his face, and Belenus is now L'nus.


The Galaxy Glistens in perfect silence, the light of the moon shining bright, casting you into a spotlight. As the stars twinkle in your thoughts, it's as if the sky is talking to you, and the darkness settles upon you like a cloak on the sands. Through lonely eyes, you see yourself and everything around you. Where are you from?

The Galaxy Glistens like a freeway at night, as lights come and go on a one way street. You feel like you're floating so high, you see Andromeda spread over your mind. As things slowly become clear, your mind is taken to the moon's face. Could it be that everything you thought you had is everything that you wish you had back?

The Galaxy Glistens as its been here, stayed here, right here, but there's no way for it to tell. Before you leave, the starry cloak slipping from your shoulders, there seems to be something you should know. And there's something touching your very soul, offering you all it has, before it slips into the abyss.


The clutch theme this cycle is based all around music - while the eggs were representations of album artwork, the dragons were built around works by those artists.

Swax On, Swax Off Egg is based on 'Scapegoat Wax's' album _Swax_ - his other album was called Okeeblow. Evelyth herself was titled after a pair of Scapegoat Wax's songs: 'Watching the Rain' and 'Evelyn'.


Name Watching the Rain Green Evelyth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Niva
Impressee L'nus (Belenus)
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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