Gender-Confused Green Eunith

When this little green hatchling turns just right, her body appears to be covered with wrinkles and folds, tinged in a muted brown, giving her an ancient, and decrepit look. The way her bony little shoulders poke through her hide, and her tail limp, it's hard to tell whether this is a youthful green dragon that has hatched from the egg, or instead an old brown dragon, ready to leave this world. But when she shifts her body again in the normal light, it is obvious that she is indeed a green, her long body stretching out and displaying her sinuous form. Scintillating shades of jade and evergreen, the two colors contrasting eachother greatly, but complimenting eachother in their striped pattern, spread from the tip of her needle fine nose to the end of her spade-shaped tail. Her body does not shine with the irridescence which is common amongst dragons, but remains somewhat dull, and will throughout her life, despite how much oil her new lifemate may lavish upon her, and this benefits the odd, optical illusion she is slave to when she moves through particular rays of light.

Egg Name and Description


Spinning Marks Egg
The round orb that sits on the sands towards the back of the clutch appears to be covered in round wooden marks, the currency used on Pern. The egg itself is covered in a myriad of fiery oranges and burning reds in a unique conflagration of heated passion, broken only by the speckling of the spinning wooden coins here and there, looking to be centered with the patterns of trees and anvils, depicting their craft references… at least… that's what it -appears- to be.

Hatching Message

Shards of shell begin to flake off the Spinning Marks Egg, as the money comes tumbling down. Out rolls a rather pleased brown…er…green… no, it's Brown. Well… wait a sec. It.. Oh nevermind. Out pops a dragon!


Name Gender-Confused Green Eunith
Dam Gold Everenth
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By Tristjen
Impressee Micara (Magicara)
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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