Take the Journey Bronze Ersieth

Pale bronze hues stretch over a broad back, enveloping wide haunches, and this thick tail. Slightly darker hues, golden-bronze surface reflecting the entirety of space, color his stomach, paler flecks, like stars, scattered unevenly over the extent of his hide. Insides of short, muscled limbs are the darker hue, yet it blends with the lighter, outer limbs seamlessly. The same even blending slips up his chest, around his shorter then average neck, and his face - a darker chin emphasizing the bluntness of his muzzle, eyeridges and headknobs pale, the darker speckles showing the unevenness of the two - the right of each pair larger then the left. Wings - long and narrow - are paler as well, though the sails are lighter to an extreme.

Egg Name and Description


Navigator of the Stars Egg
Smooth, rich violet encircles the upper portion of the egg, laid over and darkening the sweeping expanses of a pale maroon, hints of tan peeking through, seeming to detail a hooded-shell of sorts, darker purples casting the shape of thin limbs. The hints of tan gain dominance near the center of the egg, darkening and becoming a rich, copper-hued gold. Narrow black lines criss-cross this way and that on the surface, intersecting each other, without changing the color on which they scurry.

Hatching Message

Navigator to the Stars Egg has had enough, it is prepared, the cracks hanging on the surface of the shell for a long moment. And then, even quicker then they appeared, the cracks are gone, taking the shell with it - as it sits in a pile on the Sands, a bronze hatchling in its place.

Impression Message

Unassuming darkness slips into your mind, sitting on the edge a long moment before it is peppered excitedly with stars, the usual metallic tang of jealousy replaced by the sweet scent of triumph. « P'aolo, I wish to see what you have seen. I wish to travel. We will be P'aolo and Ersieth, and we will go everywhere together. » A long pause and the stars fade into the darkness. « First, though, may I eat? »


Ersieth is, like you asked for, a dragon who will force Peej to grow up and mature.

As a weyrling, it is his actions which will cause P'aolo to have to take responsibility, and to mature, at least a little. For much of his young life, he will make rash decisions, with no real thought as to the consequences, either for himself or for others, instead only focusing on the fact that he will either gain something he wants, or will have somehow advanced his own position. «Anlyth says hers is practicing extra, even though we are not to do so. She thinks they will not get caught. If we tell, maybe we'll get to practice more, first. » It will rarely actually cross his mind that his actions could cause injury either for himself or others. As such, it will be up to Pejaolo to control and monitor the situation - as well as to try and break him of that way of thought.

Ersieth is also, to a particular extent, a risk-taker, and will try tricks during flight that would make most cringe, as well as probably earning you a lecture or two from the staff. Yet, as soon as you are out of sight, the stunts will begin again, proving his maneuverability. Loops are basic, and something that will have his attention immediately, though he'll try and get his large body to do other, fancier tricks as well.

On the subject of lectures, he'll not necessarily be the most attentive, instead tending to figure out things on his own, instead sitting in class and making comments about the others, usually on the subject of their talents and how his far surpass theirs - Another habit you may feel forced to put a stop to, again making Pejaolo be the adult in the pairing.

As he grows up, Ersieth /will/ make mistakes, and he will, eventually, begin to learn from them. As he gets older, he will be a voice of reason - reminding you that bad things happen, and that you need to be responsible. Ersieth may even refuse to do certain things if he feels that they have too many risks - Preventing Pejaolo from completely reverting back to a child. No matter what, though, Ersieth is open to hear reason from others, and if a situation warrants a particular action - and with good cause - it is likely that he will go through with taking that risk. Especially if it helps others.

No matter his age, he will always adore traveling - he will want to visit anywhere and everywhere he can - bringing little pieces of each place back. He'll be interested in meeting new people, openly social, and generally friendly to strangers. He will particularly be interested in the messenger duties, as it's a wonderful excuse to visit here and there, and see what everyone has to offer.

Why P'aolo? Ersieth sensed a kindred spirit, of a sort, in his childish nature, his curiosity, and his inventiveness.


Longing Wisps of Life
Ersieth's mind is, at least color-wise, very dark, as his mind mimics outer space. Sorrow, depression, and loneliness will be characterized by almost complete darkness, few stars appearing against the blackness. Yet, the more content, happy, or excited he is, the more stars appear.. Sometimes, even, a rich red or blue or a nebula will find its way in - a bright splash of color. A bright blue will often be used for emphasize, streaks threading this way and that in his mind. A low hum will be the sound accompanying the stars, rising and falling in turn with his moods, while his voice itself is rather low, though it has a particular lilt to it. When it comes to scents and tastes, a rather metallic taste will accompany the darkness, while a sweet scent will accompany the light - creating yet another distinguishing factor between his moods.


Your Ersieth is based off of the character 'Pilot' from the SciFi show 'Farscape', though with a few particular tweaks to make him more of the lifemate you seemed to be looking for.

Pilot is the, imagine this, pilot for the leviathan ship Moya - a ship that is both organic and mechanical at the same time. Each leviathan has his or her own pilot, who controls all the systems - navigator, communication, power, and life support, as well as others.

Pilot comes from a planet where almost everyone dreams of space travel - of seeing the stars and visiting distant planets. However, without being bonded to a leviathan, this dream can never be realized. And, much like a Pernese dragon and its rider, the bond is for life - A pilot is cannot leave a leviathan without dying.

After the bonding, Pilot's torso is an organic outgrowth in a central chamber of Moya - He is a part of her, yet at the same time he is still his own entity. Emotions are shared freely between the two, including pain, fear and joy. Pilot is also able to understand what Moya is saying, and translate it for the remainder of the crew. He is a steadfast protector of what's right and wrong, having made his own mistakes, he's unwilling to see others do the same.

Navigator to the Stars Egg is based on the idea of Pilot and Moya, as a pair, able to transverse the stars, see the galaxy, and handle whatever comes at them. Pilot's choice of helping the PeaceKeepers replace Moya's original pilot was a result of his desire to pilot, to see the stars, and to be free from his home.

You asked for a name with meaning, particularly with a Nordic basis, that was not completely obvious as to the source. Ersieth comes from the Norwegian world 'reisen', which means 'to travel', which is truly only appropriate, given his inspiration.


Name Take the Journey Bronze Ersieth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva
Impressee P'aolo
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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