Son of the Sea Blue Eptonith

This hatchling seems to have every shade of blue somehow reflected on his hide. His thin body is longer than it is tall, giving him a near serpentine look. Like an underwater eel lurking in the depths. Neckridges are more sharp than rounded, reminiscent of silver spikes that run down his back and along a snake-like tail. Headknobs also seem angled to a near point, granting him devilish horns upon his head. His body mirrors the surface of the sea. Splotches of dark blue and light, aquamarine and pale azure all battle for dominance, though none seems to win out. Instead, all compliment one another, making his lithe body a living piece of art.

Hatching Message

Rolling in the Deep Egg rocks violently, then, with a flurry, the hatchling breaks free! The blue hatchling stands with an eggshell on its head which it unceremoniously flings away with a mighty head toss. He only stands a moment longer before his tromp towards the candidate troops begins. He moves at a stalk, body close to the ground, making side to side motions similar to a snake.

Impression Message

Son of the Sea Blue Hatchling stops at one, then moves on. Girls. Boys. Which one is for him? He lurches away from reaching hands, making a hissed noise of disapproval before he finally stops at one. Huh. He pauses and lingers, then gradually begins to raise up to his full height. Yes. It shall be you. Atikan blinks owlishly. "You mean me? Yes, this will be something different.. Eptonith." He grins and places a hand on the blue's muzzle. "T'kan? Yes, that /is/ different.." He grins lopsidedly as he and his blue lifemate are escorted off of the sands.



Name Eptonith
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Ka'el
Impressee T'kan
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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