Brilliant Phoenix Green Emoryith

Slender and trim, but not too thin, this robust dragonet is a attention-grabbing medley of greens, the hues ranging from a near medium shade over most of her body, but fading to a warm yellow-green along her wing sails. Generally well proportioned, her coloration varies only minutely over the muscled back, whether it is where the serpentine neck smoothly melts onto her torso, or at the tip of her long, elegant tail. Wings are jointed seamlessly in coloration, spars appearing slightly too-large while they are held to her back, though while they are extended they appear a perfect fit, lighter, yellow-tinted wing sails stretched tautly. Limber limbs extend from a slightly paler-patterned underside, hide appearing as if it has been painstakingly highlighted to draw attention to the muscular appendages, and the dark ebony talons on each. Her muzzles extends, dainty in form, nostrils, faceted eyes, and head knobs balanced perfectly, unmarred by a splotch. Her darkest hues reside in her ridges, as they run down her back, starting on the top of her head, spaced and orientated just-so all the way to the very tip of her tail.

Egg Name and Description


Infinite Proliferation Egg
A wide band of deep navy encompasses the bottom third of the egg, murkiness twisted, an occasional rise or fall visible along the top of the border. Larger, lighter spots emerge from the darkness, only three clearly visible, the bright blue settled on top of an uneven green; each spot separates, losing the depth of the tint further, lighter, smaller splotches settled on top of those below. The pattern continues until near white, thumb size speckles encircle the top of the egg, hints of the green background still showing through between them.

Hatching Message

Infinite Proliferation Egg gives a final shake, one fit to destroy the mightiest opponent or to knock the stars out from the sky, the shell first cracking once, each crack then propagating itself hurriedly until a dragonet is left amidst the infinite specks of shell, the final creation of the egg's life.

Impression Message

Great cymbals crash thunderously in your mind, vibrant hues accompanying the din, the impressive display maintained for along moment before amongst the imposing noise, a thought appears. « Hmm.. Yes, you are intelligent, though certainly no match for me. However, you will do. » The thought trails off, the noise reaching its pinnacle, remaining constant. « I, Tori, am Emoryith. And I do think that its time to find some food. »


Your Emoryith is everything you could ever want in a lifemate. Honestly. Despite her tendencies to be overly competitive, jealous, and insanely loud, she has positive qualities somewhere. Though, sometimes they may be rather hard to find.

Your Emoryith is absolutely brilliant. Anything and everything that can be learned will be soaked up without hesitation, though on occasion she will have to use you as a means of storage, using what you remember to refresh her own mind when she needs it. Whether it is knowledge about how to better perform during weyrling training, information about your chosen Beast Craft, or other tidbits offered by your friends and acquaintances, she'll never become disinterested. In fact, on more then one occasion you may be driven to find out more on a particular subject simply to quench her curiosity, no matter what lengths you may have to go to in order to conduct the research.

It is, most likely, a result of her brilliance which causes her to be extremely competitive, and to become extremely jealous when she is outdone. She will request, or as the case may demand, that you both spend time practicing whatever skill you've been set to learn by your weyrlingmaster, to prove that you as a pair are the best. A botched landing, a reprimand, or even simply being outdone will result in more practice, and a temporary loathing of whoever managed to outdo her.

Her competitiveness makes her, in some respects, the obvious choice for leadership duties in the future, and, you can be assured that she knows this. She will encourage you to talk become friendly with everyone you can, especially if they just so happen to have the power to grant promotions later on. She'll constantly push you to be the best you can, to prove yourself a competent leader, because it reflects upon her own abilities, and one must be the best.

Emoryith is almost never quiet, preferring to ensure that everyone in the vicinity knows that she is, indeed, there. Whether it is in her communication with other dragons, her vocalizations, or her movement, silence is an unheard of quality. She'll attempt to make sure that she's always heard, and that attention is on her at least while she has something to input, no matter how insignificant. Her vocalizations range from soft whuffles, to rumbles, to trumpets and croons, though her tendency towards volume certainly continues. You may have a few upset neighbors when she decides to share her random observation with everyone. At 2 AM. Even if you've already told her to be quiet and sleep.

Her competitiveness carries over into flights, where she will do anything she can to put off being caught. Yet, its not out of a dislike for males, rather its out of a desire to outperform all the others. Her proddy periods will be short, filled with taunts to any males who dare try and woo her, and she's certainly not above setting tasks to them to get them to prove their greatness. Ridiculously inane tasks, even. Her flights will be long for a green's, though free of the normal acrobatics as she merely tries to outdistance the others. There's not a lot of need for fancy tricks simply to prove superiority; any time will do.

Why Tori? Tori is Emoryith's near perfect match - they both have to have what they want, and they're willing to take any actions they can to achieve it. However, while Tori may act immature, Emoryith must always act as mature as can be, to ensure that she is, indeed, the best. Emoryith saw in Tori someone as stubborn as herself; someone who aspires to achieve everything she wants; someone who she can learn with and continue to grow and prove herself with.


Cyclic Crashes of Creation

Emoryith’s voice is rarely in the range of barely audible, though on occasion a brief moment of silence will overtake her mind, allowing for peace. Her mindvoice itself is rather unremarkable, louder then average, but otherwise undistinguishable. What sets her mind apart is the ever present din that accompanies her; a complete drum set played over and over with no regard for musical laws or the senses of anyone else. Imagine a 3 year old banging on their parent’s drum set to attract attention, and you have Emoryith’s din in a nutshell. Visually, vibrant pinks, purples, and blues accompany her, varying in intensity with her moods. However, you will probably learn with time exactly how to deal with the shear volume of your lifemate if you wish to accomplish much.


Name Brilliant Phoenix Green Emoryith
Dam Gold Branwynth
Sire Brown Zoith
Created By Niva
Impressee Tori
Hatched December 5, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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