Gently Rolling Hills Green Eirimenth

Rolling emerald tumbles over this green dragon's body, curved torso smoothly joined with rounded haunches, contributing to a somewhat pudgy form. Leafy shamrock brushes along her stomach, stems curling around each of her hearty legs, criss-cross patterns stretching down to her ebony talons. A few leaves brush along the under side of her muzzle, from where they've crept up her short, muscled neck, fading as they meet the pale tea green that drips off the end of her snout, around each large nostril. Her face is short and broad, jade green ridges starting between blunted headknobs, and running in a quick line down her back, like cliffs bordering the ocean, all the way to the tip of her tail. Each wing sail is a dark sea green, striped by the lighter jade spars, the hues of a sea in turmoil.

Egg Name and Description


Exhibit of the Kings Egg
The shell of this elongated egg seems almost paper-like - overly delicate, and open to destruction at any moment. Yet, despite the fragile appearance, the colors upon its surface are carefully tiled, sitting neatly against one another. A metallic gold sits against a rich turquoise, while ebony lines slash over the surface in between. Ruby and sapphire jewels are set upon its surface, exhibiting wealth, while a pair of large 'eyes' sit on the uppermost third of the egg, each framed with golden brows.

Hatching Message

Exhibit of the Kings Egg wobbles slightly upon its sandy pedestal, dislodging bits of sand which had been clinging to the surface, revealing the rich hues beneath. The large eyes on the surface are shifted, looking up towards the ceiling, before it rests peacefully once more.

Exhibit of the Kings Egg wobbles and shifts again, before a single crack appears along the length of the egg, like a case opening slowly, pushed upwards and outwards from within.

Exhibit of the Kings Egg can take no more, and the crack from the side continues full circle, the shell falling apart, an impeding cage no longer. The gem-hued shards fall to the sands, to be trampled and fade into history.

Impression Message

Peaceful turquoise presses gently against your consciousness, hints of rich violet rippling through, like a wave in the water, while the comforting scents of summer float around you, curling gently around your mind. « 'Nome. Dynome. » A soft, almost drowsy voice inquires slowly. « I can help you. You can help me. » As sapphire drifts through her mind lazily, she seems slightly more anxious then would be expected from the drifting hues. « But first, will you help your Eirimenth find food? »


Eirimenth is a calm, peaceful, and empathetic being from the very start, and her main concern is, and always will be, you. She often seems older than her age, and while her clutchmates may be bickering over something silly, she's there to peacefully try and break it up.

Eirimenth is a gentle dragon, and often choose to make her presence known through touch, both physical and mental, rather than words. A soft nudge here and there and an ever present contact in your mind let you know that she'll support you.

When she does choose to speak, it is with grate deliberation, in a soft voice that seems difficult to ignore. « Jarath. Ilianath. You have no reason to fight. » Eirimenth will take a page from Dynome's book, often acting the surrogate mother to those around her. She's determined to protect those she cares about, and ensure that nothing bad happens to them. « Shirith. You mustn't flail so. You will injure yourself. »

While Dynome works, Eirimenth will likely take a vested interest in her duties, watching through Dynome's eyes. If truly necessary, Eirimenth will help calm the patient, a light touch of her gentle mind hopefully calming them enough for Dynome to finish her work successfully.

Even as she's keeping a cautious eye out for those around her, she's taking the chance to observe her surroundings, and learn what she can. She'll carefully store away whatever she sees, perhaps to ask questions about it later. « Dynome? What was wrong with that man's chest? » While many of the questions she asks will be medical in nature, sometimes they aren't, depending on her whim.

She prefers to move slowly, both on the ground and in the air, though what grace she has appears once she is in the air. On the ground, she has a gently rolling gait, up and down and up and down, but up in the air it's smooth sailing. Preferring to use thermals and air pockets, Eirimenth glides up and down with ease. Even when she must use them, her wing-strokes are smooth.

To Eirimenth, flights are a necessity and nothing else. Though, luckily, her cycles are far longer than the average green, and the flights are short and sweet. Up and down, with no frills or fancy stuff, it's over and done with until the next time.

Why Dynome? Eirimenth sensed Dynome's caring nature, her desire to help others, and at the same time, Dynome's love for children despite a lack of her own. Eirimenth believed that Dynome could compliment her well, but also could benefit from her support, and that together they would be a team.


Turquoise Waves of Peace
Eirimenth's mind is composed of cool, comforting colors - teals, blues, greens, turquoise, and occasionally a splash of deep violet, anything brighter rarely weaving itself in. Within those few colors, her emotions can be seen, hues becoming lighter, separating out into distinct sections when she's excited or hungry, while the darker hues are generally present when she's tired or worried. The scents that fill her mind are the peaceful smells of summer, the ones that help you relax on a shaded porch - the scent of freshly cut grass, sweetened tea brewing in the sun, and meat roasting on a grill, all the while, in the background, floats the sweet scents of flowers in bloom. Her voice is quite soft, as if she is in a constant state of drowsiness, but comforting, nevertheless. The soft tone doesn't vary more than slightly, giving it a consistent volume and rhythm, like one would use when telling a bedtime story to a worried child. It is the combination of all of these which creates a peaceful, collected, and comforting mind.


The theme of this clutch was 'Elementary school projects' and the Exhibit of the Kings egg is based off of an Egyptian sarcophagus. In explanation:

In elementary school, we spent a good portion of time studying ancient Egyptian history, and one of the projects during that unit was to create a 7-foot tall paper sarcophagus. While most groups did what was expected - added patterns of colors, a face, and the standard accessories, my group took it further, and spent entirely too much time on it. But, when it was all said and done, we had cut out small golden pieces of contact paper and carefully placed them in their spots, added the plastic gemstones along the face, and created '3-D' accessories that were sticking out of the page. While the project survived the trip to school, and was fine on display, the thin paper it was on could not handle being removed from the tape on the wall, and so as its inspiration, it was history.

Your Eirimenth has 2 main inspirations - her description is based on the gently rolling hills of Ireland, while her personality is based on the Norse goddess Eir, whose name translates to 'help' or 'mercy'. Eir was called the 'best of physicians' and was skilled at all types of healing, particularly dealing with herbs. She is the patroness of health-care workers, and is said to bestow her help on all women who ask for her help.

Her name takes both of these inspirations into account, as well as a third. Pulling from Eir, the name 'Eire' for Ireland, and the Greek name Erimentha, which means 'Collector of Thoughts and Determined Protector', her name encompassing the main aspects of her personality as well as her physical appearance.


Name Gently Rolling Hills Green Eirimenth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva
Impressee Dynome
Hatched November 18, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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