Merry Lord Of The Waters Blue Ecoatleth
Merry Lord of the Waters Blue Ecoatleth
The tropical seas pour over this aerodynamically built youngster. Brilliant true-blue slips down his spine like the depths of a lagoon with ridges of rich, royal lapis. These hues sweep over the tops of his wing spars and the back of his wings fading out into bold cerulean and at last into turquoise as the membranes are stretched out at the very ends. The underside is bright turquoise with palest cyan rings of watery dapples reaching up from the broad ends and diffusing into the clear broad color two-thirds way up to the joints. Cerulean pours out from the darker cresting shade, trickling down with the similar sunlit dappling into the lower intense turquoise half of his body. His lean belly glows with pale mottling of cyan and light turquoise which runs a bit under his tail and up his neck. His head is elegant and fine, with a smaller slender snout than most draped in cerulean with lowlights of turquoise under his eyes, along his mouth and jaw line. Over all he's a slim and slender fellow with a long neck and tail to grow into.

Egg Name and Description


Ancient in the Jungle Egg

This egg appears wrapped in dense foliage, twisting about it's ovoid form in a fashion that gives the impression it might have sat there for thousands of turns. The intense greenery is woven about in an intricate pattern, oldest layers in the richest of emeralds, brightening to brilliant spiraling tendrils of lime. The younger layer almost appears to stretch out from the egg, as if you could reach out a hand and pull it off. But the surface is smooth and flat to touch. As one wanders around the egg to inspect this illusion there can be seen small gaps in the layers of vines, exposing the dull brass of tarnished gold. A larger gap nearest the resting base reveals a boldly carved eye with a hollow that once might have held a precious stone.

Hatching Message

After inspecting the surroundings, the facetted eye retracts and the egg shudders and shivers once more before a set of talons reach out over the edge of the cracked hole. With another throb that side of the shell completely gives way allowing the hatchling within to uncoil and climb out in an anticlimactic fashion. To make up from this, a loud creel is emitted. I have come!

Impression Message

The world around you is dissolved in the rushing forth of brilliant azure waters. They swirl around your mind, filling your heart with such joy and love it might well explode, and certainly this comes close when a echo, like from the depths of the sea comes forth with such confidence and conviction you might find yourself standing a bit taller. « Y'ki! Why did you not come when I called? I have been waiting for you, Y'ki! I have come! Did you not think I would? I, your Ecoatleth? » These intensities are suddenly butted aside by a great aching, the brilliances of blue muting to stormy greys of discomfort as you find your own stomach growling to mirror. « Y'ki… I am hungry, and this will not do either of us! Please, my Y'ki, what food can you find me? » And you find yourself resurfacing to the vision of the sands once more. Still this cool confident water shimmers in residue of your mind, never to be completely dried away.



From the very beginning Ecoatleth will make his differences known. He will be high maintenance, extremely active, but not in that puppy-dog sort of way that seems to come of other blues. Ecoatleth is far more cool and collected than that. He'll be obsessed with colors, his favorites being green and blues, but will find more of an attraction to the colors in nature than in fabricated things. Naturally this makes water fascinating to him. He'll love the way is looks, feels, moves, and find the similarity between his own coloration and what he sees beneath the surface all the more of a tribute to his self-assured mentality.

He's not arrogant, simply confident. And it's this factor combined with the soothing waters of his mind that will be your strength. Ecoatleth sees no reason to prove himself or yourself in anything. He already knows you two are the best things going. So when you get upset about something that peaceful trickle of a tropic waterfall will be right there to fill you with reassurance. « Y'ki, D'len is just concerned for you. But I know you will be fine, and after all, today is far too beautiful to be angry. Come! Let's go swim! A saw an amazing piece of shell I would like you to get for me. You should see the colors! »

Growing up will be an adventure simply because, while an active boy, he is no work-a-holic— far from it in fact. Think surfer bum and you've got your Ecoatleth. He doesn't see a point to something unless he is enjoying it. This means if he doesn't like the dragon he won't talk to them unless he needs something, but also means that come lessons, unless it deals with making him feel good (food, oilings and bathings, flying) he'll find it rather useless and boring. In fact he often will not see what use many of these things present in the future and it will be Ryski who must manage some responsibility over his other half to keep them on task. Should Ryski allow any part of his mind to wander… « Y'ki… You and I have better things to be doing than this! I think if we just inch towards those bushes… » Yep, he'll play hooky alright.

Through weyrlinghood he will find baths and swimming in the lake a great deal of fun. He'll be especially fond of watching the fish and other creatures beneath, envying their swimming ability. « Little fish fly so fast through the water, Y'ki. Why can I not do the same? » And just wait till he meets the dolphins. When he learns how to fly his obsession with the water will lessen for a time. The sky will consume him along with the ability and thrill of going fast. He'll be a bit of a dare devil when it comes to flying, like a surfer on the waves, which contrasts with his otherwise laid back mind. He's built for speed and athleticism and will have a surprising amount of poise and control when skyward, unlike many weyrlings. The few mistakes he does make he will shrug off as part of the game.

And with flying comes mating flights. Of course as a youngin' Ecoatleth will have little care for the greens and gold in his class. They will be playmates, but nothing more. As he grows they still will compare nothing to his love for you but he will start noticing and voicing comments more readily about the greens. « You know, Szayelth might be rather dark and domineering, but there's such a lovely emerald to her hide when she flies. » (To which a reminder that this is your brother's green he speaks of will have his sudden… « Yeeeugh! Sorry, Y'ki, I shall remember that next time. » but that's the general gist of the comments.) After all, green is one of his favorite colors, and green and blue to him are the only pairing that matters. As such, like most intelligent blues, he won't think a thing about golds. Too big, too shiny, not colorful enough… and too bossy for that matter! « She's not senior -yet-, that Avaeth! » No Ecoatleth will find the free spirited greens his favorite by far and will chase every chance he gets. Not just for to win, though this is the ultimate goal, but it is the thrill of the flight that he lives for. As with his early flying he will be daring, bold… some would call him a show off but it's not for his own ego that he does this. No he does this for the sheer feeling of dropping from the sky in a vertical dive or barrel rolling out to catch the lady when she falls. And because green and blue are the only acceptable pairing there might even be some extra hostility during flights towards browns and bronzes. « Nasrinth, what -are- you planning on doing with that giant body of yours? Squashing Sophyrinth to death when you catch her? Honestly! » Nothing he maintains after or in every day interaction. It'll seem almost like it never happened. « What? Nasrinth you take too much to heart, my friend. Was only part of the game. » But greens, to him, are prizes for blue and blues alone. After all, they go so nicely together.

Ecoatleth chose you, Y'ki, because you are the pal he needs in his life. You understand his thrill for fun, sun and sea and are the one who can have most of all three with him. He adores your curiosity and own sense of adventure. With a mutual disregard for the rules, it seems that you only regard them with respect for the person who has given them. This will be vital in your adventures as through Y'ki Ecoatleth will learn the same, while at the same time providing the confidence and reason to avoid conflicts as well as an intensified appreciation for the beauty of the world. He's not Y'ki's opposite, but a complex personality, who needs an equally complex partner to grow and learn with. He loves life and living and the two of you can enjoy both together to the fullest.


Brilliant colors and a certain 'joie de vivre' are what this mind is all about. It is wonderful to be alive and processes are incredibly amazing because of it. There is also and intense confidence in itself and in you, Y'ki. The original process of the mind of the egg was so varied with options and ideas, but now having found his Y'ki, he has found the perfect touch. Going with an aquatic approach, this mind would take on the exotic waters of Pern, utilizing not just it's invigorating but relaxing color but the perfect temperature of tropic cool and the varieties of intense shapes and colorations within it's depths. Sometimes expressing joy in rushing waves or brilliant corals, and perhaps, when upset, the still and colorless calm before the storm.



Our egg theme was dragons and so I chose Quetzalcoatl, the aztec feathered serpent god of life, death, and rebirth. As such the egg took on the brilliant colors of the meso-american culture and art, along with the luxuries and vitality of the god. So when it came to adding the water element it was just a matter of taming ego of the egg into a cool confidence and relying on the tropical waters of that region. His name, Ecoatleth, comes from a multitude of ideas. I wanted to work in your desire for 'echo' to be in there somewhere and yet use Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, to give a little spice. In the end I used 'eco' from the Spanish for, yep, 'echo' as Nahuatl does not have this term, and 'atl' the Nahuatl word for 'water'. It was only after this I realized that 'coatl' is thus created, meaning 'serpent' or 'dragon' in Nahuatl. Because it's a combination of languages, anything goes for pronunciation and I hope it's easy enough to derive something fun from. My own personal pronunciation, relying on the Nahuatl dialect, is 'Eh-kwat-ul-eth' but all in all it's up to you. :)


Name Merry Lord of the Waters Blue Ecoatleth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Lorena
Impressee Y'ki (Ryski)
Hatched April 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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