Ribbons and Banners Brown Dulacth

Faded cinnamon brown is the basis for this dragon's hide. From the velvety expanse that shadows his head and back to his windswept headknobs, to the plush resilience that marks the hide along his neck. Thick shoulders, bulky with muscle trail back into the rest of a body that is stolidly built, although leaner than his front would at first suggest. Satiny hide showcases across his flanks, softer than suede as it reflects back in warm toasty brown hues and the color continues to slide on down, to a near perfect match on his feet with their arched, curved crescent talons. Cinnamon again colors his wings, a luxuriant expanse of near transparent membrane that stretches across from wingspars and seems barely supported by the fragile slightly darker marked boning beneath. Satin appears again on the edges of his sails, delicate and silky smooth to even out the appearance, from smallest wingtip to body.

Egg Name and Description


Fury of Feathers Egg
Only half this egg can be seen, its lower half buried half way in the sand by a doting parent. Steady strokes swath it in a soft enveloping hue of the purest cream. A beautiful lazy background of muted color for the pure angelic kisses of alabaster that suddenly come in to play. These tendrils of lily slide up the sides and fan out into the blurred shape of feathers. A plutonic friendship of flawless cream intermixed with the virginal wisps of white across this leathery shell. It is a rather small egg, perfectly round as if it had been molded for hours into this shape.

Hatching Message

With a twisting, turning movement the Fury of Feathers Egg seems to wobble across the sands, moving with a roll from topside to bottom and then ever so slowly back upright. Then stillness as if nothing had ever happened.

Pale cracks begin to outline the fluffs of down, that compose the Fury of Feathers Egg, delineating each and ever individual one that can be seen across the expanse of exposed shell.

With nary so much as a shudder, the Fury of Feathers Egg simply hatches. No great mess or fuss, just new shards to litter the sands as it exposes to the world a smaller brown hatchling. A sudden sharp creel from the newborn and he begins his search for a partner.

Impression Message

It is a hesitant first touch to your mind, a delicate caress as he first greets you. « Senkyou, you are mine and I am yours, forever. I am Dulacth, and I shall be with you always. » Time and peace after this announcement, a relaxation and a bonding hopefully before he gives you a sense of worry. « If, of course, you accept me, and if so, could you please help me find something to eat? »



Your Dulacth is perhaps at his core, gentle and good. This shows in all that he does, from the grave courtesy that he affords you to the genial amiability that he shows to the rest of the world. While he comes off as moderately carefree upon the first glance, or getting to know him, he is anything but. Dulacth cares, and deeply for those things that he can change and protect. Expect that he will be on the side of the downtrodden, even as you are weyrlings.

While others get the prankster, or the lazy one, not so you. Dulacth will keep you working, although he's not a harsh taskmaster. More, he simply wants the best effort from himself and from you. He won't be one to join in the after hours goofing off, always seeming just a bit standoffish, or more accurately he simply doesn't know how to play.

He's absolutely devoted to you, though and is never inclined to doubt your word, or your thoughts on a subject, although he may protest if he thinks you aren't being fair. For as he expects that behavior from himself, so to does he expect it from you.

Once graduated, expect that he'll settle right into a wing with a competence that will make you the envy of other riders and the blessing toward your wingleaders. Not for him the constant questioning of orders, and if such and such should be done that way. It's enough that he was told, and he'll work for that goal.

He's got his own quirks though, a fascination with rocks and geology, of how the bones of the planet are formed and while your weyr may not end up being the most comfortable of ones for you, it will be the one most fascinating for him to look upon and ponder.

Dulacth will always be tenderly courteous to females, be they green or gold, even as oft times their behavior confuses him. He's not one that will ever be good at flirting, and at times he's going to have a tendancy to wear his heart on his sleeve when he thinks of one or the other. Expect that he will show up for a majority of mating flights, for certainly how is he to impress the fair maidens if he doesn't? Still, in the end you're the fair maiden that he's most concerned with impressing.


To Seek, To Find
Chivalrous to a fault, courteous and calming, this is a personality that enjoys soothing the vagaries of a woman's mind. Thoughts come with a hint of pepper, a taste of vanilla and sometimes cinnamon while toasty colors tease the mind. Graciousness, and cleverness all packaged into a one, a true delight for the senses and sense of coming home.



Based on Lancelot du Lac, your brown has a great store of chivalry and tradition behind him. Everything about Dulacth is based on that age, from his description of the ribbons and banners carried by knights for jousts, to his name. Dulacth's name comes from the second part of Lancelot's identification of du lac, or of the lake which Lancelot carried, from having been raised by the lady of the lake.


Name Ribbons and Banners Brown Dulacth
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Tyfth
Created By Bey, E'fen
Impressee Senkyou
Hatched October 9, 2005
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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