More Like a Six-Foot Turkey Green Dromaesoth


Compact and well muscled, there's no mistaking this green as a hunter. She is long and very large for one of her color, her hide a near uniform deep forest green hue, save for the darker slashes of green that run the crest of her neck to the curve of her back, with some extending as far down as her sides and powerful haunches. There is a cleverness to her, in the way she holds her large wedge-shaped head and her thick eye-ridges are ringed in a pale greenish-yellow that gives her eyes a brighter, sharper look. Her head-knobs are well formed, but the ridges running along her neck and back are small, almost rounded. Long legs end in sharp, almost black, talons but it is her back feet that carry an oddity. One toe on each foot sport an unusually larger and wickedly curved talon but do not seem to hinder her movement in the slightest. Her wings are on the shorter side in comparison to her long tail, but just like her hind feet, they do not affect her capabilities in flight. In all she is a predator and a very serious one at that. Do not mistake her for some flightless, dim-witted, avian suited for your annual festival meal! You'll regret it.

Egg Name and Description

Oh Katmas Tree Egg: Against a backdrop of alpine peaks, frosted in white snowpack and only showing just a hint of dark brown rocks rests a lone evergreen. Thin branches stick out to make a perfect conical shape, to reach ever skywards while below a blanket of dried needles dusts the coating of snow. Slowly a swirl of snow takes shape, blowing away some of needles and leaving the evergreen bare and stark green.

Hatching Message

Oh Katmas Tree Egg gives in to the last onslaught and fractures apart to spill a deep forest green colored hatchling. Without missing a beat, she flicks her wings, then her tail, as she gathers her limbs under her and heaves her compact body up. Lifting her head, she inhales deep while scanning the grounds with a low, warbling croon. Her eyes whirl with the red of hunger and need and there is something pulling and nagging her forwards. One step, two step and then her head lowers as she takes a predator's stance. She knows where to go and more importantly WHO she is seeking out! And what luck, he's distracted looking at the other eggs! With a piercing squeal of victory, she leaps forwards to pounce, knocking her poor chosen Candidate flat on his unexpecting back.


Those sands are all the more scalding hot when pressed to your back but who's paying attention to that when there's a green hatchling pinning you down? That squeal, so predator like, has now turned to something more of an intrigued series of clicks and other vocalizations. Surely that croon wasÂ? adoring? Definitely adoring and now you can feel her presence mentally as well as shadows flicker and slide into your thoughts, tickling you with a crisp, clean static charge. « Ma'lco! I'm pleased to have found you! Did you really think you could hide from me? Silly Ma'lco. I'd have hunted you down no matter where you went. » How — endearing? It is said with absolute love, however, but one can't wonder just how much seriousness is behind that. « But now I wish to eat something! Show your Dromaesoth where. »


So you think Dromaesoth is some typical green, like so many before her and some of her sister-siblings? Wrong. You're wrong and everyone else who gives her a passing glance are wrong! Is she spirited? Well? one could say that, but not in the way one would think. Even newly hatched and well before she's full grown, she's a hunter just by looks and she's definitely a hunter in mentality too. There's not an ounce of sweetness in her (okay, maybe somewhere deep down inside but just for Ma'lco and only for him). If there were a naughty list for dragons — well, she'd be on it. Not on purpose! She is just what she is by nature, after all.

Dromaesoth is always thinking. Early on, it's obvious she's a very clever and sharp witted green. Weyrlinghood will almost be a laugh, when she isn't causing havoc. Again, not on purpose! Her intelligence is great, even for problem-solving. Leave her at a task long enough and she'll figure it out. Don't be surprised if she gathers her siblings together or, later on, other dragons to help her. Ask her what she is doing and you'll have a simple, crisp answer: « I'm having them check for weaknesses? » Don't ask why. There usually isn't an answer, just a piercing stare down from her. Like you should KNOW why she's doing it! Isn't it obvious?

Her methods are systematic and there is nothing that will stump her for long. Which can lead to great things for you as a pair? or many, many (MANY) headaches. As she grows and you join a Wing, you may find that she will often go her own route despite the task given. If she has found a better way, you bet she's going to execute it! Unless, of course, an alternative is given to her in time. That just might give her pause long enough to consider it!

Physically, there are a few things that make her unique. Namely her build and those odd hind-talons of hers and her smaller wings but even her gait is different. Her lumbering gait often resembles an avian, her movements light and her head bobbing with her steps. Despite her size, she can move FAST. Fast on the ground, very good at jumping and doubly as fast in the skies. She'll be a master at hunting, getting the hang of it well before her clutch-siblings. Oddly enough, she'll prefer to hunt in a group rather than solo if she can manage it and don't be surprise if you find her coordinating attacks if she finds other dragons of like mind to follow her input (or command, to be truthfully honest).

Aside from being a natural hunter, she is a natural flyer too and a literal gymnast in the air. Her wings do not hinder her and she'll learn fast just how to use them to the best of her ability. This includes the times when she'll rise for her mating flights, something that happens as swift and without much warning. It'll be like a storm, a gradual buildup of tension and she may be more pensive and withdrawn at the start, prone to observing. Calculating. Then in a flash, all breaks loose and she'll call to her suitors and dare them to hunt HER for a change! Only the best "hunters" will catch her, the few who prove smart and witty enough to out think her and endure her recklessly fast paced flights that strain even the strongest!

In the end, Dromaesoth is a predator by nature and a very serious one at that. It's not that she is malicious or evil or really that naughty, but shes a green who enjoys the simplest things in life — and often goes by instinct. It's always wise to show her some respect and she expects it, especially from Ma'lco but deep down she respects him in return.


Hers is a mind full of mystery. Shadows cling to every nook and cranny, hovering there like the calm before a storm. Sometimes, perhaps when she is in active thought or plotting or calculating some solution to a puzzle or method of attack, those shadows shift and become like mist and carry a charged sensation. A build of static energy that one can almost feel in the air, crisp and clean and sharp.

Her mind isn't always mist and shadow. There are colors, bright when she is excited or in a 'charged' emotion. When she is calm or at rest, the colors become more gentle and soothing. It won't take much to figure out how to sense some of her moods but just WHEN they will strike is another matter. Always on the very edges of her mind, past the shadows and colors, are the jungles. Any that attempt to enter would not be permitted to leave until SHE allows it. For Ma'lco, he's safe enough. But this is HER domain and she is the ruler of all and even he cannot forget that.


Nothing says Season Greetings like your very own festive, uhÂ? Velociraptor? Certainly not your average main course for a holiday dinner and anyone who dares refer to Dromaesoth as a "six-foot" turkey better start running (not that it'll matter)!

Seriously though, I hope you enjoy her! I tried to sneak in some festiveness into her, but kept much of what you originally wrote and sent in to Bey. But I couldn't resist writing a Velociraptor-like green either, it was just too perfect! Of course, she'll be yours now to play as you see fit!

All things dragon were written by Maraliel, taken from your suggestions and tweaked a little bit.


Name Dromaesoth
Dam Quirinth
Sire Brown Carath
Created By Maraliel
Impressee Mal'co
Telgar Weyr (Xmas Eggy)
PernWorld MUSH

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