Silence Will Fall Brown Doceleventh

Monument of Time and Space Egg

Shades of orange, red, pink and blue wisp and curl around the upper half of this egg, blending seamlessly as a sunset and fading near the center into a dull blue-gray. Towards the base of the egg, the white is flecked with a variety of pale green hues. Rectangles, ovals and squares in dark, stony gray stand out vividly against the duller background colors. Some more horizontal, some more vertical, these shapes seem almost in a pattern as they circle the whole of the egg, their stony hue enhanced by an appearance of moss-covered age.

An eerie coolness creeps through the recesses of your mind, slowly coming to the forefront of your senses. The scent of stale air mixes with the scent of rain hitting dust and spring's first grass growth. As you become aware of the presence, slivers of crimson and green twist and dance through your mind. Tugging curiosity seeks out your favorite childhood songs and lullabies, pulling the melodies from your mind to hoard. What else could you have to offer?

An eerie coolness continues to sift through your memories and thoughts, focused on your youth. Music is sought, and dancing, and emotion. When it finds something of interest, a sense of excitement accompanies a beating of rain on the ground. Colors twist around the object of excitement like ribbons on a maypole. And then your youth is suddenly boring, rather where you've been, what you've done, who you've been with… so much time and space, places and faces you've seen, but who has mattered?

An eerie coolness is relentless in its search of your past, until abruptly the past becomes boring. The present is suddenly of great interest, what you do in your spare time, who you love, what you are feeling on these very sands. As stale winter air drifts through your senses, you may feel oddly pursued. What is that over your shoulder, just where you don't usually look? The mind within the egg seems to recede, shrinking away from you and your present, its pursuit giving way to concern. You're here for /what/ reason?

An eerie coolness drifts slowly from your mind, ribbons of color flickering bold and then softly as the presence pauses to examine you more carefully. If it must choose eventually, perhaps you are meant to be the one. Are you worthy of the ancient secrets and ageless wonders yet to be discovered? Can you share the adventure and be of strong courage? Stale air, rain on dust, bold crimson and green, mountains, wind rushing through your hair… a jumble of sensations is tossed through your mind before the presence recedes into its own mind, leaving you alone.

Hatching Message

With a great rumbling whine, the Monument of Time and Space Egg cracks apart, bits flying here and there reaching far across the sands. A vivid red-brown dragon stands tall where once the egg stood, staring nobly at the group. After just a moment, he shakes himself violently, the last bits of goo and shell flung aside. His shaking propels him forward and once he has righted himself once more, he stares down the white-robed 'things' and issues a bugle of triumph. Haha, success, he's hatched! He knows just where to go, too, he is diving forward quickly and inelegantly towards one of the older candidates, a curly haired woman who'd always been up for adventure and danger. "Well hello, sweetie!" No falling to her knees, Ri'ver is curling an arm around the brown's neck, beaming at him. "You're /just/ the right shade of ginger, my dear Doceleventh!" The dragon, having gained a sense of balance by now, is already leading her towards the sidelines and the All Important First Food. "I hope you like it, there's not a lot of choice, dear, you'll just have to make do with what we've got!"

Impression Message





Name Doceleventh
Dam Seryth
Sire Inimeth
Created By Amelia
Impressee Ri'ver
Hatched June 05, 2011
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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